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Mother’s day is just around the corner, and you better start preparing for what gift you would buy your mom. Yes, the best day to celebrate your mother duo is here. While the day to shower love and praises at your mom should be every day, but if you’re thinking of giving her a gift, then what better day than mother’s day? You can pick out a thoughtful mother’s day gift to lighten up her mood and see a cheerful smile on her face as you give her the present.

But how do you pick out the best mother’s day gift for your mom? Our suggestion is to choose something elegant, timeless, and stays with her ‘forever’. Yes, we are talking about trendy jewellery collections. They would be grateful to receive such a thoughtful gift from you that they could cherish for a lifetime.

Why Gift Jewellery this Mother’s day?

While you might have countless mother’s day gift ideas, hear us out as to why precious metal jewellery items are the perfect gift that will not just make your mom’s day but a whole year.

Only a few of the presents withstand the test of time, and jewellery items in diamond, gold, and gemstones are known to stay in the family for years, making your present the best mother’s day gift that stays for years to come.

Gifting gold or diamond jewellery is yet another way of showing your mother that you have come a long way in your life and can afford to give her a mother’s day gift that is meaningful as well as useful.

But where can you find the best mother’s day gift? Think Melorra.

Mother’s Day Gift Options Available at Melorra

Our designers have crafted gold jewellery, gemstone jewellery, and diamond jewellery, especially for this occasion, as they understand how precious and delicate the gifting moment is between a mother and her child. Here are all the accessories you can choose from.


In any gifting culture, necklaces make a perfect gift. They are reliable, blend well with most of the other accessories, specifically earrings. If your mom is an office-goer, then you can pick out minimal diamond necklace designs for her to go with her formal look. For your mother, who is the ‘wonder’ women of the house, a gold necklace would be best as it can be worn every day.


After necklaces, earrings make for an ideal gift for your mother. She can pair it with her saris and other traditional outfits when she is stepping outside for an event. Moreover, Melorra also has several simple earrings that she can wear 24/7. Why not check them out too for gifting option?


Bangles have always been a fan favourite of every mother and even grandmother. So, if you’re planning on gifting your mom and grandmom something that they would cherish for years, you can pick out the gold bangles that are easy to carry and comfortable to wear.

Nose Rings

After bangles, nose rings or pins can be a good gift this mother’s day, but they become all meaningful, when they are paired with diamond earrings or a matching gold finger ring.

You can also pick out pendants, chains, and even bracelets for your mom, aunt, or any other person who resembles the figure of ‘mother’ in your life.

Why Choose Melorra for Best Mother’s Day Gift?

While you’re thinking of giving your mother and other ladies in your life a memorable mother’s day gift, it is only good if they get to wear and sport it often. Why buy jewellery that sees a locker more than the human? That is why shop for your best mother’s a day gift on Melorra. We have the perfect combination of trendy and simple jewellery models that would not sit ideally in your mother’s locker. She would often wear and daily as it is a precious and delicate gift from her beloved kid.