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Fashion Jewellery at Melorra – Modern Jewellery for Modern Women

Jewellery, also known as Jewelry in American English is a small piece of decorative item that is worn by women as well as men. The word Jewellery is derived from the word jewel, which was extracted from the Old French “jouel” and Latin word “jocale”- the basic meaning of which is a plaything. Jewellery is invariably some of the most important and treasured accessories in a woman’s wardrobe. Jewellery is, of course, significant for the women of the 21st Century, as this is one of the best means for presentation of their personality. If you are also the one who likes to wear new and trendy jewellery designs, Melorra is your kind of place. Every woman wants her accessories to be in line with the latest fashion trends and at Melorra keeps you in touch with that.

Melorra helps you to wear the latest jewellery trend according to your everyday moods. We have one of the best teams for designing and crafting these ladies jewellery who make them keeping in mind the latest trends. No outfit is complete without a perfect piece of fancy jewellery to match with it. Light weight jewellery helps to amp up your look and makes you look more sophisticated. Be it neon’s, ruffles, polka dots or any other latest trend of fashion apparels; you would surely find a matching jewellery design for the same in Melorra’s collection. Online jewellery designs at Melorra are trendy, stylish and allow you to rock it at work and parties alike.

In today’s era, the internet helps us to shop for everything from our mobile phones. Melorra has an online catalogue of jewellery collection that allows you to choose from the various designs, styles, and patterns of ladies jewellery from the comfort of your home. Our collection has the latest matching designs that help you to match it all with your outfit. Every new jewellery design is up-to-minute and suited for daily wear. Melorra has over 10000 latest gold jewellery design catalogue with price and diamond jewellery designs that are perfect for daily as well as party wear. Melorra has elegant ladies jewellery designs in gemstones as well that you are surely not going to find elsewhere.

Latest Jewellery Designs Online – The Mix of Style and Fun

Jewellery is pieces of embellishment that help women to showcase their personality. Our dressing and accessorising style tell us the way we think. People tend to think of Indian Jewellery as the traditional, ancient, chunky and bulky jewellery. Melorra changes this perspective people have for Indian jewellery. We introduce the trendy, minimalistic design of new fashion jewellery online that can be worn all day. Jewel pieces available in the market are usually heavy, which doesn’t match up your everyday wardrobe. Price is also a concern here. At Melorra, all latest designs of jewellery are affordable and lightweight.

Types of beautiful jewellery and their innovation are in the soul of Melorra. We design the jewellery after getting trends from fashion houses such as Paris and Milan and craft the jewellery models using 3-D technology. This innovation helps us to create and launch new and trendy designs of jewellery real quick. We launch new designs every week that allows the consumers to stay updated with the latest and trendy jewellery. The new jewellery designs catalogue with price at Melorra reflect the personality and choice of modern women of the 21st Century.

You can find all the new and trendy designs at Melorra. Explore the latest gold jewellery designs catalogue with price and choose according to your requirements. Rose Gold jewellery and White Gold jewellery can also be found here at very affordable and reasonable prices. The beautiful jewellery is also lightweight, that would let you flaunt your style the whole week.

List of Jewellery Types at Melorra – Discover All Categories

·       Latest Earring Designs

When we talk about the latest jewellery trend, earrings are the most popular category that women want. No matter how many pieces you own, your latest jewellery collection is never enough for trendy earrings. With Melorra, you get to shop for your favourite 18K gold earrings from wherever you are. Explore more than 2230 most stylish designs from our earrings collection in gold, diamond and gemstones. Pick from studs, hoops, drops, huggies, ear cuffs and many more styles.

·       Latest Ring Designs

Add some bling to your life with trendy rings from our rings collection. More than 1990 stunning designs of gold rings, diamond rings and gemstone rings for you to pick from. Also available in rose gold and white gold to add some more vibrancy to your daily style. Our lightweight yet classy designs of rings will leave you awestruck and can make you pick all of them.

·       Latest Pendant Designs

The right kind of pendant can give you that simple and elegant look you wish to flaunt in your flared dress when you go out with friends or family. Melorra is here to make that wish come true. Pick from more than 1460 adorable pendant designs in gold, diamond or gemstone, and watch the world compliment your style anywhere you go.

