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Gold Bangles for the Modern Woman

Through ages, bangles have been worn by women for style, to mark tradition and more than anything – for purpose of flaunting a personal sense of style. But, with fashion evolving over time and women’s wardrobe becoming predominantly western and indo-western at best, this popular Indian accessory seemed to have lost its ground in this fashion evolution. But, not at Melorra. In here, you’ll find a plethora of gold bangles, in a brand new, modern and fashion-forward avatar.

Bangles Get a Modern Revamp

In keeping up with the changing trends and shifting style sense of today’s millennial women's, gold bangles online at Melorra too has a very modern and contemporary spin about them. The variants in this bangle collection include chic diamond bangles, gold bangles with modern motifs, bangles with gemstones, oval bangles, open top bangles, rose gold bangles, white gold bangles, twister bangles and so on. So, forget about the chunky, traditional bangles that you can wear only during particular occasions and festivities and with traditional wear, instead get yourself a fresh collection of gold bangles that can be teamed with all kinds of outfit and for every occasion.

Now, you don’t have to compromise your love for bangles, instead accessorise rightly, whether it be to add a touch of class to your office wear, some spunk to your party wear or simple to include a bit of fun to your casual ensemble, a simple yet fashionable bangle would do the trick.

Bangles with the Diamond Daze

If you love your accessories to you shiny and sparkly, opt for gold bangles with diamonds studded on them – a pair that can never go wrong! A simple, minimal, light-weight and 18Kt bangle with diamonds on them can spruce up any given ensemble, and add the right amount of oomph and elegance to it. For those who like to add an edgier twist to look with their gold and diamond bangles as accessory – choose from our bangle range – that has an unconventional motif about them, such as, oval-shaped, open top, banglets, and similar unique features.

Vat their best

For Indian women, in particular, growing up we’ve all seen our elders, moms, and grannies wearing bangles on a daily basis. Hence, when we grew up, we garnered a natural affinity towards this gold accessory. Unfortunately, to suit our modern, and fashion-forward outfits, there were hardly any bangles that would suffice the style requirement. Hence, at Melorra we decided to fill this gap and bring bangles back, but with a modern twist, as hand accessories that are suitable for every mood, style, occasion and time of the day. For office wear, in particular, we’ve kept the designs, extremely minimal, fashionable, practical-to-wear and also affordable.

Bangles for everyone, every season

As a popular notion goes, bangles are considered as a chunky investment. But, at Melorra, we break that idea too. In here, you’ll find the most affordable range of gold bangles online. Not just that, you’ll also find a new set of design to choose from almost every single week. That’s true, with a new gold jewellery collection online launching every week at Melorra, you are bound to stumble upon new and latest set of bangles too. As in the case of all our jewellery, bangles to are designed to fit the latest global fashion trend. So, irrespective of the occasion, you can buy yourself a pair of bangle or two or more, as these designs are absolutely on-trend and not specific to any particular tradition.

Guide to Buying Bangles Online

It’s as easy as it can get! Like every other commodity that you buy jewellery online, buying gold bangles online too, whether it be plain or studded with diamonds, is an easy task. There are certain parameters to watch out for, starting with the size of the bangle. When in doubt, opt for the oval bangles or the banglets, because they always come with the open link. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the sliding it down our fingers and hands.

Secondly, watch out for the certifications and hallmarks when buying gold online, this rule is applicable for all nature of jewellery bought online. At Melorra, you wouldn’t have the trouble of extensively monitoring this, as absolutely all our jewellery, comes with SGL & IGI certification for gold and our diamonds are BIS hallmarked, both of which are the highest degree of authentication for gold and diamond.

So, just concentrate on the design and style of the gold, gemstone and diamond bangles that you love, for as far as the quality and purity of the gold is concerned- we’ve got that part covered for you!

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