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Gold Necklace Design for Women – Trends that Take the Lead

As Indians, gold is the metal we cherish the most when it comes to buying jewellery for ourselves or for the purpose of gifting. You might very clearly recall that as soon as the wedding season moves closer to the present day, women hoard to buy gold necklaces and other jewellery in the latest design. That is why we are here; Melorra has the latest range of new gold necklace designs for ladies, which are not just marriage ornaments; they are perfect for everyday wear as well. Your desire could be a long gold necklace or a colourful minimal, simple gold necklace; we have every possible model for you in our stock. You can explore the latest gold necklace design with price and weight on the website.

But how can we skip ancient India while talking about gold jewellery necklace? Evidently, Indians have a great and impeccable taste in buying jewellery that is made of gold. And our simple necklace models in gold are just the perfect jewellery item that would fit in every woman’s buying list.

Our long gold necklace designs are inspired by the trends that have already made an impressive impact in the global jewellery market. Once they have been appreciated by the who’s who of the fashion industry on the runways, they make way for your accessory box through Melorra. So, all you get from our range of necklace designs are the latest gold necklace sets that have already taken the world by storm.

Long Gold Necklace Designs for Ladies – Bring Your A-Game to the Party

Our designs of long gold necklace designs with price on the website are so many that you’ll have to bring an expert to help you make the buying decision. But don’t worry, we even have a dedicated online customer service desk that will help you to walk through any trouble waters that might experience.

Now, lets us tell you how you can bring you’re A-game to a party by wearing our simple necklace designs in gold for women.

Pair the new Gold Necklace Designs with a Floral Print Dress so that the model and the dress compliment each other. You can pick out our Rose Retreat, Curly Beach, and The Trance Dance to wear for a party where you’re flaunting a floral dress. If you’ve hand-picked a dark floral outfit, then Knot Trot and Arc Attack are a few of the long gold necklace designs that work perfectly well.

For an attire that is minimal as well as western, such as a skirt with a simple shirt or jeans with a t-shirt, you must choose simple gold necklace designs. If you pick our designs ranging in minimal models, such as The Neon Show, Merry Cherie, and The Twill Drill, then you can rock the western and casual outfits.

If your party has a gown theme, then there is no one barring you from trying a bold look with accessorizing. You can blindly go for our bold jewellery pieces in the gold necklace, such as Ridges N Rims, Graceful Folds, Lace Nouveau, and Flowy Goddess. A grand gown in the bold shade when paired with gold necklace models, will bring out the best in your appearance. They are undoubtedly the best gold necklace designs on our website.

And we further encourage you to bring out the fashionista in you and play a little mix and match with the new gold necklace designs for women we have in our stock and see which look best suits your body type and personality. Plus, you won't have to compromise on your budget as all of our gold necklaces designs with price and weight are crafted to match minimal accessorizing.

Simple Gold Necklace Designs – Melorra’s Range of Necklace Jewellery

Simple Motifs

We have hundreds of latest gold necklace set designs with price for your consideration, and most of them are pattern-based or motifs that are highly popular among our customers. If you’re a fan of motifs too, then you can pick out designs, such as Trinity Knots, Arch March, and Follow up Sequins. These simple necklace designs in gold are what makes them the latest jewellery in our collection. They are all our lightweight gold necklace designs.

Enamel-based Designs

If you’re bored of just sporting commonly used yellow gold around your neck, then our enamel-based designs of gold necklaces are what you need. They bring a variety of shades in your box of accessory and in the latest models. The designs, including Dreamy Dapple, Lilac Takeover, Striped Halo, and The Yin to Yang are just a few of enamel-inspired gold jewellery necklace in our collection.

Disc-based Designs

The shape is round, and the design is fresh with our gold necklaces that are modelled to have discs. These designs usually flow with every type of dress and even ideal for a party or an event. A few of the disc-based models of gold necklace design for ladies in our collection are Sparkle Startle, Power Sequins, Formal Sequins, and A Trinket Junket. Along with being new, these are simple gold necklace set designs.


When it comes to wearing new gold necklace designs that are inspired by nature, flowers and leaves motifs to take the lead. In our collection of necklaces as well, we have nature-inspired simple gold necklace models with price, such as Rosa Sericea, Chill Frill, My Kinda Paisley, Feather Friends, and The Balmy Palm.


We all know that necklaces dangle on the women’s neck, but often a few of the long gold necklace designs with price also have dangling motifs or patterns. For instance, the designs in our collection, such as Fancy A Fringe, OTT Toss, Logo Luck, and The Bullion Knot are a few of the dangling best gold necklace jewellery designs in our stock.

