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Gifts for Birthday

2392 Designs


  • Bloom in Retro Gold Rings
  • Carre Ardor Gold Earrings
    • Carre Ardor

    • 16,749 25,420

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Twisted Tales Gold Rings

  • Razzle Dazzle Diamond Rings
  • Love Gone Wild Gold Earrings

  • A Lot Like Lace Gold Rings

  • Mi Amore Diamond Rings
    • Mi Amore

    • 22,624 29,423

    • 100% off on making charges


  • Floral Flock Gold Rings

  • Twirl A Lace Gold Rings

  • Subtle tones Gold Rings
  • Lure of Verdure Gold Rings

  • Chain Domain Gold Rings

  • Super Star  Diamond Rings
    • Super Star

    • 20,532 28,013

    • 100% off on making charges


  • Nirvana Diamond Rings
    • Nirvana

    • 22,755 30,099

    • 100% off on making charges


  • Carre Ardor Gold Rings
    • Carre Ardor

    • 16,802 25,501

    • 70% off on making charges


  • Spike N Like Diamond Rings

  • Three Glee Diamond Rings
    • Three Glee

    • 18,723 23,295

    • 100% off on making charges

  • Solitaire Suave Diamond Rings
  • Two Tiered Gold Rings
    • Two Tiered

    • 16,316 23,879

    • 70% off on making charges


  • Rose Retreat Gold Necklaces

  • Halo of gold Gold Rings
  • Mad about Autumn Gold Bracelets
  • Knot A Scarf Gold Earrings

  • Viva Forever Diamond Rings

  • Alice! Diamond Rings
    • Alice!

    • 21,714 28,869

    • 100% off on making charges


  • Twinkle Tweed Diamond Rings

  • Olive Diamond Rings
    • Olive

    • 27,713 37,710

    • 100% off on making charges

  • Nature Imprints Gold Earrings

  • Lace Nouveau Gold Rings
  • Gangsta Gal Diamond Rings
    • Gangsta Gal

    • 20,975 26,980

    • 75% off on making charges


  • Team Tropical Gold Rings

  • Aphrodite Rose Gold Rings
  • Nature At Work Gold Rings
  • Plaid of Hearts Diamond Earrings

  • La La Lace Gold Bracelets
    • La La Lace

    • 20,358 29,797

    • 70% off on making charges


  • Rose Blossoms Gold Rings
  • Romanesque Gold Necklaces
    • Romanesque

    • 37,114 49,915

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Senorita Gold Pendants
    • Senorita

    • 14,244 20,846

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Like A Plaid Diamond Pendants
  • Drawing Room Gold Rings
  • The Oak Stroke Gold Necklaces
  • Edgy Lace Diamond Earrings
    • Edgy Lace

    • 25,896 30,800

    • 100% off on making charges

  • Tiara Tiers Diamond Earrings
    • Tiara Tiers

    • 16,328 20,473

    • 100% off on making charges


  • Funky Chakra Diamond Rings
  • Everyday flora Diamond Rings
  • The Glow Show Gold Bracelets

  • Shell Sheen Diamond Earrings
    • Shell Sheen

    • 14,478 18,979

    • 100% off on making charges


  • Love Buds Gold Pendants
    • Love Buds

    • 20,822 30,474

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Coastal Vibes Diamond Rings
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Jewellery Gifting on Birthday – Birthday Gifts for Her

Are you still confused about what to get her for her upcoming birthday? Do you feel it is the most challenging task to please her with the perfect birthday gift? Have you heard of the fact that nothing wins the heart of a woman like jewellery does! Yes, why not buy trendy jewellery as a birthday gift for her and let her know how special she is. Be it your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter or any woman in your life; choose the best jewellery gifts for her and as a delightful surprise for her birthday.

Buying Jewellery Birthday Gifts Online – Why Pick from Melorra?

Birthdays are special, and so the gift needs to be special and unique too. Melorra helps you pick the perfect gift for her in the form of precious jewellery that features contemporary designs in gold, diamonds and gemstones. These designs are carefully crafted to match her modish casuals, formals, and even party wears. With styles that are so lightweight and comfy, she can flaunt our jewellery daily everywhere she goes.

Why buy online jewellery gifts for her birthday from Melorra? The answer is simple. You get to choose from more than 9000 trendy jewellery designs crafted in gold, diamonds and gemstones. Designs that are inspired from global fashion runways and matches every outfit in her closet. The gold is authentic with BIS hallmark, and all diamonds and gems come with SGL and IGI certifications. Order from the comfort of your home be it anywhere in India and get it delivered to your doorstep. Each product comes with a 30-day exchange/return offer and a lifetime exchange policy. So, shopping jewellery gifts for her online is hassle-free with Melorra.

Birthday Jewellery Gifts for Wife

If it's your wife's birthday, then it's time to let her know how much you value and love her. Forget about those boring gifts like flowers, cake, dresses or chocolates. She deserves something precious and charming, which she can cherish forever. Jewellery from Melorra makes a perfect choice. Pick a gift in gold like a pair of trendy gold earrings for her to wear to work daily. Or choose a diamond ring and express your love with diamonds. You can also gift her a gemstone ring or a trendy gemstone bracelet. A diamond necklace would be the most precious gift for your wife on her birthday, and we have the best designs in pocket-friendly prices. You can also buy jewellery gifts for anniversary to present her. Pick a piece that matches her personality and win her heart again!

Birthday Jewellery Gifts for Girlfriend

Like your precious love, your gift for your girlfriend should be sweet too. Don't be a typical boyfriend and buy her only a cake and flowers or chocolates. Won't you give her a surprise she never forgets? Buy trendy jewellery gifts for your girlfriend online and level up your gifting game. Choose a gold ring or a pair of diamond studs she would flaunt in college or office. A trendy bracelet in gold or a gold chain with a diamond pendant can also make a wonderful birthday gift for her.

Birthday Jewellery Gifts for Mother

Your mother is the lady of your house, and she has done a lot for you ever since you came to earth. Give her a special gift on her birthday and make her smile. Jewellery can never be a wrong idea. A gold necklace that is trendy and lightweight can make the perfect jewellery gift for mother. You can also find a variety of gemstone rings or pendants if your mom is fond of gems. Diamond gifts speak volumes and a pair of diamond drops will look amazing with her party wear sarees. If she wears gold bangles daily, gift her a pair of gold bangles with a modern twist.  Browse all designs on Melorra to discover the best jewellery for her.

Birthday Jewellery Gifts for Sister

Celebrate that sibling bond with your sister by gifting her a jewellery piece on her birthday. She will consider you to be the best brother in the world and treasure your gift forever. Pick something in gold with enamel for her funky dresses or select gemstone pieces as gifts to pair up with her modern ethnic attires. A pair of dainty diamond studs are always the best gift for sister. We have a collection of gemstone bracelets and diamond pendants specially crafted for young girls and their style. Explore the rakhi jewellery gifts as well and buy something that she would love to wear.

Birthday Jewellery Gifts for Daughter

Daughters are always loved by all. They are the gem in the family and pampered in all ways possible. If it's her birthday, then why not gift her a piece of trinket. Buy her first jewellery piece and let her know she deserves the best and the precious. Our collection of lightweight gold and diamond jewellery pieces make the best jewellery gift for daughters. Go for gold or diamond studs which she can wear to school or college. Earrings in other motifs of hoops or huggies also match their style. A heart gold bracelet or an animal pendant can also make a perfect choice.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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