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18k Gold Chains

Wearing a piece of jewellery does not only stand as a fashion statement but also signifies prestige and power. When it comes to the ornament that is worn the most by women, gold chains top the list. The most popular variant in gold chains is 18k gold chains. 18k gold is the most popularly used gold in jewellery making because of its good balance between durability and purity. If you are searching for the latest gold chain designs for ladies, Melorra is the answer. Melorra offers you a range of trendy and sleek designs of 18ct gold chains that will leave you spoilt for choice. An 18 karat gold chain contains 18 parts of gold out of 24 parts, and the rest is made up of other metals. A gold chain is such a piece of jewellery that can be worn at all the times, let it be at home or a party. We have been dazzled by the beauty of gold for ages. Investing in gold can never be a bad idea because it stays forever, and its value is always at a higher side. So, if you are thinking of buying a gold chain online, Melorra gives you a variety of options. You can choose your favourite chain depending on the design, weight and 18k gold chain price.

18k gold chain designs: A must in your jewellery box!

The best part about an 18k gold chain is its strength, which makes it durable. A simple and basic 18kt gold chain can add a sense of richness to your look. At Melorra, we offer jewellery that is affordable and easy to wear by you. Talking about the chains, the most popular design in the chain designs for women at Melorra is 18kt Yellow Gold Cable Chain .This is the most basic and simple design, which is also easy on your pocket. This sleek piece of jewellery in our collection of chains is perfect for those who believe in keeping a minimalistic look. It makes a perfect match for your everyday attire, and you can even keep on wearing it while being at the comfort of home. This super comfortable gold chain is a must-have in your accessory box. So, stop waiting and get this exclusive piece only at Melorra.

Grab the latest designs of 18 karat gold chains at Melorra!

Melorra is committed to its shoppers to provide with the pure and authentic jewellery, which have a lifetime exchange policy on them. When you think about buying an 18 karat gold chain, you should always keep in mind its weight and design. The heavier the chain, the more is its price. Wearing a nice gold chain can enhance the femininity and charm of a woman. Melorra has a lot of chain and necklace designs for women, which will boost their confidence and elegance, turning them into epitomes of beauty. Gold chains are such piece of jewellery which can be turned into necklaces by adding a pendant to them. This way, you can make two pieces of jewellery in one 18k gold chain price. For those who like heavier pieces, Melorra brings to you the very detailed design of 18kt Yellow Gold Snake Chain. This 18k gold chain is 16 inches long and has a firm catch loop attached. It can be worn as a solo piece as well with a cool pendant attached to it. As an add-on, this gold chain has up to 30% off on its making charges. With such offers to enjoy, Melorra purchases gold the best investment of all times.

18 karat gold chains in different weight categories:

Steal the limelight with Gold Box Chain!

Want to add a charm to those beautiful collar bones? Choose your favourite 18k gold chain from a huge range of intricately-designed gold chains by the talented jewellery designers at Melorra. If you are fond of those beautiful geometrical designs of jewellery, you will fall in love with Melorra’s 18kt Yellow Gold Box Chain. With an estimated average weight of 5.5 grams, this is a light-weight 18ct gold chain which will keep your look simple yet noticeable. You can always choose the size of your chain according to your requirement. This chain, when worn with a pendant, stands out as a fashionable and classy ensemble. The finely-designed gold box chain has a lobster clasp attached to it making it secure to be tied around the neck. The fitting loop is attached at two different lengths, which gives you an option to wear this gold chain at the lengths of 16 inches and 18 inches. So, order now and avail the discounts we have to offer on the making charges, only at Melorra.

Because gold stays forever!

With several cool and funky designs to offer to you, Melorra adds bling to your look with its unique gold jewellery pieces. When talking about jewellery, the charm of yellow gold is timeless and can never go out of fashion. We all know that investing in gold is a win-win deal, meaning your 18k gold chain price is most likely going to rise in future, making it profitable for you. Would you like trying the latest unique designs Melorra has to offer? Our 18k Yellow Gold Ball Chain will give your look a stylish touch. This chain is made up of smaller gold ball units making it a piece that will get you all the attention that you want. It offers the best comfort to wear along with a stylish tint. Its round gold beads make it free from sharp angles and edge, making it a perfect chain for wearing all the time. When it comes to making a subtle yet remarkable impression, gold jewellery gives you a perfect look. Gold jewellery can complement any look and also make a perfect gift. If you want to gift someone a memorable gift, you can choose from a variety of 10-gram gold chain designs only at Melorra. So, stop thinking and order your favourite 18k gold chain from Melorra at the best price.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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