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  • Trapeze Gold Rings
    • Trapeze

    • 13,951 16,206

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Pink N Jolly Gold Necklaces
  • Fearless Hues Gold Bangles

  • Catzmatazz Gold Rings
    • Catzmatazz

    • 16,543 19,214

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Playful Madame Gold Pendants
  • Spirals N Vines Gold Earrings
  • Lure of Verdure Gold Rings
  • Tales of Bow Gold Rings
  • Jovial Fuchsia Gold Pendants
  • Paisley Pop Gold Rings
    • Paisley Pop

    • 14,103 16,383

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Knit Detail Gold Rings
    • Knit Detail

    • 16,140 18,749

    • 50% off on making charges


  • Simplistic Grace Gold Earrings

  • Polished Picks Gold Earrings

  • Bow Toned Gold Rings
    • Bow Toned

    • 14,002 16,265

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Prism Break Gold Earrings
    • Prism Break

    • 14,918 17,329

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Ridges N Rims Gold Rings
  • Fringe Fantastic Gold Bracelets
  • Whimsical mix Gold Rings
  • Prissy Arch etype Gold Rings

  • Edgy Essentials Gold Earrings
  • Sixth Sense Gold Earrings
    • Sixth Sense

    • 16,802 19,518

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Lacy Honour Gold Pendants
    • Lacy Honour

    • 11,252 13,071

    • 50% off on making charges


  • Feather Find Gold Rings
  • Peek-a-boo Gold Rings
    • Peek-a-boo

    • 16,598 19,281

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Pretty in Paisley Gold Earrings
  • Block O Meter Gold Earrings

  • Mushy Much Gold Rings
    • Mushy Much

    • 12,323 14,316

    • 50% off on making charges


  • Flitter Flutter Gold Earrings
  • Nature Imprints Gold Earrings
  • Basket Brooch Gold Rings
  • Block O Fever Gold Necklaces

  • Team Tropical Gold Rings
  • Bow Buckles Gold Earrings
    • Bow Buckles

    • 12,220 14,195

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Love Triangle Gold Earrings
  • Fond Finesse Gold Earrings

  • Subtle tones Gold Rings

  • Inspire Magic Gold Rings

  • Beat of the Bow Gold Rings

  • Bonjour Style Gold Earrings

  • Drama Rules Gold Pendants
    • Drama Rules

    • 14,358 16,679

    • 50% off on making charges


  • Rhomb Knot Gold Earrings
    • Rhomb Knot

    • 13,747 15,969

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Playful Hats Gold Earrings
  • OTT Fringe Gold Bracelets
    • OTT Fringe

    • 32,629 42,231

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Floral Blooms Gold Pendants

  • Bow Overlay Gold Rings
    • Bow Overlay

    • 13,696 15,910

    • 50% off on making charges

  • Dear Cinderella Gold Rings
  • Twin Tale Gold Earrings
    • Twin Tale

    • 64,091 82,962

    • 70% off on making charges

  • Fearless Hues Gold Necklaces
  • Pink Odyssey Gold Pendants
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18 Karat Gold Jewellery – Pieces You would Love to Flaunt

Gold is probably the first choice of all women in India when it comes to jewellery. A hundred percentage composition of pure gold is said to be 24 Karat gold. But while manufacturing jewellery, pure gold is mixed with other alloys of metals to make it strong and long-lasting. 18K gold is a blend of pure gold and an acceptable alloy. And for the reason that it contains less amount of pure gold, 18K gold price is less and is more durable. 18K gold is made to undoubtedly look fantastic with its vibrant yellow appearance and its warm tone, which makes it the most preferred Karat of gold while making daily wear jewellery pieces.

Best suited for varied designs, modern and trendy jewellery depends more on the 18K gold for its attractive texture and quality. Moreover gold with this kind of fineness is also available in various colours due to the different types of alloys mixed during its formulation. Thus 18K gold is considered as the most versatile choice when crafting trendy gold jewellery. It withstands physical pressure to a large extent, which makes it apt for finely crafted pieces of rings, earrings, bangles as well as other daily wear jewellery.

If you are in search of the trendiest designs in 18 carat gold jewellery online then what can be a better place than Melorra. Our 18 Karat gold jewellery is not only trendy and fashionable but also minimal and comfortable. In today’s fast-changing fashion scenario, gold jewellery in 18 karat gold is a must-have for every jewellery enthusiast. This minimal pieces of jewellery not only enhance your overall look but also add a touch of bling to your outfit.

