Designed Right

You won't find Melorra's jewellery designs anywhere else in the world. Do you know why? At Melorra, a fashion trend analysis is conducted to design jewellery. We have our own studio and seasoned designers based in India, the UK and the US. The design team at Melorra has several decades of experience. They have worked on award-winning, cutting edge international designs.

Built Right

Melorra makes jewellery fun to wear. That's why our earrings don't have those painful and difficult to put on threaded screws. And our finger rings have the comfort fit feature. A number of our designs are modular, making them versatile for different occasions. Many designs are enhanced with premium surface plating applications to provide improved hardness and wear resistance. Our jewellery is put through a rigorous inspection by our in-house quality assurance team who keep a keen eye for the technical performance aspects before our jewellery reaches you.

Priced Right

Melorra sources aggressively from the best vendors, and currently has some of the lowest pricing with the industry standard quality of S-I clarity and I-J colour diamonds. This pricing is directly passed on to you, the end customer.