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Hoop Earrings – Because Life is Full of Circles!

Earrings have evolved through generations to garner a special place in every woman's heart. Hoops are the favourite ones amongst the rest. Hoop earrings have a long history dating back to the Sumerians from modern-day Iraq in 2600 BC. Earring hoops have various versions adopted by the women of different cultures belonging to very different parts of the globe: from the Hmong women of Vietnam to the African American women of the 1960s who wore hoop earrings to celebrate their race and reclaim their culture. In India, hoop earrings made of gold were popularized among women of the Gadaba tribe and few others, who believed that the earrings could strengthen and protect them from evil spirits.

To many modern women today, hoop earrings are by far the definition of fashion earrings that can be worn without much hassle. They are the safest option to add a tinge of shimmer without being too experimental and bold with your look. But as the world grows with more and more trends, women too want to stay parallel with the latest fashion around them. Which is why we, at Melorra, give the women of today the freedom to wear the unconventional in latest jewellery. Trendiest hoop earrings designs online to match every outfit if yours. We have hoops in gold, diamond and with gemstones to spoil you with options. Because, there is more than one pair of hoop earrings in every fashionista's jewellery box.

Hoops for Your Daily Wear – Flaunt Your Charm Every Day!

Being such a simple yet stylish accessory, hoop earrings designs account for various trends in the fashion industry and are moulded into different shapes and sizes. The best thing about hoop earrings is that you don't need to worry about what kind of outfit they match with. They seem to go well with almost anything, be it a nice sweatshirt for the gym or a maxi dress. They are women’s favourites as they are not a time or occasion-specific accessory. They are just meant to be there wherever you go with your good vibes. Our designers at Melorra have designed hoops in gold and diamond taking inspiration from Global Fashion so that you wear the best and fresh. A stunning collection of lightweight yet fashionable hoop earrings for women crafted to match your look at all occasions

Weighing from 2-4 grams to 10 grams and above and made out of yellow, rose and white gold, hoop earring designs can come in both plain or stone encrusted designs. The biggest thing about hoop earrings is that they can be enjoyed by both the minimalist and the bohemian girl alike. Square tube patterns, twisted hoops, Huggies and hoops that have a hanging precious stone: hoops have a myriad of layouts that there is some hoop to cater to your every loop. Hoops were once the symbol of the downtrodden and prejudiced. Now they are worn by globe icons such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and even Kate Middleton herself. Explore designs like never before in this style only on Melorra. So what are you waiting for? Put on your hoop earrings, frolic your hair and possibly add a dash of lipstick- and girl, you're set to rule!

Hoop Earrings Collection – We Have What You Need!

Melorra presents a fine range of breath-taking designs in hoops perfect for everyday looks, be it for a party or a casual get-together. Match our hoop earrings with that long cocktail dress or with that new jumpsuit. Pair them up with your cold shoulder tops or with your contrast Kurti and leggings. Filter by material, weight, occasion, trends, gold colour, price and more. Pick your favourite ones because a single pair is never enough.

Gold Hoops – Gold hoops or round earrings are the prettiest ones as they match with almost anything. Their simplicity separates them from the others and make your face look gorgeous. With smashingly unique and colourful designs, Melorra's hoop earrings in gold are light in weight and elegant while being trendy and fashionable. Choose a pair from our gold hoop earrings that matches with your dress and see yourself coming for more. All the gold used in our gold jewellery items is priced as per the current gold rate in India.

Diamond Hoops– Get ready to steal the show with our dainty diamond hoops. A range of stunning designs to choose from with motifs in geometric, abstract, floral and hearts. Each pair will make you go ‘wow’. Pick your perfect one from our latest collection of diamond hoop earrings online and rock that look! Even solitaire designs of earrings work good.

Stone Studded Hoops – Any jewellery looks good when studded with colourful gemstones. However, our gemstone hoop earrings are here to redefine that. Melorra offers a varied range of latest hoop earring designs online embedded with gemstones like pearl, ruby and other stones that match with your trendy outfits and make you look more graceful.  

