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Joli Petale Gold Pendants
TRY IT ONJoli Petale Gold Pendants
28,193  30,665
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All Checked Out Gold Pendants
TRY IT ONAll Checked Out Gold Pendants
18,113  19,805
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Prep It Up Gold Pendants
TRY IT ONPrep It Up Gold Pendants
19,181  21,001
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Fearless Fusion Gold Pendants
TRY IT ONFearless Fusion Gold Pendants
19,734  21,605
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TRY IT ONPop Quills Gold Pendants
12,330  13,828
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TRY IT ONFan of Pleats Gold Pendants
21,431  23,310
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TRY IT ONSoaring Spheres Gold Pendants
41,837  45,504
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TRY IT ONFold Fabulous Gold Pendants
20,078  21,953
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TRY IT ONFloral Orates Gold Pendants
15,350  16,784
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TRY IT ONPractically Entwined Gold Pendants
18,973  20,745
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TRY IT ONGolden Globes Gold Pendants
38,092  41,433
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TRY IT ONFeather Frizz Gold Pendants
10,988  12,302
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gold-pendants | Customer Reviews
Sheela Thapa | 08-10-2021
I am a regular cx with Melorra, I bought a 22kt Business Sequins Gold Pendant and am in love with the product. I always come back to Melorra because, I love your designs.

Rajat Gupta | 08-10-2021
I bought an 18kt Pattern Positive Gold Pendant from Melorra as a gift for someone. I love your designs that are so different and unique, I haven’t seen such designs anywhere else in the market. I also loved the way the product was packaged. I definitely had a good shopping experience with Melorra.

Avinash Kumar Sharma | 08-10-2021
I bought a 22kt Double Dealing Gold Pendant from Melorra as a Gift for a friend. I certainly loved everything about the product.

Khalid khan | 09-01-2021
I bought an 18 Skimpy Squares Gold Pendant from Melorra. I am really impressed with the purchase. The shopping experience was truly good and has met all my expectations.

Tanushree Gupta | 09-01-2021
I bought an 18kt A Lot Like Lace Golde Pendant from Melorra.Its my first purchase with Melorra and am absolutely happy. I love your designs and the LTE policy you offer is a trust factor. I love your jewellery which is wearable everyday.

Uvika Chawla | 09-01-2021
I bought an 18kt Carre Ador Gold Pendant from Melorra for myself and loved the product. Infact I have shared a pic of it on Instagram as well.
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