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Stone Bangles - Add A Colourful Sparkle to Your Jewellery Style

Yellow or bright white - which of these two shades dominate your accessory box? Is it either of them? Because it is quite common for women to own either a gold jewellery bangle or diamond bangles instead of stone-studded wrist ornaments. But, contrary to the general belief, gemstone bangles make great accessories for workwear, casual wear, and party wear. Do you know why and how? All these questions will have an answer when you take a good look at the stone bangle collection for women on Melorra. Our gemstone bangle designs are way different from those worn by your mother or grandmother. They do not resemble the heavy and bold heirloom pieces marked by traditions but introduce the trendy models that find their inspiration in runway looks from Paris, Milan, Delhi, and Mumbai. But that is not all. When you buy bangle jewellery from Melorra, you are also making a style statement that many of the Hollywood celebrities sport in their daily outing and even movie premiers and red carpets. And so, our stone bangles are not heavyweight but light enough for everyday use.

Whether you’re showing them off at a client meeting or at an office luncheon with colleagues, these bangles will get your hands noticed for all the right reasons. What’s more, the Melorra collection of gemstone bangles is perfect for teaming up with your casual outfits too. A classic white and blue look with t-shirt and jeans, or a chic Bohemian look in a floral maxi dress can be accentuated effortlessly with a stone bangle design. You’ll also be awed by how these stone bangles for women perk up your party style. When sipping a cocktail at your favourite joint or meeting guests on New Year’s eve, these bangles can act as great conversation starters.

Moreover, the contemporary appearance of the gold stone bangle models in our catalogues is also suited for teenage girls. The designs are so minimal and simple that they can wear the bangle to their college campus without seeming odd among their group of friends. Pop of Pink and Wing Commander are the two of the popular stone bangles online for girls. You can check out the gold price on our website.

Love, Peace, and Prosperity - Your Way to Stone Bangle Set

Gemstones are regarded as the astronomical equivalent of astrology on Earth, and many women wear stone jewellery as per their sun sign and belief in fate. On the same lines, the gold stone bangle models in our collection are ideal for zodiac lovers too. These precious and semi-precious stones are a perfect choice if you desire to combine your belief in astrology with your love for accessories. Thus, if any time you want to dress up in birthstones as well as trendy bangle sets, then Melorra’s collection is your best rescue. In case, you’re wondering if a stone bangle design is for you or not, here are a few suggestions. The Lilac Mystique amethyst bangle in rose gold is perfect for Aries. The Pop of Pink rose quartz bangle for Taurus is the way to prosperity. The Hookup black onyx cuff for Leo ideally combines astrology with jewellery design. The White Mist white topaz bangle for Sagittarius is what brings them peace and prosperity if they believe in it. And many more designs to keep you on point in your fashion game while bringing in a hint of luck.

Stone Bangle Designs: A Potpourri of Rare Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

The list is long, and the prices are low! Yes, we have several stones, both precious and semi-precious in our catalogue that would go perfectly with all the colourful dresses and outfits you own. Typically, jewellers mostly own ruby, emerald, and coral stone bangles, but there are many precious stones out there, which are unknown to many people. However, on Melorra, our stone bangles designs have much more than those. Our collection includes rare stones to cater to your love for colourful bangles, like the Aurelian Desire bangle that contains the square-shaped golden citrine gemstone. The stone on the bangle is swinging on a backdrop of rich, hammered yellow gold. Undoubtedly, this bangle will surely bring a sprightly addition to your personal collection of jewellery. Another popular model on our website is the Linear Swing bangle. This gold stone bangle piece features a bezel-set beer quartz stone in the centre. Its design, reminiscent of architectural composition, is one that’s bold and edgy and aligns perfectly with your wardrobe. Be it a ravishing red gown or a pastel green one-piece dress, the bangle models with clear and several hue shades either matches with or contrasts with your wear.

Along with stones, you can also pick out the stone bangle designs for women that are round, oval, open-top, or cuffs. We have stone studded bangles in oval designs that play by your style quirks. Zebra Crossing, White Mist, and Lilac Mystique are just a few of the colourful wrist ornaments that will be perfect for every woman with a light and bubbly personality. After oval bangles, another famous model is cuff bangles that slip right into your wrist without causing trouble on its way. If by any chance you’re looking to buy cuff wrist ornaments online, then you can pick Hookup or Linear Swing as your accessory partner. These designs are perfect if you love bold and sturdy bangle models but still want to carry them effortlessly without any issues.

We also include rose gold bangles along with the commonly used yellow gold ornament to give a twist to the entire look of the jewellery. If we are not wrong, then Lilac Mystique is probably the best colour combination jewellery in our bangle catalogue. Alongside, you can also pair the bangles with trendy ring models to complete your hand jewellery.

We also have gemstones on white gold bangles, for women who shy away from the yellow metal. In our opinion, the simple and subtle appearance of white gold with the natural hue of gemstone brings quite a sight for everyone who is looking at it. Our gold stone bangles models, such as Zebra Crossing and Hookup, are the best wrist jewellery that is effortless to wear and carry.


Stone Bangle with Price - Elegant Look, Affordable Cost

Did you fall in love with the stone bangle jewellery that reflects the natural hue and tint of Earth trapped in small minerals? Then, our collection of gemstone bangles also includes bangle designs that you’ll absolutely adore, but it’ll not burn any hole in your pocket. All the designer bangle models are as per the market standard of the gold and gemstone price. All the wrist ornaments are elegant yet bold, simple yet sophisticated, pretty yet edgy. And there are several designs that you can wear with a workwear sheath dress or with a breezy summer gown as you explore sandy beaches on a faraway island. This pearl bangle is available in six sizes ranging from 2.0 to 2.10, and to find the perfect size that fits your wrist, refer to our bangle size help guide. There is also a video explaining how you can check the size of your wrist and then pick out the model that fits perfectly in your hand if you want more help. These 18 karat gold and stone bangle designs are priced at Rs. 30,000 and above and are available in weight beginning from 6 grams.

Ready to get your wrists dressed in colourful stones? Go and take your pick from our collection of stone bangles.

Buy Stone Bangles Online on Melorra

You’ll find the shopping experience for stone bangles on Melorra simple and hassle-free. We sell only 100% real, BIS hallmarked gold and certified stones, so that you don’t need to worry about being duped. We ship to over 25,000 pin codes in India and have cash on delivery facility for many of them. All this through free and insured delivery through reliable logistics partners. We also offer a 30-day return policy on all our gemstone bangle designs and provide a lifetime exchange with 90% exchange value. So, any time you want to change your bangles, Melorra’s got you covered.

Now, is there anything you want more from a trusted jewellery partner? If yes, then contact us either via chats or calls. You can find the number of our website and choose to contact us based in your convenience, and we’ll be there to help you.


Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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