Hoops in White Gold & Rose Gold – And if you are that woman who doesn’t fancy the colour yellow, then we have hoop earrings in white gold & rose gold for you. Match your light coloured evening gowns or vibrant tops with our white gold or rose gold hoop earrings to add some extra glam to your look. These lightweight hoop earrings come in adorable designs with diamonds and other gemstones as well.  

Trendiest Hoop Earrings Designs – Fashion Essential Motifs

Get ready to make all your friends jealous as they will not find our designs anywhere else online or offline. That is because our designers take trends too seriously. They blend International Runway Fashion into fine jewellery to give you something you would feel elated to wear. Explore some of our irreplaceable designs in hoop earrings and pick the one you love. Or maybe more!


Geometric hoops are the quintessential hoop designs. They suit almost any attire, be it your office going slack pants and tops or your elegant Salwar Kameez. They can add glam effortlessly to anything. When paired with a matching chain and bracelet, they can elevate your fashion quotient by load amounts. Explore all the geometric designs in hoops and also our collection of chain designs and bracelets online.

Want something to match with your blue gown and golden heels. Try our Random Rectangle golden hoops with blue gemstones and be the glam of the party. The Brick Wall Gold Hoop Earring is round and has a chequered pattern of white gold bricks arranged in a linear composition of alternate solid rectangles and rectangular gaps. It is perfect for your jumpsuit or even your casual white top. The Loop De Hoop is a Rhombus-shaped high polish yellow gold hoop with linear prong like diamonds set on the front. It weighs just about 6.1 grams and is ideal for the fashionista in you to soar.


We all secretly love trying to let out the child hiding in our innermost recesses, don't we? Wearing hoop earrings - for once not bothered by the maxims of society does just that. Be it a flower hanging by a key-ring like a hoop with the Stylised Flora to the OTT Toss with streaks of gold itself hanging by, we got you covered for hoops earrings at Melorra.

The Tale of Kale is a pair of bold hoop earrings shaped in an abstract circle with scallops of gold finish. It is hard to miss for its elegancy and perfect for any modern dress for that matter. Imagine looking at a striking ball of blue stone hanging by a diamond-studded ring and wondering how gifted the ear that wears it is, making it a perfect gift for your wife. Yes, you could be that. The blue sapphire studded orb is linked playfully to a simple hoop. The Blue Orb is denim essential and is sure to make you fall in love every time you see it. The Arctic Blue is a slice of the sky and the sea. It consists of high polish, a yellow gold vertical bar that suspends a detachable bezel set, cushion-cut blue topaz encircled by pave set diamonds; a delight to own.


From dresses to bags, florals are everywhere and have conquered everything like the spring. The floral collection of hoop earring designs makes them perfect for all your floral dresses and tops. Next time you wear something with florals you don’t have to think over and over again as what to match them with.

The Stylish Flora hoop earrings in plain gold make the most elegant fit for your peaceful evenings with its spiral hoop decorated using tiny golden leaves. Add some drama and a lot of glam to your outfit with the Spring Oak diamond hoop earring. This mid-size yellow gold hoop is composed of a vine featuring three oak leaf-inspired motifs rendered in brushed-finish gold, interspersed with diamond bezels.


Whether it’s the most romantic day of the year or your anniversary, a pair of heart-shaped hoop earrings always take away your heart. Explore our Valentine Hearts collection full of the cutest designs ever. Embellished gemstones and diamonds on these tiny heart hoops make them even more funky and pretty. Also available in different colours. Crafted specially for all modern day wear, these earrings will add glam to even your everyday outfits.

Hoops for Any Occasion – Grab the Hottest of the Season!

Round and glamourous, hoops are here to conquer. Melorra adds magic to the word earrings and offers something for everyone from women to girls. Our latest hoop earrings designs are light in weight and elegant to go with every outfit and occasion. You can’t say no to these designs in gold and diamond that are ready to slay every look you decide to go with.

