Getting inspired

Melorra brings global fashion and fine jewellery together. Let's give you a broad view of how we do what we do. Our creative process begins with keeping a close eye on the global fashion calendar that'll dominate your wardrobe. Our style experts travel to global fashion shows across London, Milan and Paris to study silhouette, patterns, embellishments, et al. We look at fashion just like how any other top fashion designer would. The only difference? We design jewellery.

Putting inspiration to work

Our international style team predicts trends that will make the cut for the Indian fashion industry. These trends are then curated under casual, work and party wear, which gives our design team cues on the materials, motifs, colours, patterns and textures that define the now. We stick to a consumer centric approach, where our designers get regular feedback from young, modern women like you in order to be in sync with your needs.

Process Sketch Image

Bringing our work alive

Brainstorming sessions by the design team result in detailed technical drawings of each piece of jewellery created for a trend. These sketches are brought to life through CAD (Computer Aided Design). CAD is the digital equivalent of making a master for a piece of jewellery in the physical world. Melorra has invested in the latest CAD technology, enabling high precision and accuracy to execute and convert computer sketches into virtual 3D models, which are then rendered with real material input.

Equipped with the latest technology, we leave no stone unturned to source the most unique raw materials, such as a wide variety of coloured stones, most expressive of the different trends.

And tada!

Finally, our jewellery is presented to you on our Stylefeed, all in tune with our ideology. Our shoots don't just feature our jewellery in isolation but as part of a complete look put together by stylists of international repute. Happy shopping!