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Gemstone Rings: Stone Rings That Match The Latest Red Carpet Trend

Stone rings have evolved with times and are no longer restricted to the obvious ones. Semi-precious stones are now being used extensively by jewellery designers to create trendy and eye-catchy designs. Melorra too has created modern gold ring design options with the gemstones trend. From sapphires and rubies to opals the types of stones for rings are multiple. Be it fruity yellow inspired gold and sapphire ring or floral and cocktail rings inspired by nature or the trending polka dots, if it is rocking the runways, you will find it interpreted in our gemstone rings.

The options to experiment are vast and just a gold ring with stone option will make you scan a zillion designs. So if you thought diamond was the only choice for your engagement ring or gold was the only metal that could be your safest bet for gifting purpose, it's time to consider gemstones. If you want to look at the array of options, browse through our stone finger ring section. Right from cocktail rings set in one big stone to numerous pieces brought together to create a band, gemstone rings will amaze you.

Want to surprise your teenage daughter or reward her for the efforts she put in her assignment? Check out our stone ring for girl range. The beauty of stone rings is that they can be set in any of your desired metals. We recommend going for the gold ring with stone, as this combination will never go out of style and can be customised depending on how bold or subtle you want the ring to look. If you like yellow gold then ruby will be a great option and if you are into white gold then opal will be apt.

If you need help in deciding the right design and stone combination, our experts are here to help you out via our styledesk chat, WhatsApp or phone. Our gemstones are DGLA certified so you don’t need to worry about their authenticity. So ladies, ditch the obvious this time and have a tinge of colour on your rings with these vibrant baubles.

Stone Ring Designs: Gold gemstone rings for the adventurous women

Gold has been the go-to choice for ring designs. This metal not just adds to the beauty of jewellery designs but also promises durability hence is beloved of designers. If you are thinking gold is boring and comes with very limited options, we are here to change your perspective. Gold gemstone rings are a rage currently and aren’t going out of the fashion circuit anytime soon.

At Melorra, we have designed rings taking inspiration from the latest global trends – be it fringe trend, colour blocking or the always-inspiring nature. These gold stone ring designs are edgy, vivid enough to nudge you to try something different. Look through our range of gemstone ring design and think about refreshing your jewellery collection. Imagine glamming up a head-to-toe white outfit with a ruby ring or lifting your LBD game with a dash of green with an emerald, effortless with coloured stone rings, isn’t it?

Experimenting with your look is rewarding and satisfying so why not embrace it and indulge in what your heart calls for!

Stone Rings: Ruby Rings

Symbol of love and devotion, ruby is undoubtedly a gemstone that needs to make its way in your ring collection. Because of its colour, a ruby ring can cater to both the less-is-more and also the bold design lovers. The right ruby ring design can help you achieve the impact you wish to create. Cushion cut or the oval setting, ruby stone ring in any design will look distinct. This gemstone can make for the perfect engagement ring, the colour of love makes it an apt choice.

A single ruby or multiple small ones encrusted together rose gold rings options will add the needed grace to the finished piece. A ruby ring will also make an excellent gift choice for your near and dear ones. Experimenting with this gemstone is for the brave-hearted, who are looking out to declutter the all-metal dominance in rings. Keeping this and the current trends in mind, our team has incorporated rubies in new diamond ring designs, giving them the attention they deserve.

If you can’t make up your mind if a particular cut and design suits you, we have a 30-day return policy in place, no questions asked. So this season try adorning your fingers with some ruby woo, begin your hunt right away.

Stone Rings: Sapphire Rings

Sapphire is amongst those rare gemstones that are available in many hues, highly popular ones being yellow, blue, orange and white. This gives the connoisseurs ample styles, cuts and colour options to experiment with sapphire rings. Irrespective of the stone colour, these rings exude royalty and an uncommon taste of style. When talking about this gemstone, one cannot ignore Princess Diana’s iconic blue sapphire gold ring (set in white gold) which is passed on to Kate Middleton. The simple gold ring holds a 12 karat oval-shaped sapphire surrounded by diamonds making it on the list of most sought after rings in the world.

Another popular design is white sapphire rings, these rings look best when set in white gold. If you are hunting a white gold ring for girl, white sapphire is the right choice. Yellow sapphire stone rings are also not behind, the fresh colour breaks the monotony of the usual and adds a refreshing twist. Whether your choice is a royalty-inspired blue sapphire ring, pure-white or yellow, these rings will always be ahead in the league of trend creators. If you are a fan of style that never fades away, a sapphire stone ring can be a worthwhile investment.

So don’t wait for long, browse our designs and find your perfect match.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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