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Diamond Is Rare, So Are Diamond Rings

Audrey Hepburn, known for her stunning beauty and impeccable dressing sense, once quoted that ‘the most attractive accessory a girl can have is confidence’. Unapologetically true, Audrey’s statement could be complemented with another reference that reads ‘the second-best accessory a girl can have are diamonds’. Because diamonds are rare, same as you! Never underestimate the power of diamond jewellery and its magic on a woman’s overall confidence. But consider everything before you buy diamond rings online. All of these accessories are present in different gold karat with 22Karat gold rings being most popular among the buyers.

And the best diamond accessories are either diamond finger rings or diamond necklace that not only bring the right amount of bling and elegance to a women’s look but also add to the confidence to carry that look. You can even shop for minimal diamond rings for girls that are perfect for them to wear everyday. The gold and diamond ring types are up for grabs on our website.

  • Diamond jewellery are impactful and bring a sense of confidence in you
  • Diamonds are forever, and diamond rings are the same jewellery designs that crown your fingers with reflective bling of the metal
  • Diamonds carry a special part in every girl’s heart as they are the symbol of love and marriage in many nations
  • Diamond engagement rings are the best gift a girl or a woman can receive, as she gets not only a piece of jewellery she admires but also a lifelong partner
  • Diamonds are classy; they are the most popular jewellery designs among celebrities because they bring a hint of class with them, which is undeniably attractive and unmatched by any other metal

Diamond Rings for Women – The Forever Jewellery

As a bird needs air to flap its wings and fly high, a woman needs natural, self-confidence to tread ahead in life. Diamonds just add to that confidence. And diamond rings only bring out the subtle way of flaunting a precious metal that brings bling, elegance, class, and beauty in one single jewellery design. You will only find gold and diamond ring together in our collection of jewellery.

But do you know why diamond rings are called ‘forever jewellery’? The answer is very simple – due to their versatility and durability. Whether you’re a teenager who travels to her college daily or you’re an office-goer woman who is looking to go beyond common yellow jewellery and flaunt a sleek diamond ring, then you’re at the ring place. 

The versatility of diamond rings for women are best used when women who are homemakers wear it daily and carry on with their work without any fuss or hassle. 

  • Ladies diamond rings are at a high time demand as they are now affordable along with versatile
  • Diamond ring designs are now also being infused with shades of gemstone to bring out colourful designs that appeal to the woman
  • Gold diamond rings are also a thing now as girls and woman are picking up various modern and contemporary designs that are aligned with the fashion industry and its seasonal releases
  • As women have begun experimenting with fashionable jewellery, they are also moving toward designs of diamond rings that are moulded along with white gold and rose gold metal

Bling Alert! – Real Diamond Girl Rings for Various Occasions

Diamonds are as real as they come. But often diamond rings for women are limited to gracing only grand events and functions, while the yellow gold designs are fixed for a normal and small gathering. But Melorra has a wide range of real diamond ring collections that are suitable for every event, be it small or big.

  • You can pair our Floral Charm diamond finger ring design or Petite Perfect with your outfit for a get-together with your ex-colleagues or friends. The minima design of this ring also makes it perfect for everyday use
  • To give a colourful twist to your jewellery for a fun night out or a date you can pick our Glitter Dreams, Curlicue, Blue Orb, and Ribbon Loop
  • In case, you are on the lookout for grand diamond rings that get you the attention you desire then you can never go wrong with our Le Desire, Bluebells, Lime Fleur, Fiery Blue, and Lateral Layers
  • While choosing diamond rings for girls, it is better to go for minimal designs of diamond rings that work best with the everyday look as well as party wear, casual wear, and formal wear. For all such occasions, you can pick out our Hoop Whoop, Triple Decker, Wheel Deal, Ever Radiant, and Sun N Glam

Find the Finest Diamond Rings online at Melorra

Yes, you read that right! We have a huge range of fine and real diamond ring collection that are ideal for women of every age. From minimalistic ring designs to big rock in the middle ring design, Melorra has crafted and manufactured latest diamond ring designs that appeal to every woman’s conscious and style. Minimal and simple girl rings models that come with studded diamonds are the best for youth. Buy diamond rings for girls online on Melorra. Also, do check our epic collection of valentine's day rings online to buy your better half a valentine special diamond ring on valentine's day. 

But one of the tough decisions that every girl and woman has to make is to choose that one ring that defines her and makes her who she is. This is where our experts swoop in with their vast and extensive knowledge on diamond ring price along with options to help you pick the rings that best suit your personality and taste. The gold that accompanies the diamond rings are also price fairly as per their weight. Melorra considers the gold rate today to price all of its gold jewellery along with the gold coins.

One more difficulty often faced by buyers while choosing a diamond finger ring is whether to buy it online or not. Yes, the choice is quite confusing, but hear us first.

  • Buying diamond rings online saves you time and energy in browsing through endless displays of jewellery at the store. Bring your bling home from the comfort of your sofa
  • Buy diamond finger rings from the sellers who have a trusted name and reliable customer support. At Melorra, we offer expert advice through call and chat and even provide authenticity certificate and documents of all the products. You can even return the jewellery if you do not like the design within 30 days of purchase
  • You can navigate through our catalogue of designs of diamond rings with a price to know more about which style matches your aura


Got more questions that you need answers to, don’t worry. Read through our Q&A about diamond rings and its prices to clear any confusion that has around your purchase decision.

What is the sign of a real diamond?

Yes, we know how risky it is to buy diamond rings online; that is why we provide authenticity certified documents for your assurance. For at-home tests, you check the diamond’s authenticity by seeing its placement on the ring. For instance, a real diamond will be placed in metals, such as white gold, platinum, or yellow gold.

How do I choose a diamond ring online, which perfectly fits my finger?

Worry not when our jewellery experts are here to help you out. You can check the ring size on the product description page and even watch an explanatory video that clarifies any doubt regarding the ring size. If nothing works, then you can reach out to our fashion and jewellery expert using the contact number available on the website to clear your confusion.

Can I pair a yellow gold ring with a diamond stone for everyday wear?

Well, it is quite a grand combination for an everyday look, but you can pick out the designs that have smaller diamond stones to give your daily look a subtle and sleek addition. For instance, our Glow Row, Depths of Blue, and Simple Winkle are a few of designs ideal for everyday wear.

Is there any special way to clean diamond rings?

Not really. In fact, it is highly unlikely for diamonds to lose their shine or go dull, but if they do you can simply use lukewarm water and soap solution and keep the diamond ring in that solution for 20 to 30 minutes. Then you can wash the ring with normal, clean water to scrub of the soapy feel. Try not to use any hard bristles brush to scrub the ring.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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