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Cloaked Runway Diamond Earrings
Cloaked Runway Diamond Earrings 33,791  35,542
10% off on Diamond
Palme Peers Diamond Earrings
Try On LivePalme Peers Diamond Earrings 12,856  13,207
10% off on Diamond
Lilac Feels Gold Earrings
Try On LiveLilac Feels Gold Earrings 25,691  26,328
10% off making charges
Blissful Shores Gold Earrings
NewTry On LiveBlissful Shores Gold Earrings 49,882  52,305
20% off making charges
Tartan Heart Diamond Earrings 23,747  24,535
10% off on Diamond
Try On LiveA Taffeta Spirit Gold Earrings 24,993  25,603
10% off making charges
Magic Bullet Diamond Earrings 47,441  50,067
10% off on Diamond
Try On LiveChic Confetti Diamond Stud Earring 44,690  47,579
10% off on Diamond
Try On LivePoised Pair Diamond Earrings 15,351  15,964
10% off on Diamond
Try On LivePeek a Petal Diamond Stud Earring 34,475  35,613
10% off on Diamond
Try On LiveRope N Round Gold Earrings 32,273  33,061
10% off making charges
NewTry On LiveObscure Soul Diamond Earrings 23,487  24,538
10% off on Diamond

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Gelyn Roland | 11-19-2021
I bought a 22kt Crickle Chic Gold Earring from Melorra for myself. The product is extremly good, Love all your designs that are beautiful and light weight. Happy with my purchases.

Anushka Jain | 11-29-2021
I bought a 22kt Close comfort Gold Stud Earrings from Melorra. Loved everything about the Stud and had a lovely experience, shoopping with Melorra.

Sreelakshmi | 12-03-2021
I bought a 22kt Femme Fiery Gold Necklace from Melorra as a gift. I like the design and am very happy with my purchase.

Saurav Paul | 02-11-2022
I bought an 18kt Star Power Diamond Earring form Melorra as a gift for someone. I really like the overall product and very happy with the services provied by Melorra.

Lovy Sangeeta Bansingh | 01-08-2022
I bought a pair of 18kt Glam Gloria Gold Earrings from Melorra for myself. The design is very atractive and the finishing is excellent. I will for sure shop again from Melorra.
Bought  Gold

Shreya Sharma | 01-15-2022
I bought a pair of 18kt Lilac Soiree Gold Drop Earrings from Melorra for myself. The design is very attractive and order was delivered on time. I had a very good shopping experience.
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