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Gold necklaces are one of the most preferred jewellery items in any woman’s accessory box. It is elegant and brings about a trendy appearance to the person wearing it. But when it comes to buying gold necklace online, then women prefer to go for the designs that do not feel heavy but looks bold. Here is where Melorra’s 10 grams gold necklaces come into the play. Besides, 10 gm, we also have a range of designs weighing 15 grams gold necklace as well as between 10 to 15 gm necklaces in gold. If you too are looking for small yet elegant gold jewellery, then Melorra’s 10-gram gold necklaces are designed just for you. Besides these, you can also choose gold necklace designs in 20 grams for functions, such as wedding and festicals. Gold long chain designs in 20 grams can never be the wrong choice.

10 Gram Gold Necklace

Honestly, gold metal emerges as the first and favoured choice of jewellery for all women in India. So, when it comes to gold necklaces in 10 grams, then what better choice than Melorra’s 10 gm gold necklace designs. They are not only trendy and fashionable but also minimal and elegant. These necklaces do not weigh more than 10 gram, and you won’t feel that you’re wearing something substantial on the neck. Such type of gold necklace in 10 grams is even the best jewellery choices for marriage and wedding. You can imagine the grandeur of Melorra’s gold necklaces will bring to your entire traditional appearance for a wedding and see for yourself by choosing a design that perfectly fits with your choice of outfit. Also, our 10 grams gold necklace designs are everything you need for that particular jewellery piece missing from your accessory box.

But you would think that how a simple and minimal gold necklace designs in 10 grams will make you stand out in a crowd? Trust us, and let us paint a word picture for you. You already have set aside a bulging and heavily embroider dress for that wedding event, then you need the matching jewellery accessory with your outfit to be minimal. And since you already have a bulging dress on yourself, we suggest you go for our gold necklace designs in 10 grams that are perfect for the event.

We have a range of gold necklace designs in 10 grams with a price that within the budget for everyone. If it is bold and heavy, then also our designers have ensured to keep the design intricate and contemporary without increasing the charges. 

10 gram Gold Necklace Designs with Price

The price surfaces as a big concern for women when they’re eagerly searching for a gold necklace of 10 gram. Research about the market standard of gold necklace designs in 10 grams with the price before committing to a design of your liking. You must ensure to buy the gold necklace designs in 30 grams with price from a trusted partner, and Melorra is at the top list of being a trustworthy jewellery vendor. 

We keep the price of 10-gram gold necklace designs as per the gold price per gram in the global market as well as provide discounts on top of the final price for all of our customers.

Besides, we also have the answer to those people who worry about the quality of gold while purchasing jewellery online; it is now time to put an end to your worries. We assure you that the purity of your white gold necklace, as well as yellow gold with Melorra, comes along with BIS hallmark which ensures the optimum level of purity. Also, the diamond jewellery necklace comes with certificates issued by SGL or IGI Laboratories, India’s leading diamond certification agencies. All in all, if you’re are dedicatedly searching for a 10-gram gold necklace design, then Melorra is the right place to be at. 

15 Gram Gold Necklace

Do they sound a little heavy even before you wear them? That’s true, but that’s all these necklace designs in gold in 15 grams are; they just sound heavy, they are not heavy to wear. We suggest that you go through exploring our range of gold necklace designs in 15 grams and pick out the ones that your heart desires. For instance, you are encouraged to pick out various gold necklace designs in 15 grams with price, and we assure you that there are no hidden charges. Our designers have also ensured to keep the designs latest and fresh as per the runway models. They pair the right necklace designs in gold in 15 grams, and we sure know how to replicate for you to wear it on a daily basis. 

With our gold necklace designs in 10 grams, we were just getting started. We have other gold necklace designs for you in 15 grams as well. Our range of gold necklace designs in 15 grams is among the most preferred jewellery items by the customers, as they can own the latest runway designs that appear bold and bulky but are comfortable to wear and carry. 

15 gram Gold Necklace Designs with Price

Again, you cannot deny that price is a concern while buying gold necklace online. But rest assured, our gold necklace designs in 15 grams with price are well within the market standard and your budget. For instance, gold necklace design in 15 grams that is popular among our customers is Striped Halo, which brings the brilliance of yellow metal along with the pink and blue shades of enamel. The hue mixture of this design is quite intoxicating and famous among women of every age to pair with the various fashionable attire they own. We suggest necklace designs in gold in 15 grams as it also can be worn on wedding and family functions with comfort.

Moreover, this 15-gram gold necklace designs with price price is well within the limit of what you would get in the market. Our offers and discounts are unmatched in the market, and we assure you that the colour combination of our necklace designs are one its kind. You can look for yourself, if our words haven’t already worked its charm on you. We welcome you to contact our operators and customer executives to clear any doubt you might have in your mind about the price and designs of the 15 gram gold necklace in our jewellery collection. But before we dive into gold necklace set in 20 grams, let us suggest you that all the long necklaces are perfect for just about every women. For girls, it might seem that gold necklace sets in 20 grams is not required, then you can go for 10 grams long necklace designs. 

20 Grams Gold Necklace with Price

Don’t worry by just seeing the weight in the title, as even Melorra’s 20 gram gold necklace would feel light on your neck. These 20-gram gold necklaces could be worn to work, at parties and even on a casual day out. This minimal piece of jewellery not only enhances your overall look but also adds a touch of bling to your outfit. Gold long chain designs in 20 gram is also best for festive dressing and family gathering where more accessorizing is rquired but keeping it subtle is also necessary.

Our 20 grams gold necklace designs with the price is what you need during the wedding season. Not only would you be wearing the latest design to the event, but you would also be able to easily carry off our 20-gram gold necklace designs owing to their versatility and portability. We know that it is simply impossible to feel free while flaunting a heavy dress and then accessorize yourself with bold jewellery; so we recommend our gold necklace designs in 20 grams, which look grand but are easy to carry. 

Gold necklace designs in 30 grams with price is also available on the website. Although a lightweight jewellery brand, Melorra gold necklace designs in 30 grams that can be used in wedding and gifting purpose. Another best 30 grams gold necklace is to wear on festivals and functions that require grand dressing. We suggest you that gold necklaces in 30 grams are your way out of the daily wearing of lightweight necklace designs. Additionally, 30 grams gold necklaces are always the right choice for investment purpose as well.

Buy Gold Necklace Designs Online at Melorra

When it comes to buying gold jewellery online, we are a bit hesitant thinking about payment and whether the real product would reach us or not. Breakaway from all these worries while buying jewellery online at Melorra, as it offers a lot of payment options such as card payment, net banking and cash on delivery (COD) which you can choose according to your convenience. One of the distinct one being COD through which you can easily pay for your product once it reaches your doorstep.

At Melorra, we want you to dress and accessorize extra. Do not listen to those advertisements that ask you to pay extravagantly to look extravagant. We design and craft everyday minimal gold necklace designs in 10 grams with price at our website. Not only are these necklace jewellery at par with global trend and designs. Our costs of gold necklaces in 10 grams are better options than some lightweight jewellery that you know.

Make Melorra your ultimate online jewellery shopping destination for trendy, fashionable and comfortable jewellery. And don’t wait to choose out your favourite 10 gm gold necklace design or 15-gram gold necklace. We will assist you through the entire process.

We also encourage you to browse through over 400 designs of necklaces offered by Melorra. It includes not only gold but also gemstone and diamond necklaces.

You can explore our gold coins with price for the festival seasons.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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