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For Everything on Fashion & Jewellery

For Everything on Fashion & Jewellery


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Jewellery, also known as Jewelry in American English is a small piece of decorative items that are worn by women as well as men. The word Jewellery is derived from the word jewel, which was extracted from the Old French “jouel” and Latin word “jocale”- the basic meaning of which is a plaything. Jewellery are invariably some of the most important and treasured accessories in a woman’s wardrobe. If you are also the one who likes to wear new and trendy designs, Melorra- an online jewellery store is your kind of place. Jewellery is of course significant for the women of the 21st century, as this is one of the best means for presentation of their personality. Every woman wants her accessories to be in line with the latest fashion trends and buying jewellery online at Melorra keeps you in touch with that.

Every day is a new day, and want the original you. Melorra helps you to wear latest jewellery according to your everyday moods. Melorra has one of the best team for the design and craft of the ladies jewellery that crafts them, keeping in mind the latest trends. No outfit is complete without the latest jewellery. Jewellery helps to amp up your look and makes you look more sophisticated. Be it neon’s, ruffles, polka dots or any other latest trend, and you would surely find that in Melorra’s collection. Jewellery designs at Melorra are trendy, stylish and allow you to rock it at work and parties alike. They witness and carefully test the global trends to incorporate them into their jewellery designs.

Melorra has an online jewellery store that helps you to choose from the various designs, styles, and patterns of ladies jewellery from the comfort of your home. In today’s era, the internet helps us to shop for everything from our mobile phones. Some designs start from the INR 4000 (quite affordable) and also have various other advantages such as Cash on Delivery, 30 Day return, Insured Delivery and Exchange value that extends lifetime.

Melorra Collection has the latest matching designs that help you to match it all with your outfit. Every jewellery design is up-to-minute and suited for daily wear. Melorra has over 4000 Gold Jewellery and Diamond Jewellery Designs that are perfect for daily as well as part wear. Melorra has elegant ladies jewellery designs that you are surely not going to find elsewhere.

Jewellery Design Innovation @ Melorra

Jewellery are pieces of embellishment that helps women to showcase their personality. Our dressing and accessorising style tell us the way we think. People tend to think of Indian Jewellery as the traditional, ancient, chunky and bulky jewellery. Melorra changes this perspective people have for Indian jewellery. They introduce the trendy, minimalistic design of jewellery that can be worn all day. Ornaments available in the market are usually heavy, which doesn’t match up your everyday wardrobe. Price is also a concern here. At Melorra, jewellery designs are affordable and lightweight.

Jewellery design innovation is in the soul of Melorra. At Melorra people design the jewellery after getting trends from the fashion houses such as Paris and Milan, and craft the jewellery design using 3-D technology. This innovation at the Melorra helps the people to design and launch the new and trendy jewellery designs very quickly. They launch new designs every week that helps the consumers to stay updated with the new and trendy jewellery. The jewellery designs at Melorra reflect the personality and choice of modern women of the 21st Century.

You can find the new and trendy designs and choose from them according to your needs and requirements. Rose Gold jewellery and White Gold jewellery can also be found here at very affordable and reasonable prices. The jewellery is also lightweight, that would rock your whole week. Flaunt the latest designs through online jewellery shopping.

Melorra has the most innovative techniques and pieces that help consumers to indulge in. Borderless Enamel is an innovative technology that makes the enamel to make the jewellery design more fashionable. They also have new and vibrant enamel colours that would help you to stand out of the crowd. Animal prints, Pastel Ice Cream trends, and other creative and innovative features are the evidence of the creativity at Melorra.

Online shopping at Melorra is hassle-wear and very easy due to the user-friendly interface of the website. You can apply various filters and select the jewellery according to your need and requirement. Melorra also provides educational videos for the consumers that help them to find the essential details about these without any issue. Melorra has also incorporated innovation in online jewellery shopping by making the whole process hassle-free. Check out blatant, fresh designs at Melorra Jewellery Online India.

Jewels-Best Gift ever

If you want to gift something to your beloved women, be it your sister, mother, daughter, wife or your love, Jewellery is the best option available. There are various designs available for the women of every age group. These designs are made in the best material and look very refined. There are different categories, such as 18 karats and 22 karat gold jewellery, with numerous options available. What’s better than flawless jewellery, to be honest? Do the prices concern you? Well, not at Melorra. You can find the cheap and affordable ornaments at Melorra, all with an exchange warranty of a lifetime.

You can surprise your woman by gifting jewellery that blows her mind. Even if you don’t have the time to visit the store, you can shop online at Melorra, with the best possible designs. Online Jewellery Shopping helps you to browse various designs, with a list of jewellery types and other filters, on the couch at your mobile or desktop. What could be more exciting and comforting? Payment at Melorra is also safe. They offer you many different types of payment options to make the whole process of online shopping easy.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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