·       Latest Bracelet Designs

Adorable and trendy bracelets add so much charm to your wrists and enhance your overall look. But don’t you hate those heavy, painful pieces hanging on your wrists? Melorra saves you from that pain. Our bracelets are trendy while being lightweight making them the perfect accessories for daily wear. From flexible bracelets to charm bracelets, from banglets to regular bracelets, we have a variety of styles. Choose from more than 1000 stylish bracelet designs in gold, diamond or gemstones and show off your style statement.

·       Latest Necklace Designs

Necklaces are usually supposed to be heavy intricate jewellery pieces full of gemstones worn only on special occasions like weddings or festivals. With beautiful jewellery from Melorra, that’s not the same case. Our necklace designs are so lightweight and trendy that you can wear them daily. From trendy Necklets to Short Necklaces, from Fashion Chains to Lariats as well as Chokers; we have a variety of styles for you to choose. Pick your favourites from a collection of more than 660 designs of latest necklaces and make some heads turn with your style.

·       Latest Bangle Designs

Bangles can be trendy, fashionable and lightweight and can definitely be worn with any western outfit. Don’t believe us? Check out our latest bangles collection for yourself. We bring you a wide range of simple yet elegant bangle designs in gold, diamonds and gemstone made to match your minimalist tastes as a modern woman. With more than 450 designs that are sleek and lightweight, our gold bangles come in all styles - Round Bangles, Cuffs, Open Top, and Oval Bangles.

·       Latest Nose-Pin Designs

For the ones who like wearing nose-pins to get a classy yet powerful look, Melorra has a whole range of nose-pins in gold studded with diamonds and gemstones. We have nose studs that will fit any look you choose, be it an everyday work attire or a casual look for a day out. At Melorra, all our latest nose pin designs are created while keeping in mind the market trend and the need for variety in women’s new jewellery collection. Our line-up of nose-pins online is all about lightweight and trendy designs with a twist for you to explore the dominant side of yours.

·       Latest Chain Designs

For the fashionistas who love wearing simple jewellery for their elegant casual looks, Melorra has a stunning collection of chains in gold. Our online line-up of chains is all about lightweight and trendy designs with the pinch of some feminine essence. Filter our chains in gold available in 18karat and 22karat gold purity. From simple styles to two-toned and layered designs, our chains come in different weights as well. With designs available in white gold and rose gold too, you can discover them all to flaunt your modish statement daily. Awesome designs are present in 18K gold chains along with 22K gold chain designs

Latest Waist Chain Designs

Waist chains are back in fashion and fashion lovers, as well as celebs, can't get enough of styling them with sarees, crop tops, skirts, dresses and more. If you have the craze to own a stylish waist chain that lasts longer than your sarees lifeline, then you must pick one in gold. Melorra's collection of gold waist chains are stunning to look at and easy to wear. They are lightweight, elegant and pretty, perfect for your party outfits. 

Explore our New Jewellery Collections – Blend with The Trend

Melorra has the most innovative techniques and pieces that help consumers to indulge in. Borderless Enamel is an innovative technology that makes the enamel to make the designs of jewellery more fashionable. We also have new and vibrant enamel colours that would help you to stand out of the crowd. Animal prints, Pastel Ice Cream trends, and other creative and innovative features that are the evidence of creativity at Melorra. Check out our latest jewellery collections curated for the 2019-2020 seasons.

The Super Woman Collection in Gold

This Spring-Summer season is all about women dressing up for the future to save the world, with edgy, fitted and powerful looks. Inspired from this trend, our designers created a collection in gold for the superwoman workwear. Rebel in a new way with these contoured designs. Pick these designs in shining gold jewellery designs catalogue with price and show off your superwoman looks in an unapologetically strong way.

The White Swan Collection in Diamonds

For those who love to wear white, this season is for them. White has made a comeback in a peaceful yet fearless form. This trend is all about the dual personality of a woman which is both graceful and dauntless. Inspired from this comes the white swan collection to add some dazzling diamonds to your party-wear outfits. A collection as rare as you with minimal yet beautiful designs like a swan bird. Shop from our white swan collection to jazz-up your party styles with diamond jewellery.

