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Why buy Solitaire Earrings online from Melorra?

Solitaire earrings are single studs, and every woman loves it as they are simple, elegant and add style to her personality. Online Solitaire earrings are the best buy for modern women who want to wear it every day. It can bring style to any attire.

At Melorra, we know that every woman deserves a diamond earring and to make such a desire come true with complete satisfaction, solitaire earrings are designed. They are made to perfection considering all the 4Cs of solitaires such as Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat.

At Melorra, a new Solitaire Earrings Design is arriving each day, and when you want something new, the best way is to shop online. Solitaire diamond earring designs are a vast collection at Melorra. They are known for their uniqueness and technology used to make them. Experts at Melorra, use 3D technology to design the best fine jewellery to suit the style needs of modern women. A woman always has a unique desire for diamonds- and solitary earrings complement that. A drop earing in vogue? Solitaire earring it is!

Solitaires are single diamonds which are make up for a simple earring. At Melorra you can buy them online by making a perfect choice. Buying the right solitaire earring online for a woman is not rocket science. There is a bunch of solitaire earrings available online based on shape, design, and setting patterns. The best thing about shopping online over offline shopping is customisation. All the factors of a solitaire earring like the ones mentioned above and also the solitaire earrings price can be chosen.

Diamond earrings can be brought safely and securely online. All your payments are safe, and Melorra accepts easy payment methods such as Cards, net banking, wallets and cash on delivery at select locations. You can also shop for any other kind of jewellery like necklaces, gold chains, rings, bracelets etc. at Melorra online.

Not just the solitaire studs but also there are a variety of all drop earrings with a beautiful setting of the solitaires for those who love those hangings. You can buy a simple one to suit your everyday need or buy a little more designer one for a special occasion. Online Solitaires are available from almost all popular jewellers but making a really good choice is important as it is a precious one. Also, while buying you should keep in mind the resale value, which is worth the price paid for a dry day in the life. At Melorra, you get the valid certificates from authorised certifiers of diamond quality. It is not only the current trend to buy solitaires but also a desire fulfilled for want of owning diamonds.

A bunch of Solitaire earrings designs at Melorra

A fusion of latest styles with solitaire earrings has passed a long wait to become stronger in the market as diamond earrings still hold the highest place for women in terms of owning jewellery. It is more than just a passion for her and the design matters the most above any other factors. It is the highest priority while buying any jewellery. If the design is not satisfying, then not even the most expensive diamond on earth can make her happy! Starting from a price of Rs. 40000 to Rs. 55000 per pair of Solitaire Earrings, at Melorra there are a variety of designs. You can resist from buying a pair when you start seeing these on their online portal. Solitaire diamond earring designs are stunning and worth every penny paid when you buy from Melorra. For the love of diamonds, you can match a pair of solitaire earring with your favourite necklaces too. You can choose the weight of gold for these solitaire settings. You can choose them to be within 2gms or 2 to 4gms as per your budget. Gold colour also along with whether you want a stud or drop can be chosen. From petite to regular sizes, the best solitaire earrings come in:

  • Solitaire Stud Earrings: Studs and tops are the most popular way of donning earrings by women for everyday usage. They are also the first choice while buying solitaires.
  • Solitaire Drop Earrings: Drops and danglers are a spectacular style of donning the solitaires. A variety of all drop earrings can be readily chosen from the available designs, or you can customise your design online
  • Heart Shaped Solitaire Earrings: An all-time favourite for gifts, there is the best heart shaped solitaires in a simple setting. These can also be paired with heart-shaped pendants or solitaire rings in heart shape. It will surely make an adorable set of jewellery.

Both these designs can be made in white, yellow or rose gold and you have the freedom to choose the gold colour after you have finalised a design. The latest design will, however, be yours when you shop at Melorra. You also get 100 per cent off on making charges for buying diamonds here. Any jewellery with diamond studs get you this offer available only at Melorra.

Don’t forget to checkout bracelets too in here. Bracelets emphasize your wrists and add panache to your outfit. With solitaire earrings and a stone encrusted bracelet, you can totally own the onlookers. And yes, at Melorra we have the choicest bracelet designs crafted for you as well. What are you waiting for?

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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