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‘Love is Eternal, so Should Be Your Gift’

Love is in the Jewellery – Explore Love Lockets

Love is best expressed through gifts and gestures, and when you’re out of those little gestures, don’t think twice before turning to jewellery. Also, what could be better than a heart pendant. Be it in yellow gold or rose gold, love lockets are the best gifts to show affection and care to your loved one. 

Besides, you must also know that heart pendants are not just jewellery that you wear to supplement your look. They are much more than that; pendant jewellery enhances your image and style more significantly than any other accessory ever could. The shape of heart pendant in its best form personifies a woman’s inner self as clearly as it could and is also a wonderful decorative item keeping in sync with today’s fashion trends. Especially, if it is a heart-shaped pendant, it adds an added sparkle to your elegance. A heart pendant gives a soulful connection between your loved ones - a symbol of love and affection. Furthermore, a heart pendant makes a perfect gift for your romantic occasions and is a valuable addition to your jewellery collection to stay trendy at times. There’s nothing more to it. You need to show your love; there’s nothing better than a gold heart pendant.

Love Our Jewellery – Heart Pendants for You

We welcome you to explore through our hundreds of love locket designs for women and pick out the ones that best suit your taste. But you really need to take care of your entire ensemble while pairing a heart pendant design with a dress, top, or jeans. All of our love lockets are crafted to match the everyday look dinned by women in their life, but these designs are also perfect for an event and occasion that demands heavy and bold jewellery statement.

Here’s how you can pair our heart-shaped pendants with your wardrobe essentials:

Love Lockets for females for a dress

The choice for picking out a love locket for women for a dress might seem easy but is really not. It all depends on the structure, colour, and design of the dress. If your one-piece is floral and flowy, you must pick out a somewhat matching pendant, such as the ones that are minimal and do not overcompensate the outfit’s design. In our pendant collection of the shape of heart, you can pick Lovelorn and Bouquet of Hearts.

Love Lockets for females for top and jeans

A simple look of top and jeans is the most preferred ensemble worn by women in either their office for a day-out. They find it comfortable and easy to carry. But often pairing a jewellery item with such a sober and western look is quite tricky. Not with our designs. We have such trendy heart pendant designs for women that they go with a number of tops and jeans, and it won’t appear to be odd jewellery as well. If you go by our suggestion, then pick out designs, such as Carre Ardor and Hearts on Bow to go along with your casual ensemble. 

Yellow, Red, or White – Heart Shaped Pendants in Colours

All of us that red is the colour of the heart. But as we are dealing with jewellery designs, we are allowed to be as creative as the human mind can be. So, here hues of heart pendants are more than red; they are yellow gold, pinkish rose gold, and diamond-studded white brilliance. Explore through a number of such love lockets for female and see which ones best fit your stature, taste, and personality. Moreover, who said that heart shape pendants only need to be paired with light shade dresses or on date night? If you love the design, do not wait.

Yellow Gold Heart Pendant

Undoubtedly, the most common and preferred, yellow gold heart shape lockets go with most of the dresses and outfits. Not to mention that we, as Indians have already become so accustomed to wearing gold jewellery that passing on the opportunity to own heart pendant within budget is not a good bargain for you. Moreover, Melorra has a wide range of love lockets in gold for women. From our designs that celebrate motifs in its best form to the models that combine diamond a colourful enamel with yellow gold, we have a pendant for every female. You can pick designs from our latest collection, including Pinning Heart and Heart of the Rose. 

Rose Gold Heart Pendant

Jewellery of heart shape pendants could get as close to the colour of real heart only with rose gold. The light pinkish hue of the rose gold makes it ideal to be crafted in a heart pendant that carries your love and affection to your loved one. We have various love lockets for women in rose gold, such as Nots to Knots and Smitten Kitten. And our designers have also brilliantly played mix and match with rose gold and diamond to give it a royal and trendy look. We assure you that you will miss out on a (rose)gold opportunity if you do not pick out contemporary designs as soon as possible.

Diamond Heart Pendant

It’s for all those women who are bored of wearing gold and gemstones. Diamonds are precisely called ‘women’s best friend’, and our diamond pendant designs are here to prove the same. They are at par with the global fashion and jewellery season; they do not appear to be simple and minimal but are very comfortable to be worn. Also, diamond jewellery is always thought to be heavy and show-off, but at Melorra, they are as light and simple as gold jewellery pendants. In our diamond pendant collection, you can hand-pick designs, such as Head over Heels and Curl Furl. 

Besides, gold and diamond heart shape pendants, we have a couple of designs in white gold as well as gemstone. We encourage you to check them out and see if they match your jewellery requirement.

Love Locket for Girls and Women

In terms of buying and wearing a love locket, women always take the lead. But with our designs, girls don’t have to wait till they receive it as a gift from someone. We have such a minimal and simple heart shape pendant designs online that girls can rock it to their college every day, or any other place of their choice. But do not believe our words; instead browse through our pendant collection and buy heart pendants online from Melorra only after you are satisfied. If you could take our suggestion then designs of heart shape pendants for girls, such as Blue Blush, Gingham Desires, Puppy Love, and Amour Neon could be a few of the best love lockets for girls.

Not only are the heart shape pendants price within the budget of the girls for their everyday use, but they are also simple and easy to carry. Now, you can wear jewellery to your college without worrying about seeming extra or out of place. While these love lockets bring out a subtle appearance in the person wearing it, they also enhance the overall look without being too obvious. 

Besides, if you’re a fan of colours in your jewellery collection, then you can choose and buy Enamoured Enamel, Heart-Astic, and Colour Crush. Trust us, these designs are best for daily wear, and we encourage to buy heart pendants online from Melorra without any hesitation.

Shop till Your Heart’s Desire – Love Lockets for You

Shop for heart shape pendants at Melorra till your heart’s desire. Our products are as original and as genuine as they occur in nature, and all the designs are authentic, runway-inspired for our valuable customers. Love lockets for women available on our website are so fresh and trendy that you will not find any two designs alike, and we will also send you customized jewellery if that is your wish. Just let us by contacting us.

And if you’re in the process of buying a heart shape pendant online, then do write to us and contact us through the number given on the website to clear your doubts. We know that while choosing the best heart pendant or love locket of your choice, it is also necessary to assimilate the physical features of your face and neck areas to pick out a suitable design and weight of the pendant. At Melorra, you can choose your pendants from a myriad range of products based on your skin tone and the length of your neck area, your hair colour or other features as well. And if you ever get stuck in the process, do not think twice before dialling for us. We are always here to help.

Buy Heart Pendants Online at Melorra

We invite you to go through our products and pick out them for yourself based on your personality and taste. You can also choose the heart pendants as per the dresses and outfits in your wardrobe. Keep in mind the colours, fashion, and designs of the outfits; you have to ensure that the love locket you’re picking out best suits your entire ensemble. All the gold jewellery are as per the current gold rate per gram without any hidden charges.

We encourage you to browse through our designs and latest collection on the website and even pick up the matching earrings with your pendants. Happy Shopping!

At last, you can explore our gold coin collection with price as well.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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