The Winter Tweed Collection in Gold

Your formal or work looks need not be boring. Add some golden bling to your everyday styles and enhance your work looks with a twist of tweed. This collection is inspired by the houndstooth tweed winter trend and is all about bringing back the fashion of black and white with some extra empowerment on the plate. Buy fashion jewellery online in gold from our winter tweed collection with geometric and minimal designs and flaunt your work-wear every day!

The Bow Power Collection in Diamonds

This is the season of sassy and pussy bows. From statement ones to being a hair accessory, bows are ruling the year, and it’s all about styling them with messy ideas. Melorra brings an exclusive range of jewellery models in diamonds and gold with bow motifs inspired by this feminine yet fierce trend. In geometric structures and varying sizes, we present you with lightweight and gorgeous designs of beautiful bows to prep up your badass party looks. Shop from our bow power collection and wear them with your party wears to show off your bow power!

The Checks Collection in Diamonds

It's time for you to say 'Check 'mate in style! This season checks are here with a remixed heritage look and how can we, at Melorra, skip making something to match your checks. We have curated our checks collection in glittery diamonds. With some clashing patterns and plaid, tartan & gindham prints, this season it's all about going crazy over checks. A line-up of the latest designs of jewellery in gold & diamonds, crafted in geometric designs to showcase a check-like pattern, these pieces are perfect for your casual, work or party wear. Shop for these trendy designs in this motif and let your shine take over the world!

Jewellery is the Best Gift Ever – Gift your loved ones from Melorra

If you want to gift something to your beloved women, be it your sister, mother, daughter, wife or your love, Jewellery is the best option. No women can say no to beautiful ladies jewellery. At Melorra, there are various designs available for the women of every age group. These designs are made in the best material and look very refined. There are different categories, such as 18 karats and 22 karat gold jewellery, with numerous options available. What’s better than flawless jewellery, to be honest? Do the prices concern you? Well, not at Melorra. You can find the most affordable types of jewellery here, all with an exchange warranty of a lifetime.

Surprise your woman by gifting her fancy jewellery that will blow her mind on special occasions like anniversary or valentine's day. Melorra has a varied range of Valentine's day gold jewellery, V-day diamond jewellery and V-day gemstone jewellery for you to gift your lady love. You don’t always have the time to visit a store. You can shop online at Melorra from anywhere you are. Shopping at Melorra helps you to browse various designs, with a list of jewellery types and other filters, on the couch at your mobile or desktop. What could be more exciting and comforting? Payment at Melorra is also safe. We offer you many different types of payment options to make the whole process of online shopping easy.

Buying Trendy Jewellery from Online – Shop Easy at Melorra

If your heart is set on trendy but minimal jewellery, Melorra is the right place to be. Browse through our exclusive lightweight jewellery line-up and add some modern bling to your daily wear. Whether you are looking for a pair of studded earrings, a trendy necklace, a charm bracelet, or an open-top ring or more, you can come here for the best selection of online jewellery designs with price. Discover designs that you would love to wear anywhere and everywhere in gold, diamonds and gemstones. Keeping up with your fast-moving and changing lifestyle, we endeavour to make your online purchase of modern jewellery easy, affordable and convenient. We offer you a lot more than just trendy jewellery. Few to mention are - free and insured delivery of your order, a 30-day return policy with no questions asked, and a lifetime exchange offer with every piece. Also amazing discounts on making charges up to 100% off. Let Melorra be your go-to online platform for shopping the latest jewellery designs with price. Add a variant to your classic jewellery collection with our exclusive line-up of modern designs that reflect creativity and comfort in style.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our never-seen-before range of stylish, trendy and affordable jewellery designs in gold, diamond and gemstones. Shop from our latest gold jewellery designs catalogue that offer fast delivery and order from anywhere whenever you want. Also, check out the latest Spring-Summer trends flawlessly blended into our latest jewellery designs catalogue with price. Discover the art of 24x7 fashion at Melorra!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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