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Blossom Bash Gold Bangles
TRY IT ONBlossom Bash Gold Bangles
135,543  143,584
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Book of Flowers Gold Bangles
TRY IT ONBook of Flowers Gold Bangles
112,748  119,437
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Rosy Radiance Gold Bangles
TRY IT ONRosy Radiance Gold Bangles
160,066  169,562
30% off making charges
Glam Gloria Gold Bangles
TRY IT ONGlam Gloria Gold Bangles
115,479  122,330
30% off making charges
TRY IT ONLustre Liz Taylor Gold Bangles
126,125  133,606
30% off making charges
TRY IT ONGroove Like Cher Gold Bangles
39,393  42,467
30% off making charges
TRY IT ONStream the Gleam Gold Bangles
116,371  123,276
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TRY IT ONThorn O Rouge Gold Bangles
173,776  184,086
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TRY IT ONManhattan Glitz Gold Bangles
120,383  127,525
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TRY IT ONRose All Over Gold Bangles
151,428  160,411
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TRY IT ONAllure of Gold Gold Bangles
118,043  125,046
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TRY IT ONSequin Saga Gold Bangles
41,987  45,263
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bangles | Customer Reviews
saurabh ghosal | 08-10-2021
I bought an 18kt Tweed Meet Gold Bangle from Melorra as a gift for a family member. The Bangle is absolutely perfect. Truly loved it.

Shruti Chadha | 08-10-2021
I purchased an 18kt Love Wins Gold Bangle from Melorra. I must say, I truly Loved everything about the product.The design, finish, fit….everything was absolutely perfect.

Preeti Bali | 08-10-2021
I bought a 22kt Rhombus Halo Gold Bangle from Melorra, and the product fits beautifully and is smooth and comfortable to wear.

Archanaa Sardana | 09-01-2021
I Bought a 22kt Collar Crowd Gold Bangle and am happy with the product and service.