Trendy Variants of Indian Enigmas – Our Designs of Gold Necklace for Women

There are numerous trendy variants of gold necklace design for ladies in our latest collection of jewellery. From hundreds of diamond necklace designs to multiple shades of designs of necklaces in gemstone, Melorra has a collection that is the envy of all others. Not to mention that our designs of necklaces in gold with price are also re-stocked with fresh models as we launch new jewellery collections on a regular basis.

Here are a few of the popular simple gold necklace designs with price that are popular among our valued customers -

The Knit Wit new gold necklace design price just as per today's gold rate per gram in the market. It is a yellow gold high polish cable chain necklace that has dangling fringes in a criss-cross pattern. It serves as an elegant match with any dark coloured shirts or dresses: fashionista you will love the fringes as they fall across your V-neck.

The Plaid Play gold necklace is one that has alternate rectangular gold nuggets sandwiched between two strands of gold in a weave texture. It is the not-too imposing simple gold necklace design you were looking for- extremely comfortable for daily wear.

The Link O Paisl, priced just as per the standard gold rate in the market, is one gold necklace models that is so gracefully restrained that you can wear it with abandon and it shall still accentuate. It is a flimsy cable chain necklace that has dangling paisley motifs attached to oval rings in the centre, measuring just the right 17 inches. You go, girl, wear your love for nature across your neck!

The Ruffle Shuffle simple necklace designs in gold which has multiple gold arcs with a ruffle fold pattern on each is one that you can flaunt all day. It is modern, minimal, but poised. It equally goes with both T-shirts and dresses like- a little addition to your outfit can brighten up your day.

The Doll Sprawl gold necklace has an arc motif with cutwork of wavy lines in the centre. The latest gold necklace design you pick up whenever you feel dull, lazy but still have to go out and glimmer- it is perfect for even all those cosy Netflix and Chill days with the beau. Go on, buy a gold necklace online on Melorra.

Some of us have always been fascinated and intrigued by cryptic things, haven’t we? What if we could subtly showcase that passion in the form of a gold necklace? That’s what the Cryptical Elliptical is a high polish yellow gold cable chain neckpiece with spatially placed oval motifs that are savvy but also elegant. You can own all these simple gold necklace sets without thinking twice about the price. Our latest gold necklace set design with price has a variety of shapes. All of these are lightweight gold necklaces designs with price. Also, don't forget to explore our fresh arrivals of latest waist chain collections online. You will be spellbound by the designs we have to offer at such incredible prices. 

Keep the Colours Coming – Latest Gold Necklace Designs with Weight

We mean it when we say that yellow gold is our speciality, but different shades of gold jewellery necklace are also our forte. Just as we mentioned that enamel-inspired long gold necklace is the different hues of jewellery that deserves to be in your accessory box along with white gold necklaces and rose gold necklaces. The latest gold necklace set designs with price in our collection are the modern motifs and models that are fresh out of the recent appearance on runways. They have not only made their mark on the famous fashion and jewellery designers but also gained praise from celebrities across the globe. Ultimately, they make way to your jewellery box from Melorra. All you have to do is have patience browse through the hundreds of necklace jewellery designs we have kept at your disposal and do not shy away from experimenting with your look a bit.

If you want to pair a black and grey hue enamel gold necklace set design with your formal office, wear of deep violet shade, then give it a try. You can even go to lengths and pair a zig-zag pattern with pinking hue in its locket with your office wear that is slightly dusky in colour. We suggest this because you know your elegance, taste, and personality better than others. So, only you can pick out the simple gold necklace models that match with your wardrobe for every occasion lined up in your calendar. Want to surprise her on V-day? Grab a design from our special collection of Valentine's day necklaces online. We bet she won't be able to resist our pretty designs in Valentine's day gold necklaces

Explore Gold Necklace Designs by Weight –

Gold Necklace Design Set with Price 10 Grams and Above

Gold Necklace Designs with Price – Buys that Goes a Long Way

As far as gold necklace price goes, nothing beats the act of buying them online as they are not only as per market standard but also provide additional discount owing to use online payment methods. With the latest gold necklace set design with price ranging from Rs. 10,000 and 20,000 to Rs. 50,000 above, you can receive the latest gold necklace set design with price crafted, especially for women of unmatched taste at Melorra.

Additionally, to complement your attire and simple necklace designs in gold, we encourage styling yourself with accessories, such as gold bracelets that will not only accent the length and features of your hands but also blend perfectly with the necklace around your neck. Even gold bangles are a must-have in your box of accessory if you want to go classic coupled with a touch of modern tinge. These hand jewellery are ones that can never go out of style, and you’ll always come out on top with your outstanding sense of accessorizing.

Know that it is all about accessorizing and with Melorra, you can do it right. Moreover, the stunning lightweight gold necklace designs on our website is exactly what you need for daily jewellery wearing.

We also request you to explore our newly launched range of gold coins on the website.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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