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Attention! Attention! Attention! The divas have begun to walk the ramp, and our designers are ready with their creative side to embrace all the latest jewellery designs the models have paired with their ensemble. 

Yes, this how eager our entire team at Melorra is always to bring you the latest designs of jewellery for your everyday use. Be it with casual outfits or formal, office wear, we can swear on our expertise to give you the stylish accessories. The same is true for our wide range of cocktail rings for women.

Cocktail Rings - Flaunt Runway Inspired Jewellery

Our range of cocktail ring designs is heavily inspired by the numerous runways and models that grace them. As cocktail rings in themselves are a statement jewellery ring that gives out an impression of a grand and bold look, runway-inspired cocktail ring designs are more glamorous in look and intricate. 

If cocktail rings were to be given emotion, that would surely be powerful and confident. A simple stone studded in a circular gold ring work magic in uplifting a simple look to a diva, in any wear and event. However, you need to be careful and bit attentive, because these big gemstone rocks do not always match with every outfit, and same as these cocktail rings could lift a look, it can ruin one too.

But how do you pick one cocktail ring design that matches your wardrobe as well your personality? Well, let us guide you through the entire process of choosing a cocktail ring for women. But first, know your ring and its history.

The Jewellery, The Ring, The History - Know You Cocktail Ring

There are endless options in cocktail rings. You can opt for a diamond cocktail ring if you are thinking of going a little extravagant or you can pick out a gold cocktail ring if yellow gold is your first and last love in jewellery choices. But do you know that cocktails rings for women were originally a symbol of rebellion and independence during the 1920s era?

The story is quite impressive. What had been a dreaded period for freedom among women, cocktail rings emerged as a small yet powerful sign of rebellion. In the 1920s, when traditional and deep-rooted values were being questioned and defied by the women and their transitioning thoughts, everything was changing. Women had won the right to vote, they were had abrogated the long, corsets dresses and were wearing short hemlines and trousers. It was during this transformation that women began to work outside of their homes, and cocktail rings represented something their bought form their own money instead of a gifted engagement or solitaire ring. Gradually, cocktail rings began to cut their way through small get-togethers, cocktail parties, and day-and-night. Today, these bold and heavy rings have witnessed a huge change in their design patterns. Be it an ideal lace-inspired, cocktail rings or the latest in vogue theme, and we have it for you at Melorra! We make sure your imagination gets wings through our designs. You can choose from cocktail rings set in a variety of stones, including diamonds, sapphires, and rubies.

But these are not the only cocktail ring designs we have at your disposal. If you’re craving to move beyond gold cocktail rings and add colours to your accessory, then why not pick out something from our gold and rose gold rings section. Or browse through metallic, fierce, or vintage cocktail ring designs that excite you. We have many and many of such designs.

Grab Attention – Explore through Variety of Cocktail Ring Designs

As mentioned earlier, cocktail ring designs for women are no longer about how they look in a cocktail party and going around comparing them with other rings. Now, they are about wearing an accessory for oneself. A jewellery ring that is about their own personality and not something that is gifted to them by the ‘man’ of their life. In the form of cocktail rings, you can buy yourself a diamond cocktail ring that shines as bright as your confidence and personality. Let us guide you through the hundreds of cocktail ring designs have we have that are explicitly boxed for you.

Diamond Cocktail Rings

These are the preferred ring accessory for women if they are looking for jewellery that defines them. We have diamond cocktail rings in various designs; they are either studded on yellow gold metal or white gold. So, go per your choice and convenience that matches, or either contrasts your wardrobe.

You can pick Lace Broderie, Star Blossom, Lacy Twirls, and Fiery Blue. These rings are bold, heavy, fashionable, and everything that you would need to buy for yourself and flaunt at a party or event.

Besides, if you are looking to use rose gold to add a touch of pink in your accessory, then look no further than Pink Candy, Opposite Arcs, Pink Oyster, Dove’s Foot, and Lacy Effect. All of these cocktail ring designs are edgy and different, that is what modern women often look for, and you know, you can also use these rings for daily use. Just pair it with the right formal wear. Pick any diamond cocktail ring you want!

Gold Cocktail Rings

Go classy! If your love is the old and usual yellow gold, then we have the designs for you. It can either be studded with gemstones or diamonds, or an intricate design of flower or any other pattern made of gold. For instance, you can try Blossom Ribbon, Thorn Theory, Flower Afar, Magnolia Muse, and Chocolat. All of these cocktail rings for women are designed to match their changing needs in the jewellery. From simple yet elegant gold cocktail rings to colourful gemstone or diamonds studded in gold circular bands. In fact, why not play a little mix and match and try to pair your gold cocktail ring with a designer bracelet. Apart from these, even matching earrings with your cocktail rings would look good and fashionable on you. All the designer rings have current gold rate per gram.

Pick The Right Cocktail Ring Design for Yourself

Here’s a chance to choose and wear the ideal cocktail ring design for yourself, but be mindful about which designs you pair with what outfit and for what occasion. A few quick and useful tips from our jewellery and fashion experts would help you to avoid any mishaps that might befall you if you match different jewellery accessory with different wear.

For an Evening Outing

It is the most popular event for which women search for a trendy yet minimal looking cocktail ring. For such functions, you can pick our Blossom Ribbon, Humble Bumble, Net Twirl, and Taffeta ring design. Plus, you can choose a ring that you like based on your own understanding of accessorizing.

For Daily Wear

Again, these cocktail rings for women should complement their daily wear along with the place they commute to. If you are an office goer, then you can pick out Cognac Concoction, Petal Play, and Dews of Pink. For college goers adding a little colour would help as well. You can go for The Batwing or Flamboyant Florals.

For a Grand Event

These are usually easy choices. A big rock and a trendy circular band is the best choice for such events and functions. You can never go wrong with our Button Pocket, Wavy Blue, Pink Punchline, and Flame of Iris. Also, if you’re planning on donning an ethnic outfit in the function, then these cocktail rings will add a bit of contemporary touch to your ensemble.

There’s more

Yes! We weren’t bragging when we said that the list of cocktail ring designs is endless on our website. If you’re still looking to gain more insight on how you could up your fashion game and add a quirky yet edgy accessory to your look then why wait. Just get in touch with our jewellery experts that are eagerly waiting to impart their knowledge to you. Plus, you can always add stylish and simple and comfortable bangles designs to go with your cocktail ring.

Here are other ring designs we have in our extensive collection of ring jewellery accessory. Feel free to explore through them and buy the ring designs that resonate with your jewellery taste and personality –

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Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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