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Bangles for Women on Melorra - The Epitome of Versatility and Elegance

For Indian women, bangles are more than just wrist ornaments. They signify longevity and prosperity in marriage. However, as time has progressed, bangles have taken a modern form, and now they are light on the wrist as well as on the pocket. So, here is how you can own a bangle design that keeps the traditional spirit of wrist jewellery alive while introducing trendy and fashionable models.

At Melorra, we completely understand that your jewellery needs are different from your mother’s generation. What you’re looking for is something that does not conform to the ideal idea of heavy and bold bangle jewellery. While she would have typically worn the same set of gold bangles for many years, your search for trendy bangle designs to accentuate your western and fusion attire is right. We know that the latest bangle design in your accessory box must be the one that fits with your office dresses, casual tees, stylish tunics, party tops and travelling shorts.

Fancy Bangle Designs - Runway-Inspired Wrist Jewellery

Our bangle models evolve with global trends based on fashion seasons like Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, and jewellery at Melorra resonates the same trend. You can explore through our new arrivals based on these trends on the website. Our latest bangle designs are inspired by runways of Milan, London, New York, and Paris. The models of Kada designs on our website are also an ode to our national designers who are always coming up with innovative and trendy jewellery collection. When you pick a new bangle design online, you know you’re wearing the latest trend, and it is not just an heirloom piece which will eventually get stowed away in lockers. If tweed, fringes or safari look are in vogue right now, you’ll find them translated on our designs. With Melorra, you always ‘wear the now’!

If you’re on the quest to find that perfect fancy bangle model to go with your wardrobe then shopping online on Melorra is the right choice. The Kada designs in our bangle catalogue are made to match your fast-paced lifestyle! Whether you are enjoying a vacation in the hills or in next to a beach or presenting your latest plan in the boardroom, our new bangle design makes a great addition to the entire look and amp up your appearance. With over 300+ bangle models on Melorra include round, oval, and broad bangles as well as cuffs and open-top designs in diamond and gemstones. Even the frequent use of gold bangles in our collection are contemporary and not at all traditional. And all these designs are available at gold rate of today.

Buy Bangles Online on Melorra - You’ll Love the Fancy Models on our website

It is quite easy to explore and browse through new bangle designs online on Melorra. All the models are inspired by various runways, natural phenomenon, and several shades. The colours come in pink, green, white, and many more hues. In such collection, the models popular among our customers are Pied Piper, Colour Blocked, and Plumeria Sunburst.

On the side of the simple gold bangle model, the designs that will make you fashionable heart go wild are Tie & Die Folds, Scallop Bay, and Sweet N Sour. Even our diamond bangle designs come in the price range that is affordable; the models are Lily Love, Starry Starry Lights, and Frost on Gold. Besides, you can also enjoy wearing rose gold bangles studded with diamond stones to bring out the bling and hue in your otherwise sober look.

New Bangle Designs for Girls & Women: Perfect Gifts for Any Occasion

Are you facing a conundrum as to what must you gift a dear one on an occasion? Worry not because our collection of ladies bangles are just perfect for gifting purpose. We have bangles as light as 4 grams and starting from Rs. 20,000. So, think outside the usual picks like handbags or clothes as a present and go the extra mile and buy fancy bangle models online. Flatter your sister on her graduation or your bestie on her bridal shower with these bangles for women. Is your daughter of the creative kind or someone with a free-spirited soul? Then choose a bangle design by motifs. Geometric, abstract, paisley, star - there are many options to choose from. Does the little woman love colourful accessories? Surprise her with enamel accent bangles. Soothing hues like white or bright hues like pink and neon yellow - our collection of bangles for girls will steal her heart.

In another scenario, you are also welcome to try out our lightweight bangle designs as they make for elegant and ideal accessories for the teenagers. When you want to surprise your daughter with something special, gift her a Melorra bangle, and we’re sure she’ll be more than delighted. In our suggestion, you can go with Razzle Dazzle, Curvy Accents, The Wild Side, and Twinkly Knots. All of these models are simple yet stylish as well as perfect for girls that prefer Western apparel and fusion wear. Pieces like white gold bangles can look exceptional with her denim and crop top look. You even encourage her to pair these bangles with fashionable rings to accentuate her entire appearance of the hand.

Latest Bangle Designs: Choose from Gold, Diamonds, And Gemstones

Are you looking for plain bangle designs or unconventional styles? Rhodium finish bangles? Cuffs? Diamond styles? Bangles with your initials? We’ve got you covered with our latest and best bangle designs. At Melorra, our Kada designs are created to complement your lifestyle. We understand that you want models without sharp edges so that you can go about your day hassle-free. All our gold bangle models offer a smooth, comfortable fit that is just as trendy and fashionable as it comes. And to ensure that the jewellery of your wrist does not weigh you down, we offer simple bangle designs like hollow tube bangles that are lightweight - as light as four gms.

Are you a fan of the diamond? Do you prefer simple diamond bangle designs and don’t want styles that overpower your look? Then we have just the right diamond models for you. We have created minimalistic diamond bangle designs that make great pairs for your formal suits as well as your maxi dresses.

When you buy bangles online on Melorra, you can also browse through gemstone designs. Be it pearls, amethyst, goyunjala, black Onyx, or more are at your disposal in our bangle catalogue. So, if you are the kind of lady who looks for a little colour on her bangle jewellery, then go for gold bangles studded with stones!

