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Colour Your Jewellery Box Red – Rose Gold Bangle Designs

Often, yellow gold metal bangles are found everywhere among women going out and about. But now is the time to turn the tide and work on adding a bit of tint and colour to your accessory box. This is where rose gold bangles make way for your personal jewellery collection. At Melorra, we have many such designs that make for trendy, contemporary as well as simple bangle designs in rose gold for women. At Melorra, we understand your fast-paced, multitasking lifestyle. Our rose gold bangle designs are created thoughtfully so that when you head out from a client meeting to grab your favourite cup of cappuccino or a romantic dinner with your partner, you look your stylish best without being weighed down by what you wear.

All of the designs of bangles are crafted in 18k karat, which could be worn daily at every common and simple event that you attend. It could be your everyday adventure to the office or even hours of studying at the college; our bangles designs of rose gold for female are sure to shine the limelight on you wherever you go. We have roe gold bangles in round and cuff models that are crafted in rose gold that brings out your colourful personality rather than just a clutter of yellow gold that is used for every event or occasion.

Our designs of bangles made of rose gold for women are also studded with diamond stones that bring a touch of bling and brilliance to the entire look of yours. And don’t worry about the bangle jewellery is exclusive. Our models are trendy and latest and match with every outfit you own. You can also pair our bangles with the earrings as well. Believe us when we say that. Also, note that, be it rose gold or yellow gold, the rate of gold per gram is as per standard on the website.

Diamond and Rose Tint Designs of Bangles for Women

What is better than owning a yellow gold bangle that matches with the outfits that you own? Owning rose-tinted, diamond-studded bangle models that pair with a dress, jeans, a long gown, and even party wear. Our rose gold bangle designs are one of its kind in the jewellery arena and even offers great discounts on the jewellery items that are available on the website. Not to mention that you can browse through the models of bangles in rose gold on our website with the price and get the designs that best serves your purpose for every look. Be it a party look, daily formal wear look, or a casual wear look that goes perfectly pairs with the rose gold bangles collection on our website.

Diamond-studded Rose Gold Bangle Model

We have a few of the designs that come in the form of diamond stones that are combined with a rose gold tint. They both – diamond and rose gold – make up for a subtle and trendy combination, which is the best bangle design for you. The collection of diamond stone bangles in our rose gold models are what makes up for the contemporary and trendy jewellery that are often difficult to come by in the jewellery market. We also have designs that are studded with pink-diamond, which stands apart from other models as it amalgams pink brilliance of a shiny diamond with the rose hue of the pinkish gold that is a fan favourite of every woman.

Gemstone-studded Rose Gold Bangle Model 

We also have a trendy yet simple design of rose gold bangle that is studded with a gemstone that further improves the hue that rose gold bangle offers to its wearer. You can wear and sport designs, such as the latest gemstone bangle that brings different hues and shades to the otherwise common yellow jewellery colour.

Let us assist you through the offers and models we have in our kitty that would fit best your taste and personality as well as your wardrobe.

Browse through Bangle Designs of Rose Gold

At its best, we have four popular rose gold models of bangles for a female that get picked up by our customers instantly. All of these have their own cut, design, and finish, which come studded with either diamond or gemstone. You can never go wrong if you buy these rose gold bangles online and wear it to the different events and occasions that are lined up in your calendar.

Pink Gouache is a state-of-the-art bangle made of rose gold. The hand ornament is styled with diamond stones of white and pink that perfectly complement each other as well as the pinkish hue of rose gold. You can wear this model of the bangle to a night-out, a party, or even to the office.

Curlicue is a cuff bangle that also comes studded with diamond stones and has a curly touch to its structure. This design makes up for the best jewellery choice for any event; if you want to wear it, just wear it without thinking about the occasion.

Lilac mystique is the rose gold designer bangle for girls that can be worn to college as well as fresher party or any other party that is currently popular among teenagers. With a gemstone studded in the middle of the bangle, it brings a couple of colours to the entire appearance of the person wearing it.

Lastly, P-Incline is the most minimal and smooth finish rose gold bangle design that can be worn by women as well as girls.

Buy Rose Gold Bangle Designs on Melorra

Yes, now that you know about the latest designs of rose gold bangles in our collection of jewellery crafted using rose gold. The models are not limited to be worn only at a few events and occasions. If the design is available on Melorra, then we ensure you that it has been approved by international jewellery designers and showcased on runways.

So, your search for simple, elegant, and trendy bangles that match your mood ends on Melorra. So, go on and explore what we have on Melorra and buy the bangle designs online that suit you.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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