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Casual Wear Bangles for Women – Trendy Daily Wear Jewellery

Have you avoided wearing bangles with your casual wear daily due to their heavy and bold structure? Then you’re in luck with Melorra. Because our designer bangles are the best choice online for casual wear and daily day and night-out. We have so many – hundreds of designs – on our website that perfectly go with a variety of casual looks and outfits residing in your wardrobe. All of these daily wear bangles for affordable as well as of the latest models that had made an appearance on runways of famous designers earlier.

We assure you that our collection of bangles that are the best casual wear bangles that you could buy online. We have a different kind of cutworks and crafts in our range of trendy bangles that you could wear daily with all the outfits that you own; it just doesn’t have to be just casual, but since it can be worn daily, all the attires and looks go with our gold bangles collections.

All the trendy daily wear jewellery in our range of designer bangles for everyday use showcases what is fashionable on international runways, not atypical and traditional designs passed on from generations to generations. These trendy bangles are made to match your tastes and lifestyles, so they’re lightweight, elegant, and in-vogue.

Designer Daily Wear Bangles for Casual Wear

The world has come so far that the daily wear bangle designs for casual wear are not only just circular anymore. There are many models in the market currently that are ideal for everyday outfits and places that you go to daily for your work or college or any other place. Now, many designs come in oval, asymmetric, top-open, and cuff-type bangles. All of this variety of jewellery bangles in our box of the collection are available in gold, diamond, and enamel. Kindly note that all the gold bangle models for female with price on the website are as per the today gold rate per gram.

Round Bangles for Ladies for Casual Wear

Most classic ones, the round bangles are the obvious choice to pair with your casual wear outfits. We have a number of models in our collection. The most popular and obvious ones are Stun A Fern, The Dune Tune, and Boteh Bedazzled.

Oval Bangle for Ladies for Casual Wear

These models are just next to round bangles. Oval designs on our website are Mellow Yellow, Simple Swirls, and Tie & Die Folds. Some of these have trendy and untraditional designs that are perfect for a party look as well.

Cuff Bangles for Ladies for Casual Wear

If your desire is to buy a bangle for casual wear that has a different design to it other than the overused circular ones, then you can go for cuff bangles that work naturally for almost every look. Our models are Bar Pattern, Ripple Effect, Know-it-All, and Hippie Hit.

Open-top Bangles for Ladies for Casual Wear

Next to cuff bangles, casual wear goes best with open-top bangles for women. We have a number of models, such as Moon Tide, Stellar Teller, and Starry Starry Lights. All of these bangle designs are ideal for daily wear with all the type of casual outfits that you own.

Multiple Strands Bangles for Ladies for Casual Wear

We also have various designs that come in motifs, nets, and multiple strands. The models in our collection are Flower Afar, Robe Resist, Rose Entwine, and Knit Layers.

Simple Daily Wear Bangles for Casual Wear in Colours

The overused, typical yellow use of gold bangles for casual wear is one of the most preferred and used jewellery design. But colours play yet another role in bringing out a tint of a trend in casual wear look that you sport every day. Rose gold and white gold casual wear bangles are the best alternatives to yellow gold casual wear bangles.

Rose Gold Casual Wear Bangles for Women

Daily wear bangles for casual wear are also available on our website in pinkish hue studded with diamond stones. The combination of rose gold with sparkle of the diamond is one of the best casual wear bangles for girls to buy online. The design accessible on our website is Curlicue, which beautifully portrays the casual as well as party look of any person. It is a cuff designer bangle for casual wear and best to buy online for women as well as girls.

White Gold Casual Wear Bangles for Women

White gold bangle’s popularity is another reason why you should try this shade of bangle to pair with your wardrobe other than yellow gold. Our design of white gold casual wear bangles for girls is Terra Tones and Vasarely Lines. The first model has a double-circular design that combines yellow gold with white gold and the second casual wear bangle for women is an open-top model that is perfect for even a party look.

These types of models can even be paired with a fabulous range of necklace models we have on our website that come in different designs and craft. You can also browse through our variety of partywear necklace to pair with these models of designer bangles for casual wear.

On a side note, we would like to introduce our newly launched gold coins range and welcome you to explore the designs. 

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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