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6 to 8 Grams Gold Earrings

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6 to 8 Grams Gold Earrings – Get that Golden Appeal!

For ages, gold jewellery has been a sign of prosperity and glamour for Indian women. Despite being an occasional affair, gold earrings are found in every Indian girl’s jewellery box. From earrings with elaborate designs to simple ear-bits, every piece tells a unique story. Several of these pieces are handed down through generations and represent traditions and memories that are valuable to each family. To create the stories and tales of your own for the generations to come, you must start picking out your favourite jewellery pieces as well. Choose Melorra to shop from a wide variety of 8 gram gold earrings that will change your look for every occasion from average to amazing! These understated yet straightforward pieces of jewellery will always add immense value to your collection. They are beautiful in their own way and add a certain kind of charm to anything you wear.

Design at Melorra is current and inspired by the latest trends from around the world. From light pieces of jewellery that you can do every day to heavy, statement pieces that can make a mark on a special occasion – our earrings are an excellent fit for any event. Our craftsmen work hard to create designs that are not only stunning and up-to-date but are also functional and comfortable. Various elements of nature inspire the 8 gram gold earrings designs. From floral patterns to simple abstract designs – you think of a design, and we shall have the same for you. Being lightweight, you are sure to find these adorable earring designs within your budget, which also will meet the design standards you are looking for.

7 Gram Gold Earrings – Beat the Blues with Gold

Jewellery designs at Melorra are up-to-the-minute and inspired by the latest trends from around the world. The 7-gram gold earrings designs come in different types of patterns and styles. They are ideally suited to go with almost all your outfits, whether ethnic or western. These earrings are skillfully crafted to suit all your needs. Pick them out and pair them up with your dresses to look like graceful at your evening dos. You will be the talking point at the gathering for your top-notch earrings and their ability to highlight your beauty and features!

Studs: Browse through stunning stud designs like abstract, geometric, shell, star, weave, sun and many others. Pair your favourite studs with your formalwear to look professional and fashionable. The best pick is the Parallel Ribbing 18k gold earrings. These studs feature four overlapping bars of yellow gold that form an open-ended rectangular frame, three of which are composed of parallel tracks rendered in denim blues and the fourth in yellow gold.

Drops: Are you looking for something more outrageous than studs? Drop earrings are a perfect choice then. Our online selection of gold earrings designs in 7 grams has gorgeous drops that are surely going to add glam to your outfit. The most elegant design in this collection is the Feather Flight gold drop. These are high polished yellow gold danglers that have an oval motif with multiple overlapping central strands in blue and violet enamel work attached to a hook.

Hoops: Hoops are flirty, aren’t they! Mostly preferred for an on-the-go look, they match with all the western outfits, be it jeans or shorts or dresses. Browse through the excellent motifs of hoops in our 7 gram gold earrings. The most astonishing one is the Colour Crest gold hoop from pop feather collection. These yellow gold high polished hoops have a feather cutwork motif at the bottom with a pink enamelled strand.

YYou can also explore our latest collection of gold coins online at the best price with different weights and purity.

8 Gram Gold Earrings Designs – Show off your Vibrant Buzz!

Your grace and elegance are exemplified by our collection of beautiful and well-crafted 8 gram gold earring designs. There’s something for everyone in the Melorra collection, and there is a piece that is destined to catch your eye. 8 gram gold earrings are not heavy, and the designs are smart and simple for everyday wear. You can also pair them with any of your outfits to jazz them up – irrespective of the occasion that you are looking at. Change the way your style is perceived with just one touch of any pair of these earrings.

Studs: Geometric designs in our 8 gram earrings come with more intrinsic work done. These earrings are available in white gold as well. These studs are the perfect choice for daily wear or any formals. They are subtle for your casuals as well as quirky to put you in the fashion circles. The ones you cannot skip are the Ruffle Bites - 22k gold earrings from our All Dolled Up collection. These high polished yellow gold studs have a rhombus pattern with an overall crumpled ruffle effect.

Drops: The drop designs in 8 gram gold earrings collection are the ones to die for. These gold earrings designs have some vibrant colours and embellished gemstones that can make any attire look out of this world. Pair them up with any look, be it traditional or western and just love the way you look! The Tie & Dye Tease gold drop is one of its kind. These high polished yellow gold danglers have a dangling semi-circle pattern with hand-painted pink and white enamel work attached to a circular motif.

Hoops: If you are looking for some trendy hotshot designs, then hoops is the answer. For gold earrings designs in 8 grams, hoops have separate fan-base of its own. Choose hoops that make a style statement every time you step out. And who said they always have to be round or circular? Try the Swerve Curve earring that features a yellow gold trapezoid-shaped, hinged hoop, with a swervy-curvy pattern.

Don’t forget to check out gold chains here by the way- which accentuate your neck and have the ability to make or break your look. We have it all packed in here. Also, gold bracelets - come on, your wrist does deserve some joy!

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8 Gram Gold Earrings – Buy from Melorra Online

Gold earrings are a must-have in any young lady’s collection. And there is one made for every kind of occasion. For a traditional affair, the elegant studs, drops and shoulder-duster designs are ideally suited. For a western gathering, you can mix and match your outfit with a pair of hoop earrings and j-hoop earring designs. Buy your gold earrings designs in 8 grams from Melorra. Why? Because we take care of your shopping experience each time you decide to pick something from our jewellery collection. We help in making your choice easy with the help of filters. Filter your choice by style, material, design, price, weight, season, trend and more. Sort the list of products with price, discount and popularity. Pick from 18k gold earring designs or 22k gold earrings designs.

Shopping precious jewellery online? Isn’t that risky? We know exactly what you are thinking! Nothing to worry about. We guarantee 100% real jewellery made of pure gold and diamonds. Our gold jewellery is BIS hallmarked. Our diamonds and gemstones are SGL or IGI Laboratories certified. Shop from anywhere you are and get it delivered to you for free in tamper-proof packaging. For the smoothest shopping experience for our customers, we provide features like as free delivery, 30-day return/exchange and lifetime exchange policy.

Know better before shopping for gold online. Learn about the live gold price today in India. Our jewellery items are priced accordingly so shop without any worries.

Go on. Shop your favourite earrings from Melorra and get that perfect look!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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