Casual Hoops for Your Natural Looks – Lazy evenings with a minimum of makeup and maximum of friends are meant to be simple and demands a natural yet cool look.  Match our exclusive range of hoops with all your casual outfits and become the next fashion influencer in your group. Colourful hoop earrings in gold and diamond for your daily one piece dresses to jazz up any occasion. Browse casual hoops from our diamond and golden earrings online on Melorra.

Hoops for Formal Wear – Geometric and abstract designer hoop earrings for you to rock that work outfit. Hoops in white gold and rose gold for your formal tops, because this beauty got brain too. Pair them up with your suits or kurtis and steal the limelight in every office meeting.

Party Hoops to get you into the Grooves – No more heavyweight danglers. No more confusion over what to wear to the party tonight. Trendiest yet most comfortable and lightweight hoops for the party girls out there. Hoops from our 18k gold earrings and diamond earrings online will go with any party dress of yours. Put them on and dazzle the party away!

Other Earrings Styles – Pick Your Type!

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Buy Hoop Earrings on Melorra – Hoops to keep you in the Loop

Buying round earrings online is not an easy task. One, you are not sure about the size of the hoop and how it compares with the size of your ear and neck. You, of course, don't want to wear a large golden, stone encrusted hoop earring with your black saree without seeing how it figures on you! Then there is also the question of quality and cost. You cannot figure out on the making charges, you cannot touch the earring in question physically to judge the quality of the material or feel the texture, and the suspicion list goes on and on.

At Melorra though, we incorporate the elements of modern-day life into our designs of earrings. You can zero in on your favourite new earrings - oversized hoop earrings for your favourite T-shirt and jeans, large hoop earrings for the tank top or small ring earrings to keep it all simple and cool. Shop anytime and from anywhere you are. Melorra makes it easier for you to order your favourite hoops online. Filter our collection of designer hoop earrings by material, price or weight. All under a budget-friendly range so that all you have to decide is how many to buy. Stay assured about your purchase online as we offer only certified jewellery on our platform. All latest gold earrings are BIS hallmarked. While all diamond earrings and stone earrings use gemstones certified by SGL or IGL Laboratories of India. Your hoop earrings are wrapped in a tamper-proof box and delivered to you for free. They also come with insurance and the option to pay on delivery. And if there is a tiny chance of you changing your mind, you can return your hoop earrings within 30 days or exchange them afterwards through the Lifetime Exchange Policy. So stop the hunt and buy your favourite hoop earrings at Melorra for your best shopping experience ever!

You can also explore Melorra's gold coins collection online if you want to invest more in gold. 


How to wear the perfect size hoops for different looks?

Hoops will literally go with any outfit you pick. But here are a few suggestions to match them with your different looks.

  • Oversized Hoops – Match them with jeans and tees or tank tops or any of your casual outfits to get a hipster look. Don’t forget the red lipstick that adds the dramatic coolness.

  • Big Hoops – Big and sleek hoop earrings with necklaces and bracelets add to your bohemian look.

  • Geometric Hoops – Geometrically shaped hoop earrings are trendy and fashion-forward and they always add an elegant twist to your outfit. Pair them with your regular modern look.

  • Medium-sized Hoops – Add some classy vibe to your casual outfit or workwear with medium-sized hoops. You can also try hoop drop earrings for minimalist and fashionable style.

  • Small Hoops – Great for professional settings or everyday school/college look, tiny hoop earrings match with almost every outfit. Wear them for a timeless classy look.

How do I search and buy matching round earrings on Melorra?

  • Filter by style from Earrings page and choose hoops

  • To find your perfect match filter by gold, diamond, gemstone, white gold and rose gold. Filter by occasion or trend. Filter by weight or price

  • Pick your favourite hoop from the list

  • Choose your Gold Karat – 18K or 22K gold earring models

  • Click on Buy Now or Add to Bag

  • Fill up your address

  • Choose prepaid or cash/card on delivery as your payment method

  • And here you go! You just ordered your first hoops on Melorra. We know you want more. Keep shopping!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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