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Gold Pendant for Women – The Everyday Jewellery Wear

Have you ever dolled up all nicely but find that something is missing when you see your reflection in the mirror? Then go through your checklist. Makeup, done. Earrings, done. Bracelets, done. An amazing outfit, done. Then what do you think you’re missing? Maybe a simple gold pendant around your neck to elevate your look. Often women don’t forget to change their earrings and rings as per their outfit and the event, but they do not give much attention to their lonely neck. Another reason is the gold pendant price that plays a vital role in the decision-making process of women purchasing jewellery and fashion-related accessories. But at Melorra, where we are dedicated to providing everyday wear jewellery without compromising on the price as well as the design of the gold pendant, you can find the pendants that are perfect for you. 

Moving ahead, did you know that gold locket designs are also known to bring luck, prosperity, and good luck the person wearing it. But did you also know that pendants are one of the most ancient and earliest ornaments that have been worn by humans? The reason is pretty apparent from their belief in what pendants and its energy bring in their life. In an extended form, gold lockets designs are other ornaments that are popular among women because who doesn’t like gold in India. When you go jewellery shopping isn’t gold jewellery, the first thing you look for? 

The thing about gold pendants for women is that they are perfect for every occasion and outfit. You can never go wrong with a pendant of a yellow gold metal, which are crafted specially for the modern women who are looking to up their fashion and jewellery game but still stay minimal in their appearance. Our range of gold pendant collection is ideal for girls as well as their designs are moulded in a way that they appear perfect for everyday travel to college and day-outing. You can buy all these new designs in gold rate today in Bangalore and other places.

Stylish and Fashionable – Bring You’re A-Game with Gold Pendants with Price

Going to step into a new role of interning at your dream company? Or are you moving toward building a career and going for an interview for a job you want to get? Then being presentable and attracting the right amount of attention is paramount in such situations. You don’t want to pair bold and heavy pendant jewellery with your sober formal wear. Pick out the right gold chain with pendant designs that would not only elevate your entire office look but also make the interviewer notice your presentable and soft skills. Here are a few tips that would help you to buy gold pendants that are a match for your wardrobe:

Go minimal if you’re looking for gold pendant designs for female jewellery to wear every day. It is a no brainer that pendant jewellery designs that are perfect for daily wear must be of a simple and minimal pattern so that it matches with almost all of your clothes in the wardrobe.

Do not just settle with one gold locket design. There are endless designs in diamond and gemstone as well that would perfectly align with your outfit choices and personality. For instance, a simple gemstone pendant designs available at Melorra, such as Sangria Twirl, would definitely work with your western outfit of purple shade. 

You are free and encouraged to pair your pearl earrings with the pearl gold pendants designs for female we have on the website. Our range of pearl gold pendants for women is stellar for a cocktail party or a small get-together. You can even wear them to your office if you pair them right.

We even have alphabet gold pendants with price that you can choose for either gifting purpose or for yourself. These designs of gold pendants for women also work fantastically for girls. They are not heavy; they do not appear bold, and they are perfect for everyday wear for girls as they don’t attract unwanted attention.

Know Your Options – Gold Pendants for Female Available at Melorra

By now, you must be jumping with anticipation to know the options of the latest gold locket designs with price we have on our website. Let’s end this anticipation and move on to explore the myriad of pendants designs we have in gold, just for you. These are all the latest pendant designs in gold you can find on Melorra.

Gold Pendant Alphabet Designs for Women

One of the most pursued gold pendants among women is the alphabet pendants. They appear to be customized pendant designs and give out a feeling that the gold chain with pendant design is individually crafted to suit that person. And who doesn’t like special treatment? Everyone does. In fact, you can even find these alphabet pendant designs in the diamond.

On the other hand, alphabet pendants are also special for gifting purpose. Did you just welcome your niece in the world? Or did you just remember an upcoming birthday of your loved one and want to treat them with a special gift that looks as if it is crafted just for them? Then you can never go wrong with gold pendant alphabet designs, ever. Not only do these latest pendant designs in gold carry alphabet but also add colour to the jewellery ensemble of the women or girl wearing it. 

Here are a few suggestions for you: Vacay Vibes, Something Special, Native Neon, and Street Sass. Most of these alphabet rings are designed with the focus on the colour, shape, and weight of the gold to keep the pendants lightweight yet fashionable. Without any worry, just choose the right gold pendant alphabet designs your yourself.

Heart-Shaped Pendants for Women 

Who doesn’t like love and a heart to show that love? Especially, women adore the love that heart-shaped pendants signify: commitment and a sign that you were thinking of your loved one and chose to show it with an exclusive gift. Gold heart-shaped pendants are just another way saying ‘I love you and I’m thinking about you.’