We have all sizes available in bangle models. So, go on, explore the latest bangles online on Melorra and refresh your accessory collection! 

Also, discover our wide range of Valentine special bangles online which includes a variety of valentine's day gold bangle designs to pick from. 

Bangle Models Designed for Every Day, not Some Days!

Most Kada designs that you see in jewellery stores are occasional wear and not for everyday wear. Such pieces might look out-of-place when paired with your t-shirts, tops and dresses or even saree. A bangle set for saree is what you can pick out from our catalogue without thinking twice.

At Melorra, we use innovative technology to create and launch new collections faster; we launch ten new designs every day and close to 300 every month. So, you get a wide range of latest model bangles for women to choose from! Where else can you explore the latest trends like neons, ruffles, fringes and more on your gold bangles, diamond bangles, and gemstone bangles? Melorra's simple bangle designs that are trendy, not traditional, and aligned just with the new trends of the fashion industry. They are perfect for your wardrobe, not your locker. And, they are made for every day, not just for special occasions. Melorra gets your style and offers the latest bangle designs for ladies and girls who belong to the millennial generation.

New Bangle Design Collection: Models That Reflect the Season’s Hottest Trend

Our Kada designs are inspired by trends that have already taken the fashion and jewellery world by storm. Be it the new looks on fashion ramps, magazine covers, social media feeds, celebrity styles, and more. If you like modern style bangles in gold with yellow enamel that accents and amps up the fruity yellow trend. For that, you can pick up our Mellow Yellow model. Besides, the floral cutwork bangles for women that soak up the bold avatar of laces, twin-row bangles with braided knit patterns that resonate with fashionable fringe elements, and bangles with interlinked button motifs that exude a Safari vibe are every woman’s favourite models.

We also know that seasons change quickly, our fancy bangle collection changes too! We have new bangle designs for Spring/Summer as well as Autumn/Winter. What’s more, is that we churn out these bangle models for girls and women at breakneck speeds so that you’ll never fall behind in the fashion curve. On a side note, you can also browse our gold coins collection range with price on the website.

Here is How You Can Pick Out the Latest Bangle Set

It is easier to find new model bangles on Melorra. Use our season friendly filters to select the trend you want. You can further filter the models based on other parameters, such as gold weight, price, motifs, or colour. Next, sort the designs you see by latest, and you’ll be presented with the freshest pieces from our range of gold, diamond, and stone bangles online. You can also browse through new bangles by visiting the New Arrivals section. And when there, pick matching chains, pendants, or earrings to go with your bangles.

Fancy Wedding Bangle Sets: Unconventional Designs That You’ll Find Nowhere Else

Our collection of new bangles is quite unlike the ostentatious pieces you’re used to wearing at weddings or on occasions. You can pick out the wedding bangles from among our writ ornament catalogue without a second thought. We have designs that are classic, simple, and elegant. Plus, bangles with price are highly affordable, thereby combining trend with budget. For instance, the Scaly Daily gold bangle with wave-like curve and a multi-strand pattern in the centre, or the Ruffle Shuffle bangle with alternating, semi-circular ruffle patterns around the loop are sure to grab your heart. You’ll love showing them off on a casual meetup with your girl gang or clicking a selfie with it on the sandy beaches of an exotic island.

Our fancy bangle designs are also available in styles. After the most popular round bangle models, we have oval bangles with exotic patterns that make great pair-ups for date nights or cocktail parties, such as the Squared Away bangle with a solid loop and interlocked square motifs studded with diamonds in the centre. Also, check out some of the trendiest designs of stylish waist chains online in gold for your wedding outfits. You lehenga look would be complete with some stunning bangles and a beautiful waist chain to match it. 

Our bangles in the cuff style are also a fan favourite of our customers. You can enjoy the intricate and elegant structure of the Lollo Rosso cuff with wavy diamond and white gold elements or even the Green Bolts cuff with a rectangular buckle top and camouflage green enamel. These simple yet trendy pieces are just what you need to accentuate the power dressing look. They are also perfect for flaunting with your workwear pants and tunics on a regular workday or with your pencil skirt and blouse.

Simple Bangle Designs with Price: Know Melorra

Simply select a design, choose between 18k and 22k gold bangles, pick your size, add to cart and place your order. To customise your shopping experience, we offer user-friendly filters like price, karat, and colour. Also style, motifs, fashion seasons and occasions. Browse through our collection of designer bangles online worry-free as they come with BIS Hallmarked gold and SGL & IGI certified diamonds.

We offer multiple payment options when you shop for bangles online - pay by card or cash on delivery. We have reliable delivery partners to offer you free and insured shipment. When you receive your precious order, on a rare occasion if you don’t like it, you can return it within 30 days. We will pick it up for free within 48 hours of your return request. What’s more, we understand you like to change your wardrobe every now and then, and your bangle designs need an upgrade too. So, we offer Lifetime Exchange with 90% exchange value. So, buy trendy bangles online every few seasons. And your style will never look drab.

When it comes to selecting the latest bangles, online shopping on Melorra is effortless. We also create most pieces in sets of 4 or 6. So, if you’re looking for designs matching with your Melorra bangle, you can browse through our collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.

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Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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