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Gold Necklaces

Gold jewellery has an irreplaceable place in a lady’s heart. Earlier they used to be like celebrities who made only fleeting appearances out of bank lockers and jewellery boxes – just for special occasions like wedding or family event. Now the love for gold has transcended all that. Women are increasingly embracing sleek gold ornaments as part of their regular wear. Among them, gold necklaces are game changers that can augment your overall appearance. There are some quintessential, iconic neck pieces that all ladies yearn to own. And the countless design varieties on the Melorra universe make it difficult for you to zero in on just one piece. They have really nailed the tastes and global trends irresistible to modern lasses.

Donning a Gold Necklace is a fine way perking up your attire

Be it a simple and sleek necklace with which you can step up your style quotient or a bold signature piece that is so you. For instance, you might want to keep it subtle in office. When accessorized right, they have a way of adding a touch of character and special quirk to what you choose to wear. Same piece can attain both the results. Watch the transformation that makes you look distinctive and suave without being loud. Gold enjoys that kind of versatility and it finds great favor with college goers as well as professionals. It is available in varying purity – 14K, 18K, 22K imparting different overtones of white gold, rose gold, pale gold, deep gold and so on. In fact, the soft coloring of 18 karat gold has a special place in young ladies’ jewellery collection.

Women today have started taking Gold seriously

It’s not a mere investment or something that needs to come out only during auspicious events like engagements, weddings and reception. Gold Necklaces blend well with all skin tones and complements literally every type of dress with easy elegance and natural grace. For the style-savvy, it helps to add a dash of eternal panache to a working woman’s wardrobe. Melorra’s virtual landscape presents you with pieces that will strike a chord with every buyer. Gold necklaces studded with diamonds, pearls and other gemstones are quite popular. You are sure to find one (or many) that will match your personality and individuality. You cannot help but stand out and turn heads whether at work, while gymming, when out grocery shopping or at cocktail parties. A gentle chain with or without a pendant is something that goes well with any dress or occasion as a part of you.

Another trend that looks like it is going to stay here for good is two-tone and three-tone necklaces. Combination of white gold, rose gold and yellow gold in intriguing and unique ways – you will see umpteen such designs on the Melorra portal. With the hippest, newest, and most exclusive designs from across the world, Melorra invites you to take them to your wardrobe and flaunt your individual style statements with élan. A fashion-savvy platform where we present a hailstorm of chic necklaces, you are sure to find one that can qualify to be a part of your everyday jewellery. Because confidence, nonconformity and positivism are our founding principles. Every piece in our gold necklace collection is carefully and lovingly wrought by able hands. And only the most reliable, crafted products sourced from all over the world make the cut.

If you seek exquisite pieces that are one-of-a-kind, then this is your first and last stop. Now, there is not need to scour websites for what’s hot and what’s not – we have them covered for you. Don’t let others police your fashion choices – a Melorra lady will always have the upper hand. So, if you come across people telling you things like – this chain is too thin or that shirt is too bright or the diamond size is too loud or small – just walk on and do precisely what feels right to you. When it comes to choosing between fab fashion and drab advice, you know what to pick. You wouldn’t want to compromise personal expression, right? Melorra understands this sentiment help you feature a style story that resonates with you. Hop in, browse away and celebrate your individuality and even eccentricity. Let the madness begin.

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