What is 18K Gold Jewellery - Know About Your Gold

Karatage, denoted by a number such as 18 or 22, followed by "K" indicates purity, or how much gold is present in a piece of jewelry. If a jewelry item is said to of 18 karats, then this means that out of a total of 24 parts, 18 parts of the jewelry are gold, and the other 6 parts are made up of other metals. When expressed in percentage terms, 18k gold is equal to 75% gold content. To be precise 18K gold is a blend of 75% pure gold and 25% of an acceptable alloy which is either silver/ copper/ nickel/ zinc.

Pure gold is too soft for jewelry production and must be alloyed. The additional metals in 18 Karat gold serve to make the alloy harder and more durable than pure gold (24K), which is too soft for jewelry. Gold is a noble metal and 18 Karat gold is considered hypoallergenic and prevents skin allergies. It is relatively nonreactive and resists degradation by air, moisture, or acidic conditions.

Purchase pure gold in the form of gold coins. Explore our collection of 24K gold coins online and buy gold as an investment for your future savings.

18 Karat Gold Jewellery Designs– Explore New Variety

Melorra’s 18 Karat gold jewellery online is perfect for everyday wear as they are light and comfortable at the same time. You can accessorize your outfit by adding these jewellery designs in 18 karat gold to your look and carry them with style and confidence.

The 18k gold jewellery online shopping experience just became simple, suave and efficient with Melorra. Melorra believes in living with the trend and regularly updates its collection so that you can find new jewelry to wear every day. We use the 3D print technology and launch new designs every week. This is to give you access to update your old collection whenever possible with fresh and trendy designs.

For earring fans out there, Melorra offers more than 1100 designs of 18 Karat gold earrings which are available in various motifs and would woo your heart in just the first glance. You would also love our designs in 18K gold chains made especially for you to wear them daily with style. Melorra has something for everyone - with over 8000 designs of jewelry online, you get a plethora of options to choose from. The 18k gold jewellery designs offered are suitable for all kinds of occasions and outfits. These can be worn to work, a casual day out or even a party with friends.

18 Karat Gold – Hypoallergenic Wearable Form

Do you too suffer from itchiness, rashness or redness after wearing your favourite 18 karat gold jewellery? Then maybe you have a metal allergy and are not even aware of it. But don’t worry, as Melorra will help you not only understand what gold allergy exactly is but also help you solve the problem. And yes, facilitate you with the easiest way to wear 18k gold jewellery

Most of us believe metal allergies which we face right after wearing gold is caused due to gold itself. This is a myth, as most of the people are allergic to nickel which is present in the jewelry and not gold. Most gold jewellery contains nickel which is one of the metals used as an alloy in order to make gold a sturdier material. Allergies caused by nickel are more commonly known as Eczema and can be caused at any age. It is a funny thing, as people wear the same ornaments for years and all of a sudden, they observe rashes or itchiness. The main reason behind this is when your 18 carat gold jewellery gets wet, damp, or gets sweat and moisture on it from your skin, it can not only erode your gold jewelry but also cause corrosion to the nickel content especially in your gold ring. The first signs of nickel allergy are itchiness, rashes, redness, swelling, puffiness and burning sensations.

If you too observe the above mentioned signed after you wear your gold jewelry, then you must get your jewelry checked for its components. There is a probability that it contains nickel and you are allergic to that. But don’t worry as 18 Karat gold jewellery online is your permanent solution to keep metal allergies at bay. You can customize your 18 karat gold by adding platinum to the gold alloy instead of nickel, if you too are prone to skin sensitivity

Buy 18K Jewellery at Melorra – Know the Right 18 Carat Gold Price

Stay assured about the purity of your 18 carat gold jewellery with Melorra, as it offers only BIS hallmark jewelry which ensures the optimum level of purity. The diamond jewellery and stone jewellery online comes with certificates issued by SGL or IGI Laboratories, India’s foremost diamond & gemstone certification agencies.

Here at Melorra you can stay assured about both the quality as well as your 18 Karat gold price. It offers you both debit/credit card and cash options to pay from. You get amazing discounts on making charges and if lucky, this discount goes up to 100% during some seasons. Along with free and insured delivery of your order, you also get options like cash on delivery, 30-day exchange/return policy, and lifetime exchange offer.

Check the 18K gold rate per gram in your city and be assured that all our gold jewellery pieces are priced according to the current rates. 

You can also browse through over 1300 designs of 22 karat gold jewellery designs offered by Melorra which would not only make you look trendy but also elegant at the same time. If you want to experiment with different shades of metals then look out for white gold jewellery and rose gold jewellery designs on Melorra. After all, each piece tells a story.

So just sit back, relax and make Melorra your ultimate online jewelry shopping destination for the latest and trendy 18k Gold Jewellery.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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