Our collection of heart-shaped gold pendants takes inspiration from the language of love and showcases it in different forms and designs. Be it a dangling sideward heart or a bold and heavy whole-gold heart locket, pendants in form on our beloved heart is always a great gift on your lady love’s birthday, valentine’s day, or just any other; because, hey, who needs a reason to gift a heart-shaped gold locket design to your love when the pendant price is lower than 10k. We also have a special range of Valentine's day pendants for you to gift your lady love. You can choose Valentine special pendants in gold or V-day special diamond pendants to gift her. 

Here are a few suggestions for you in heart-shaped gold pendant designs with price: 

Pair this pendant jewellery with your formal wear: Heart-Astic, Knotty Hearts, and Peppy Heart

Pair these heart pendants with your daily wear: Caring Curls, Rebel Rose, and Amour Minimal

Pair these gold chain with pendant designs with your outfit for a special night out: Crazy Love, Tartan Heart, and Leopard Love

Gemstone Gold Pendants for Women 

Drama, colours, shine, and much more elements are brought in by the gemstone gold pendants designs for female in the entire look of women. You see, gemstones are believed to bring luck, prosperity, and healing effect to the wearer, and when combined with gold, these stones work wonder even in the design department. Gemstone pendant designs are highly popular among the girls who are looking to move in their own direction of wearing jewellery and do not want to settle for the overused, yellow gold when they can add shades and dramatic colours to their appearance. 

Gemstone gold pendants are a remarkable addition to any jewellery box of a woman or a girl. For long, due to non-availability of colourful jewellery accessories, women have settled for yellow gold. But now they can pair their outfit with a gold pendant that is not just yellow in the shade.

Here are a few suggestions: Bleach Block, Speckled in Blue, Pink Champagne, Bold Blush, and Green Groove.

And don’t be afraid to play with the ensemble. You can either go subtle and pair a simple gold ring with your daily outfit or you can go dramatic and pair a contrasting colour with your western outfit or a long flowy gown. But you will have to be careful while pairing it with traditional attire. 

Rose Gold Pendants for Women

Do you like a rose as well as gold? Well, we bring you the both with our range of rose gold pendants. The reddish/pinkish hue of rose gold, when crafted in the form of pendant bring alive the feeling of rose to the women wearing the pendant. The shade of rose gold complements the outfits that are of subtle and sober colour. For instance, you can never go wrong by pairing a white or off-white western one-piece with a rose gold pendant. You can match such outfits with our Nots to Knots rose gold lockets design with price, and even Origami Heart is an excellent choice for women.

Trust us; if you’re a man looking for gifts, then you can never go wrong with these extraordinary designs in rose gold. 

Small Gold Pendants for Girls – Minimal Designs for The Little Divas

Usually, when it comes to jewellery, they are mostly reserved for women, but as the times have changed, girls too have begun to wear and flaunt jewellery. The only difference between jewellery accessories for women and girls is that girls are looking for something quirky and edgy. Melorra precisely launches designs that are perfect for college-going girls and teenagers. Our designs are runway-inspired and different fashion trend inspired, which is precisely what girls and teenagers are looking for in jewellery designs. 

But while choosing a small gold pendant for girls, you need to be careful and attentive. Do not give in to the shine and sparkle of the pendant; instead focus on picking out a design that they could wear every day.

Here are a few minimal and simple gold pendant designs for girls: Double Dealing, Wonder Lavender, The Leaf Crease, Sleek N Meek, Whimsical Puffs, and Knife Edge.

But not every gold locket design images needs to be worn every day. Some are better saved for occasions and events to help you stand out in the crowd of people attending the function. Always remember, why blend in when you are supposed to stand out? We just help you enhance your look with our jewellery designs.

Here are a few other gold pendant designs for girls that are bold, stylish, and make a good company for an event: The Golden Chevron, Quirky Vibes, Purple Curl, Golden Dome, Vest Dressed, and Lilac Licious. All of these gold pendants price are as per the standard rate of gold in the market. Rest assured, all the latest pendant designs in gold on Melorra are crafted after drawing inspiration from global fashion trends.

Buy Gold Pendants Online from Melorra

We won’t lie. Our range of gold pendants for women is stylish, contemporary, and fashionable all the while being simple and comfortable. We ensure that while the pendant accessory might appear bulky on your neck, it is light on your pocket. Gold pendant price is very well calculated and articulated to make sure that every woman can shop more than one design at a time. We don’t want you to settle for less than what you deserve! So, the gold pendant price is kept market best standard.

Melorra also understands the intricacies around buying gold jewellery online and send authenticity certificates and documents along with the shipped products. Moreover, you are welcome to return the bought jewellery within 30 days of purchase from Melorra. We swear we won’t ask any questions. We understand that mind is fickle, and when it comes to jewellery, women want everything. We want to give you everything. 

So, don’t wait up any longer. Just go ahead and browse through our website to find the perfect small gold pendant match for your outfits. We promise that you won’t be disappointed. And why not look for matching gold ring designs or gold chain designs to go with your gold locket design. Alongside gold pendants, do check out our newly launched range of gold coins in of different weight.

Happy Shopping!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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