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Our home planet is rich in minerals, and the same as gold that is one precious metal to be moulded in fashionable jewellery, these minerals too have found a special place in the fashion and accessory industry. These minerals or gemstones are popular for the exotic natural appearance that makes them desirable among women. Not only this, but gemstones are also known to possess a variety ability to calm the mind and soul.

Gemstone Rings – Add Colour to Your Jewellery

Rings are one of the most minimal yet modern jewellery accessories a woman owns currently. Undoubtedly, gemstone rings make up for quite an exciting and contemporary piece of accessory. You can pair them with your evening gown that you have kept aside to attend an office party, or you can flaunt them every day at work or college, the options are endless so are the gemstone ring designs at Melorra.

One of the major reasons behind stone rings' soaring to popularity among modern women is their natural appearance that looks as if all the magnificent wonders of the earth have been entrapped in these tiny stones. The small freckles like bubbles, the fragments of different shades, and reflective yet smooth surface make gemstone a fan-favourite of many celebrities as well as runway models. So, don’t think twice before making your decision to purchase a gemstone ring that matches your personality. In fact, let us assist you through the entire buying decision. At Melorra, we have a wide range of gemstone rings, including ruby, sapphire, topaz, and other unheard stones as well. The gold part of the ring as well comes at standard gold rate of today.

Know Your Ring – Gemstone Rings Designs and its History

While gemstones are famous for bringing an edgy and quirky look to the jewellery, there are still many of the naturally available stones that do not make to the final entry to be crafted into jewellery. Gemstone jewellery is usually required to have a robust and sturdy structure to avoid breakage if it comes in contact with hard surfaces during daily wear and tear. Generally, the hardness of gemstones is measured using the Mohs scale, and it is recommended that the gems have a score of 7 or above to handle the harshness of daily wear. 

Now, let’s venture deeper into stone rings designs for female and its colourful history:

  • Stones have been popular among the royal family and dynasties since the early period in India
  • Mughals were known for their love for these colourful gemstones that not only graced their fingers in the form of rings but also their precious crown
  • The belief behind stones becoming popular for accessorizing is the reason that different gems hold the ability to help or protect the wearer in various ways
  • Gemstone rings of multiple kinds further became a household name among the common public when they were used for religious and romantic purpose
  • People used to engrave names and religious quotes on their gemstone ring designs to show their love and appreciation to people and beliefs that mattered to them

Today, gemstone rings either of ruby, topaz, amethyst, or emerald are popular among women and girls for their trendy and contemporary look as well as powers to calm and heal the soul of people wearing it.

What stones? Which Stones? Why Stones?

Ever wondered about why these precious wonders of nature are believed to have healing and calming powers? Or have you ever thought about how different types of gemstones in a ring is an influential factor behind picking out a design for yourself? While you are already aware of the fact that there are a variety of precious gem minerals available in nature for jewellery making, they all possess different energy. You need to be attentive while picking up a stone ring desigs for female for yourself because if you’re a ruby girl, sapphire won’t work for you!

On the other note, you can explore our newly launched collection of gold coins with rate in different weights.

Why Should You Have Gemstone Ring in Your Jewellery Box?

There are many reasons as to why you should pick a gemstone ring for your next jewellery shopping spree. For you the colour may be the main reason, for your friend the astrological benefits might emerge as a prominent reason, and for your neighbour, the possibility of flaunting different hues on rose, yellow, and white gold might be the reason. Whatever the reason be, having a gemstone ring design in your jewellery box will ensure that you always a go-to ring of a different shade. So, if you’re bored of wearing yellow gold rings or sparkly diamond rings, then gemstone rings come to your rescue.

Some Known Gemstones 

Ruby Stone Rings Designs for Female

Dark pinkish or red in colour, ruby makes for a popular gemstone to be designed in a ring. Ruby rings are famous for their power to bring name, fame, virtue, and warmth to the women wearing it. In our collection of ruby rings for women, you can pick out Cabernet Franc, Crianza High, Pinot Noir, and more. Our ruby rings for women are designed with authentic stones.

Emerald Stone Rings

Nature green in colour, emerald stone rings are popular for their ability to procure the energy of mercury, which is associated with art, creativity, and innovation. Buy emerald stone rings from Melorra to go green and add a touch of nature to your appearance.

Natural Pearl Rings

Yes, we also have those snow-white pearls that steal every women’s heart. Our range of natural pear rings includes Pearl 2.0, Pop a Pearl, and Playful Pearls. Further, you can also go colourful with the variety of peach pearls we have in our pearl ring designs. You can easily pick out a pearl ring of your choice without worrying about its originality.

Quartz Stone Rings Designs for Female

Enjoy a handful of quartz stone rings from Melorra. These gemstones are known for their transparent appearance and protect the wearer from negativity to relieve their pain. Quartz stone is also found in rose colour, a shade which has been designed in the ring at Melorra. Go through Pop of Pink and Pastel Pink at our website.

Sapphire Stone Rings

Remember the iconic, sapphire diamond engagement ring of Late Princess Diana? Who can forget the dark purple shade stone surrounded by diamonds? Undoubtedly, sapphires are the most precious and sought after gemstone among women. They are available in various hues, including yellow, blue, orange, and white. You can pick the sapphire stone ring design of your choice and shade as per your personality.

Here are other gemstones that have become popular as a choice for gemstone ring in the past few years:

Topaz, Opal, Carnelian, Pink Tourmaline, Amethyst, Prehnite, Chrome Diopside, Lizardite, Peridot, and Goyunjala.

More Colours – Gemstone Rings in Rose and White Gold

Gemstones have their own natural colour, which is why they are often preferred over simple rings that are void of shades. But these gemstone rings are usually made of gold, which is again an overuse of yellow tint. No more! We have crafted exclusive designs for you in rose gold with precious gemstones that will make your heart skip a beat. Besides, rose gold ring designs, we also have gemstone rings in white gold as well. As a matter of fact, pairing colourful shades of gemstone with white gold actually brings out a contrast in the jewellery accessory, which is unusual but an emerging trend in the fashion market.

Further to add proof to the above argument, you can browse through our collection of white gold ring designs studded with gemstones to check for yourself how gemstones bring out the subtle and simple structure of the jewellery. Even pairing the right hue of stone with rose gold will work wonders for your look if you’re thinking of pairing it with an evening gown for a night out or date.

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Shop at Melorra for Your Favourite Gemstone Ring Design

Be it a ruby stone ring or a sapphire stone ring or an emerald stone ring designs for female; you can shop till your heart’s content at Melorra without worrying about a thing in the world. Our valued customers enjoy 30-days return guarantee without any questions and even enjoy lifetime exchange of jewellery upto 90 percent of a monetary refund. Moreover, we provide free home delivery and all the necessary certificates and documents that prove that products on our page are original and genuine. But if you are ever stuck anywhere in your purchase journey, then just ask our experts! They are always available to lend you a helping hand.

Then leave the worry behind while shopping for your favourite gemstone ring and continue with your journey toward adding colours, warmth, and fame to your jewellery collection. Also, discover our collection of valentine's day rings to pick gorgeous valentine special gemstone rings for your lady love. This valentine's day, say it with a ring!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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