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Band Rings – Simple yet Exquisite Ring Designs

In earlier days, diamond rings or even gold rings were considered to be a symbol of engagement or marriage. Men and women used to seal their love and vow lifelong commitment to their partner by proposing to each other using band rings that were supposed to signify bonding, togetherness, and faithfulness. The gold band rings still indicate such lovely emotions, but they are now more than that.

As the times changed and people evolved, rings were no longer confined to just being a mark of the wedding. Today, band rings are used every day by women and girls to match their natural and minimal make-up with minimum jewellery.

While wedding band rings are still a thing and thriving among people, band rings for women are not just that anymore. Women and girls are now moving beyond locking up their pretty and fashionable jewellery to flaunt them on a daily basis or on occasions and events that ask for a contemporary look.

But the sleek designs of gold band rings are best to be used every day with your casual or formal wear. The simple roundness of band rings with either minimal design or no design at all is just the jewellery that you might be on a look out for your daily look.

Then and Now - Changing Band Ring Designs

Over the years, as band rings have evolved from just being a sign of love and commitment, they also witnessed immense changes in their designs and pattern, which reflect the mood and personality of people. Not only do these designs make a great impression of women owing to their minimal yet elegant shape, but these band rings also make for one of these rarely available jewellery designs that can go with any look, outfit or ambience. You are always welcome to change and try new gold band ring designs.

Another tremendous change that band rings designs have undergone is the introduction of diamond and gemstone into them. For a stylish and contemporary look, women are finding themselves driven toward latest rings designs that include colourful stones or shiny diamond stones. Even edgy and asymmetric shape of gold band rings for women are currently prevalent in the market.

On the one hand, women and girls are opting for designs that exude simplicity to carry the jewellery daily, while on the other hand, they are also searching for diamond-studded rings or rings crafted using rose gold to wear during special functions.

Undoubtedly, band ring designs are the most comfortable jewellery for women as they get an accessory that works for everyday use as well as occasional look. Who wouldn’t want that flexibility in today’s time?

Your Everyday look - Go Classic Yellow or Add Colors

As already mentioned, bands rings make for the best everyday jewellery essential and accessory. But they can also work their magic for a special evening with your partner or a night out filled with good food and dancing. Plus, you don’t need to worry about tarnishing or cracking these rings that you purchase from Melorra as they are crafted to withstand daily activities and burden.

Here are a few of the band ring designs for women that you can pick from hundreds of designs at Melorra to satisfy your never-ending desire to own jewellery

  • Pick our elegant diamond band ring collection to pair with your western or formal outfits for a special day. You don’t always have to settle with classic yellow gold. Go for reflecting diamond with white gold or rose gold to add a hint of colour to your accessory
  • If you want gold to be your go-to ring jewellery, then you can choose for ring designs that give out a sense of simplicity and purity to the entire look. Simple gold band rings or designs with small gemstones are best in such scenarios
  • Add a dash of colour to your accessory to either match your outfit or contrast it by opting for latest gemstone gold rings that either give our green, pink, blue, purple and other shades of colour to the overused, yellow gold
  • You can also pick out white gold ring designs or rose gold ring designs if you are a fan of gold but do not want to purchase yellow gold again

Explore Gold Band Rings by Karat

Gold rings are moulded in terms of karats, and at Melorra we offer two karat sizes for designs of band gold rings, i.e., 18k and 22k. You can explore the band rings for women by karat as per your budget, requirement, and personality. And don’t worry a bit about the originality of the gold as we provide all the necessary documents that verify that the diamonds, gold, and other metals used in the making of the band rings are genuine without a doubt. Along with the real gold, we also ensure to give our customers the best gold prices in Bangalore and India, which are reflected in our range of pure and 22k gold coins as well.

Band Rings to Show Love and Commitment

Band rings for women are a sign of love and commitment by their partner. Be it a simple, circular gold band ring or an edgy, designer band ring with a diamond stone studded in the middle; your women will cherish it for a lifetime if you express your love and faithfulness with a ring. Also, since there are unending list of ladies band rings designs on Melorra, you can choose one that best suits your partners taste in jewellery and personality.

  • Colours

Gemstone studded band rings are what brings a touch of colour and shade to the familiar and overused yellow gold jewellery. You can go for our Violet Vibes, and Wild Blue Yonder is just a couple of rings that hold the grace of colours within them. You can give these rings as a symbol of the promise of a lifelong commitment to your better half.

  • Diamond Studded

The most preferred rings to show love and bond are diamond rings. They are elegant and carry a sense of class with themselves, which is hardly found in another metal. For your partner, you can pick Oh-so-Vintage, I for Infinity, Endless Loop, and Divine Dazzle.

  • Asymmetric patterns

You can pick out some edgy and not-so-normal gold band ring design patterns if your partner is bored of the usual circular bands studded with stones or diamonds. Melorra has crafted a variety of ring designs, such as Formal Sequins, The Oval Game, The Yarn Twist, and Plum Play, to name a few of the asymmetric patterns. Sure, they are different from every other design, but that’s what makes them unique.

  • Cutworks

These band ring designs are one of the most popular crafts on Melorra. The repeating patterns of stars, zig-zag lines, and even regular square shapes give rings a distinct shape. Ring designs, such as Mesh on my Mind, Bar-O-Lace, and Feather Frills, are just a few that might catch your attention. Most of the band rings for women in cutworks are mostly in yellow gold.

  • Layered patterns

Patterns are the design of the season, year-round. Various motifs with layered crafts are making their way into every woman’s jewellery box as they match with the current fashionable outfits. At Melorra, you can choose various layered patterns gold band rings, such as Triangle Ties. These layered pattern rings are mostly found in repeated motifs designs of hearts, leaves, and cutwork patterns.

Melorra – The Ultimate Destination to Find Minimal Band Ring Designs for Women

Do you still have any doubt regarding Melorra’s expertise in bringing to you the best of best of band ring jewellery designs? We wish not. Because we are confident that you will surely find the band ring design of your dreams and wish if you explore our website for various designs. We bring the latest band ring designs worn by famous models of runways to your personal jewellery box.

  • Find gold band rings for women at Melorra, which are as light as 2 grams in 18k or 22k
  • Shop till your heart’s desire and never worry about return policy as Melorra has no questions asked 30-days return/exchange policy
  • Worry not about the originality and authenticity of the gold band rings that you purchase from Melorra. We assure you that our products are top quality and provide certified documents to prove their originality
  • Enjoy express delivery and lifetime exchange policy on the products you buy from Melorra. Do not forget to opt for speedy delivery when you are buying you’re a gold band ring of your choice
  • Our valued customers even enjoy free and insured delivery of the band rings

Then what are you waiting for? The time is now, and the time is right to buy a gold band ring for yourself or for your partner. Be it a colour shaded gemstone studded ring or a simple circular ring of white gold or a diamond-studded solitaire-type band ring, buy one that would remain with you till eternity.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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