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10 Gram Gold Bangles

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10gms and above
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  • Lacy Notes Gold Bangles
    • Lacy Notes

    • 65,788 81,942

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Mellow Yellow Gold Bangles
  • The Dune Tune Gold Bangles
  • Earthy Matters Gold Bangles

  • Curvy Accents Gold Bangles
  • Basket Knits Gold Bangles

  • Club Cub Gold Bangles
    • Club Cub

    • 79,630 99,184

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • A Pleat Treat Gold Bangles
  • Gold Gowns Gold Bangles
    • Gold Gowns

    • 77,818 96,927

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Knit Trivia Gold Bangles
    • Knit Trivia

    • 87,935 109,528

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Fun o Fern Gold Bangles
    • Fun o Fern

    • 68,607 85,453

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Colour Crush Gold Bangles
  • French Flair Gold Bangles
  • Bare Flair Gold Bangles
    • Bare Flair

    • 73,036 90,971

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Swift shift  Gold Bangles
    • Swift shift

    • 60,050 74,795

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Fluff The Ruff Gold Bangles
  • Vanilla Mist Gold Bangles

  • The Calm Palm Gold Bangles
  • The Mamba Maze Gold Bangles
  • Sleek Suave Gold Bangles
    • Sleek Suave

    • 66,291 82,569

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Bend A Lace Gold Bangles
    • Bend A Lace

    • 71,878 89,529

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Ivory Discs Gold Bangles
    • Ivory Discs

    • 94,882 118,180

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Violet Vibes Gold Bangles

  • Lace Nouveau Gold Bangles
  • Rhomb Aplomb  Gold Bangles
  • Three Piece Gold Bangles
    • Three Piece

    • 66,241 82,507

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • The Leno Weave Gold Bangles
  • The Wild Stride Gold Bangles
  • Slip Stitch Gold Bangles
    • Slip Stitch

    • 61,207 76,237

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Knit N Knot Gold Bangles
    • Knit N Knot

    • 102,633 127,835

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Chain Domain Gold Bangles
  • The Lone Tuck Gold Bangles
  • The Cross Bows Gold Bangles
  • Hooks N Nooks Gold Bangles
  • Tie & Dye Folds Gold Bangles
  • Sparkle Coats Gold Bangles
  • The Bar Lace Gold Bangles

  • Even paradox  Gold Bangles
  • Bow Baroque Gold Bangles
    • Bow Baroque

    • 70,117 87,334

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Safari Sleek Gold Bangles
  • Fruity Fission Gold Bangles
  • Dual Hue Gold Bangles
    • Dual Hue

    • 75,503 94,043

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Bar Pattern Gold Bangles
    • Bar Pattern

    • 129,713 161,565

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • The Rule of Bow Gold Bangles
  • Bar Hops  Gold Bangles
    • Bar Hops

    • 85,419 106,394

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Terra Tones Gold Bangles
    • Terra Tones

    • 114,563 142,694

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Merry Cherie Gold Bangles
  • Golden Quest Gold Bangles
  • Sunny Streaks Gold Bangles
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For Everything on Fashion & Jewellery

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You don’t always need to wear multiple bangles to make a head-turning style statement. If one can piece can make all the difference, it’s a Melorra bangle. And for such needs, our collection of gold bangles designs in 10 grams to 20 grams is perfect. But worry not, because they’re not the chunky or showy pieces, which have been handed down by your grandmother or mother. These gold bangles designs in 10 grams with price are quite effortless and feature voguish designs made to match the tastes of the modern woman who loves her bangles to be versatile.

And there’s more to these designs than meets the eye. Your fast-paced lifestyle deserves bangle designs that are practical. So when you pick gold bangles designs in 20 grams or less from Melorra, you’ll find that they are easy to wear and to carry around. When driving, typing on your laptop, sipping coffee, or conversing on the phone, these bangles will never come in the way with sharp edges or bothersome details.

You’ll be delighted about how well these gold bangles in 10 grams to 20 grams fit your wrists too. All our designs are available in six sizes - meaning no matter how big or small your wrist may be, we’ve got you covered. Not sure what size to pick? We can help you with that too. Simply click on ‘Bangle Size Help’ to view our guide to bangle sizes - you can find your ideal fit by measuring around the knuckle or with the help of a bangle that you already have. If you’re still unsure, our Personal Shopping Team can help you.

Shopping for gold bangles designs in 20 grams or less on Melorra is a breeze. We have friendly filters and sort options to help you narrow down on designs by what governs your tastes and choices - price, karat, motifs, seasons, we’ve got it all. Also, multiple payment options. You can pay online using credit cards, debit cards, or net banking facilities. Or choose to pay after receipt of your order, using our Cash On Delivery facilities. In the rare case that you are not happy with an order, you can return your gold bangles through our 30-day return policy. Or swap it with a newer design later for a 90% exchange value - something made possible by our lifetime exchange policy.

What’s more, the shopping experience is worry-free, because we sell only 100% real gold with BIS Hallmarking. Plus, diamonds with certification from SGL and IGI laboratories. Our products are packed in tamper-evident boxes and are insured till the order is delivered to your doorstep. So, you can sit back and relax once you’ve placed an order for your favourite bangle piece on Melorra.

Gold Bangles In 20 Grams Or More : Elegant Pieces To Perk Up Casual And Office Wear

Depending on what your dress code permits, you can wear any thing from formal trousers and shirts to skirts, dresses, denims and tunics, or Indo-Western outfits to your workplace. On Melorra, you can buy gold bangles online - many of those weighing 20 grams or more - to go with all such clothing. Like gold bangles designs in 25 grams, with geometric bar patterns, which pair up really well with power dressing in formal trouser or sheath dresses. You’ll also love how it is available in a white gold variant. Or those with interlinked or cut out star motifs - an ideal gift for the starry performer in you.

What’s more, our collection of gold bangle designs in 20 grams with price also has plenty of casual wear bangles, including gold diamond bangles, to go with summer dresses, tees and denims, palazzos and much more. Like 20 gram gold bangles with zig zag bands and floral motifs. Or stylised paisley bangles with checkered patterns. You will also be bowled over by some of the multicolour designs - in white and yellow gold - that are so adaptable, you can pair them up with work clothes or casual ones.

Gold Bangles In 10 Grams : Designs That Get You Party-Ready In A Flash

22k gold bangles aren’t really a choice for parties, because well, they look odd right? Not when you wear a gold bangle that’s been designed by Melorra. On our catalogue of gold bangles designs in 10 grams with price, you’ll find plenty of designs - over 40 of them - that are just apt for the party look. And they aren’t just the typical round bangles. We have oval bangles and cuffs too.

You’ll also be awed by how versatile these 10 gm gold bangles are. Floral cutwork bangles with round loops, interlinked oval patterns, overlapping bands, and half-and half designs - the perfect choice to dress up satiny gowns and flowy dresses. Bangles with braided knots and interlocking hoops, convex cut-outs and criss-cross patterns, and tassels - a great way to perk up flirty styles in body hugging dresses or LBDs . Bangles with tiger print texture, snake print texture, and zebra stripes in a choice of matte and glossy finishes - an amazing way to lend a wild twist your cocktail style.

Wonder how these Melorra gold bangles in 10 grams to 20 grams are so stylish and different? Because our designers pick up trends seen on international runways, fashion magazine covers, and more to breathe life into gold bangle designs. So, no matter the design you choose, you’ll be ahead of the fashion curve.

And when in the mood to explore something lighter, check out our collection of 8 gram gold bangles. We also have plenty of simple diamond bangle designs that are perfect to style with everyday attire. So, go ahead and see what we’ve got in store for you!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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