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Diamond Jewellery – Get them Gems Out

Diamonds are forever in vogue among jewellery lovers across the world. Whether a single piece pendant on a chain on or a string of them cascading over an ornament – there is a promised grace and subtle opulence. They are slowly breaking barriers of inaccessibility. Gone are the days when it was only synonymous with “Will you… I will… I do”. Yes, diamond jewellery is making more than the occasional appearances out of their boxes and lockers. Now, they are slowly embracing identities outside wedding rings and family heirlooms – by giving you fun and easy options for daily wear.

When it comes to jewellery for any occasion, there are endless options these days. And a penchant for ‘working diamonds’ is on the rise among the millennials. The drift towards diamond-paved designs ensures that they don’t cost you your annual salary in one go. Today, it is easier to find sparklers that sets the inner fireworks going in the wearer’s mind. Delicate and intricate designs available in thousands that suit all budgets! They breathe stories into every moment - be it a girls’ Friday night or your 14th date or that team outing. So yes, there are more than one reasons to say, ‘diamonds are forever’.

There was a time when donning diamond jewellery on a regular Monday (or any regular day for that matter) was considered exorbitant and (hence?) in poor taste. Not these days, apparently. Modern women can not only afford them, but also knows how to mix and match in head-turning ways. Mind you, they are still not exactly ‘cheap’. It doesn’t mean that diamonds have climbed down the high horse. Nevertheless, the market has managed to break into a ‘demi-fine’ price range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 mark. Now the focus is on developing sleek and sturdy jewellery that caters to distinct taste that co-exist with our contemporary lifestyles.

Tiny ones to gym, office or shower – women of all ages are embracing diamonds. It is gratifying to see more and more women buying trendy and less-formal jewellery for themselves. They are nonconforming, who do not hesitate to experiment and make choices based on craftsmanship and durability. Of course, there is no single style that fits all, and today’s customers know what they want. Here, a retailer’s predominant challenge now is to understand their needs.

And the Diamond Saga Continues at Melorra

Melorra follows the principle of ‘something for everyone’ and boasts of an impressive array of diamond jewellery that can channel your inner princess. We take pride in matching you with idyllic pieces that move with the trend and taste. With our tailormade model, every exclusively crafted rock is put through numerous quality checks before we even let it adorn an ornament, let alone reach your home.

A Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

Each product, whether it is gold, diamond or gemstones jewellery, has a unique product page which describes the product in entirety.

Inspiring gemstones, stunning engagement rings and necklaces fit for queens among others - the obsession with precious white stones doesn’t show signs of dwindling. Because a diamond is simply not something that goes in and out of fashion. It stays. So take out your wish list. We know we can get it for you. After all, it is all about finding the perfect sparkler to accentuate your outfit, western or Indian, and occasion, for casual days, office or family functions. Melorra’s irresistible diamond jewellery collection flaunts numerous elegant ornaments in a never-ending saga. Office going women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and so on have already embraced sleek sophisticated pieces as part of their Monday to Saturday work attire. Our avantgarde designs leave them spoilt for choice. But the choice is yours to make. A toast to making diamonds an everyday wear!

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