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White Gold Rings

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Ditch the Overused Yellow Gold – Go for Sober White Gold

The yellow shine of gold jewellery has dimmed the elegance of other metals among Indian women. When it comes to buying jewellery for a wedding or a ceremony, gold takes the lead among many jewellery metals out there in the market. But now it is everywhere. The yellow metal is seen in almost every women’s ear, finger, neck, and wrist. The metal is definitely overused. In such a scenario, white gold comes as a breath of fresh air with its lustrous and glossy appearance. You can choose white gold jewellery over the traditional yellow gold for a contrasting look.

White Gold Rings

Options are endless when you leave your comfort zone to venture into unknown terror, and the same is true for white gold rings. You get variety in subtle and pure white colour. The contrasting colour of gemstones used in the ring design or the reflecting surface of a diamond with white gold makes the entire look of the ring surreal and radiant.

Rose gold rings are also another option apart from white gold rings if you’re looking to move beyond yellow gold shade.

White Gold Rings for Women – Play Mix and Match with Your Outfit

Ever seen the TV commercials or the social media influencers when they pair pinkish footwear with a light greed shade of ‘chudidaar’. Have you often stopped to think about how does such a combination of colour appears to be perfect? It is because they love to put on a show where the lead is contrasting the outfit shades. You can do the same with white gold rings.

The time to play mix and match with your wardrobe and white gold rings is now. Take out that multi-coloured shirt or top that is getting crammed under your daily use wear and pair a glistening white gold ring with the outfit. The multi-coloured outfit’s pattern will not only complement the simplicity of the white gold ring, but both the wear and the jewellery will not negate each other’s presence. They will together as well as on their own.

Here are the different combinations you can try –

  • For that blue shade wear that is hung in your wardrobe, you can choose Melorra’s Arctic Blue white gold ring or Pink Candy. But other edgy ring designs work as well. You are free to play around the look and settle on a ring only when you’re happy with the look
  • For daily use, our collection of white gold diamond rings, such as Brushed Pink, Curly Ribbon, Lady in Red, and Crimped Rim work perfectly
  • If you have your eyes set on a white gold ring but wish to have colour in your jewellery, then you can check out Melorra’s gemstone ring designs made in white gold. Meandering Blue and Earth Angel are a couple of options you can pick
  • White gold rings for women is also mixed with yellow gold colour to give you the impression of white as well as yellow gold jewellery. Rhombo Combo and L’amour are the perfect examples of the white and yellow gold mix

Put the Ring On It – White Gold Ring Engagement Rings

When it comes to proposing to your better half, diamond rings take the lead. But white gold diamond rings are the new trend in the town. White gold engagement rings are similar to solitaire rings in look and shine. The big rock in the middle with the circular white band exudes a lustrous look that precisely shows the love you hold in your heart for your partner.

  • Monochrome white gold diamond ring in our ring collection is for your lady love who likes to keep things simple yet elegant
  • Earth Angel is for those ladies who like big and colourful rocks on their engagement rings
  • Go for Viva Forever or Pristine White to give your lady love a ring that matches her honest character
  • If your women’s taste is different than usual sparkly diamond rings, then you also pick our ring designs that include Ribbon Bow, Pink Jasmine, and Meadow Buttercup

All of these white gold rings for women are available in 18k in the different price range. You can freely browse through the website and pick the ones that capture your heart’s desire.

Explore White Gold Ring Price

Gold price per gram is often one of the major concerns that influenced jewellery purchase. White gold ring price is same as yellow rings, or it may differ slightly based on the design, weight, and use of diamond. Our range of white gold ring collection starts with 10k and stretches to 70k and beyond for some of the most popular and intricate ring designs that have the most prominent diamond stones.

Our white gold ring designs are also suitable for girls as well as teenagers as they are under the budget, are minimalistic, and everyday wears to their college and other places. Besides rings, our range of gold coins with price is suitably based on the current gold rate in India.


Is the price of a white gold ring similar to fluctuating yellow gold? Or what is the market standard of white gold price? There might be endless questions around white gold rings and its cost. Let’s clear them one-by-one.

Is white gold real gold?

Real, yes; pure, no. White gold is an alloy that is manufactured by mixing pure gold with alloy metals to give it a white, shiny look. The alloy metals are mostly palladium and silver. Apart from being mixed with alloy metals, white gold is also coated with rhodium that further adds to the durability and strength of the white gold jewellery.

Will my white gold ring lose its white colour and begin to look like yellow gold?

This is a common phenomenon that happens with white gold jewellery. With time, the jewellery starts to lose its rhodium coating, revealing the yellow shade of the gold. But it is highly unlikely that the shade will be pure yellow. You can re-coat your white gold ring with rhodium to get back the white, lustrous shine.

How do I know if my white gold ring is real gold?

Check for the hallmark symbol on the white gold ring jewellery to verify its authenticity. Moreover, when you shop from Melorra, you also receive SGL and IGI certified documents verifying the authenticity of the product.

How do I clean my white gold ring?

The process of washing your white gold ring is the same as a yellow gold ring. Use lukewarm water and mild soap solution for cleaning the ring. Leave your ring in the solution for 20 to 30 minutes and then use a soft bristle brush to clean out the ring.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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