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Gemstone Jewellery

While diamonds are for eternity, there is an increasing drift towards colorful options. This isn’t surprising as consumers are going global and hence seeking wider options. Technological advancement only exacerbated this shift towards gems, impacting the diamond demand a bit. One aspect where gemstone jewellery scores is that it could not only keep up with trends, but also move ahead. Consumers are experimenting with jewels even when it comes to wedding and engagement rings. Of course, diamonds rarely go wrong, but buyers now seek a unique touch by adding a hue or so to the piece. So yes, popularity for gems and colored stones have shot up dramatically.

Gemstone jewellery touch the mind and heart that cannot resist striking shades and ecstatic sparks it emits. While contemporary diamonds and gold are classic and can be paired with any attire, gemstones presents you with the luxury of mix-and-match with different apparel. Here, they make a style statement like no other. It is said to affect one’s mood. For instance, this is why many wish to buy their own birthstones in the form of pendant, ring, anklet, earring and nose ring among others. Perhaps, they think it is good for luck. Or they just don it for visual ecstasy.

Nowadays, it is common for women to go all the way through to the end of the spectrum and select a preferred gemmed ornament. Emeralds through to rubies to opals – new designs and styles take casual fashion by the storm as we speak. Some of the more popular shades of stones include aquamarine, morganites, pearls, sapphires and those in pale pinks and yellows. However, the more pricier ones down the line manifests mesmerizing choice of colors. Indeed, rarity has always been the height of cool and sophistication.

Not all gems are meant to be seen either. Many designers have experimented with traditional concepts and add a gemstone beneath the ornament. It colors up the piece in a subtler way, giving it a personalized touch. For instance, if your birthstone is a garnet or a peridot, you may have it concealed underneath or on one side. The stone may be hidden, but the multicolored hues are not. Yes, jewelers have cracked the art of reading buyers’ persona to present them with what they have in mind

Keep Gemming ‘em on, Melorra

Gemstone jewellery are the easiest to transform an entire look for it never failed to hypnotize and tantalize one and all. It could be a pair of tiny studs or a minuscule nose pin – nevertheless, consider the job done! Everybody looks for something different, especially when it comes to fashion. If you are investing a chunk of your salary (or more), you might as well get one that can turn heads, right? No predictability, please. Now, low-maintenance gemstone jewellery might sound like an oxymoron. But is it? Melorra tells you no.

New age women believe in being extraordinary on ordinary days. They are on the quest for jewellery that is both exclusive and within means that make folks go – “where did you find this one?” Melorra’s gemstone jewellery collection tempts you with a wide range of options, thanks to the effervescent shades of real jewels in different forms and sizes studded on every piece. The remaining magic is crafted by skilled designers and jewelers – and your ornament could be set with a combo of different stones or just the divine assemblage of one. Be that as it may, it is simplicity and sleekness women are after today.

Melorra offers you that magic mantra of ‘Open Sesame’, encouraging you to free gemstones from those ornate boxes. Let them come out from the depths of your wardrobe. Continue to mate them with your office suits or casual wear – be it an emerald pendant glistening on a black top or turquoise earrings accentuating that pink skirt. They let you play with lethal contrasts and let the look beat bluest of the Monday blues. The overtone on a gemstone can yet again alter the way it goes with any outfit – be it amber, silver or a peach overtone. Here, color speaks – yes, even for white pearls. So, browse away our endless collection to your heart’s content and walk away with one that captured your heart.

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