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Latest Necklace Designs – Grace and Beauty Personified

If we have to believe jewellery experts, a necklace is an essential part of every woman’s accessory box. Since ancient times, when the necklace was the ornament of kings and queens, this jewellery has served even in the ceremonial as well as religious purposes. There is no denying that the necklace was one of the earliest forms of accessories worn by humankind. In the earlier days, necklace designs were limited to higher authority people in the society, but as time went by this jewellery item became more commonplace and accessible to every person. 

In short, necklaces have always been a symbol of status quo with pendants, amulets and precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, and more being attached to their long gold chains. But in modern society, women are now wearing the latest necklace set that is inspired by international designers and runways. Not to mention that these necklace models are best to wear daily along with their casual and formal wear. 

You can have a wonderful time to shop for your favourite necklace design at the best prices on Melorra. Here, we encourage you to choose the latest necklace designs that are inspired by your taste and personality; it is a fusion of the old and the new models that are ruling the jewellery industry currently. With an array of necklets, lariats, fashion chains, small necklaces and many more such designs, you can zero in on the best necklace for yourself with us.

Explore Necklace Set for Ladies

Necklace sets are one of the simplest yet sophisticated jewellery items that are forged for aesthetic reasons. They bring in the sense of enhancement and confidence to the woman wearing it as they complement almost every attire and dress material that are commonly decked-up in women’s wardrobe. But still, you can never be too careful while picking out a designer necklace set that matches with your dressing style. 

We have hundreds and hundreds of designs inspired by nature, Victorian style, gemstones, enamels, and diamond. They perfectly make-up for a trendy as well as colourful jewellery accessory for daily and grand events.

Gold Necklace Designs for Women

This might be one of the most preferred and searched necklace design of all time by Indian women. They worship gold and buying gold necklace design online is quite common. The necklace designs of the yellow gold metal are also popular for their shine and trendy cut. As gold is a malleable metal, it is easy to model it into an intricate and simple design that is ideal for daily wear with casual as well as formal wear. You can also explore our necklaces in white gold and rose gold if you are looking for something unique and stunning. 

Our gold necklace sets, such as The Trance Dance, Style Play, and Turn of Ferns are a few of the designs that are popular among our customers. All these designs can be paired with any dress or attire you have in your wardrobe as they are designed to go with all them. All the gold necklace designs in our jewellery collection are priced as per the standard gold rate of today per gram.

Diamond Necklace Designs for Women

If any other metal has a tight grip on a woman’s heart besides gold is diamond. The love for a diamond necklace in women are endless, and so are our designs. The necklace sets on our collection retain their brilliance and brightness even after repeated use. Our diamond necklace sets are not just for grand occasions, which are stereotypical for every diamond jewellery, but instead we have such simple and comfortable diamond necklace designs that could be worn every day. 

Designs in diamond, such as Oval Overlay, Bound by Round, and Pill Drill are within budget for every woman and brings in the feeling of grandeur to the person wearing it, daily.

Gemstone Necklace Designs for Women

The idea of owning and wearing a stone necklace is best if your jewellery box is missing a colourful addition. Besides, yellow metal and reflectiveness of diamond, stones bring vibrant shades and hues to the look and appearance. For instance, our collection of gemstone necklace designs, such as Dyed in Denim, Brewed in Blue, and Spot the Saxe are best for daily use as well as girls that are college-going. These colourful stone necklaces are best to be used with floral dresses as well as jeans and t-shirts and tops. 

We also have pearl necklaces that come in off-white or pink hues. They are best paired with casual attires that are often the part of girls and teenagers going to college or their first office. Our popular designs are Dot the Polka, Peach Perfect, and Twirl a Pearl. You can try all of these jewellery designs with your different types of attire and outfits.

Necklace Designs for Your Attire

Just like how there are different necklace designs for women for various attires and events, similarly, there are specific attires that match with the simple necklace designs we have on our website. Be it a party look, a formal office wears look, or casual wear that is perfect for an entire day, you can pick any one of our necklaces set designs that are ideal for the outfits in your wardrobe.

You can filter the designs as per partywear, casual wear, or work wear on our necklace webpage and you can just pick any of the sets that are perfect for the event that you’re attending, be it daily wear or an occasional occurrence. Also, explore our collection of latest waist chain designs online for women and choose the trendiest designs in gold. 

Partywear Necklace Designs for Ladies

Jewellery is often saved up for big and grand events that require a heavy attire with an ornament that is as grand and bold as the outfit. But our collection of party wear necklace designs are simple and minimal that is comfortable to carry for a long-time along with outfits that are dense and massive. 

If you pick out the designs in our range of necklaces, then you can never go wrong with Swirly Bows, Sequin Sequel, and The Rule of Bow. They are within budget for every small event as well and bring with themselves a sense of elegance that can only be found in necklace set designs that are inspired from latest international runway shows by famous and talented designers.

Casual wear Necklace Designs for Ladies

When you think about casual wear, a simple top and t-shirt along with a simple skirt or jeans that mostly gets paired with almost every top in your wardrobe. And if you’re confused about what to pair that blue jeans and t-shirt with simple jewellery, then you can pick out designs, such as Set Duet, The Check Deck, The White Hunt, and Jive in Jeans. All of these designs are specifically crafted to match with the usual casual attire of girls, teenagers, and women that go to the office every day but want to wear jewellery that does not attract unwanted attention in the workplace.

Formal wear Necklace Designs for Ladies

One of the biggest confusion in every woman’s life is what jewellery to wear with your office wear formals. Often, women go around worrying about attracting unwanted attention at the workplace due to the use of heavy and bold necklace jewellery items, but the designs of necklace set in our collection are best to pair with office wear. With these necklace sets, you can stop thinking about what your colleagues think of your appearance and focus on the work that is at hand in the office. 

If you go by our suggestion, then formal wear necklace designs in our collection, such as Oval Ambition, Pucker Up, Sharp Shades, and Groovy Folds are a few of the popular necklace models among our customers.

Many of these necklace models also come to a variety of shades that could be impeccably paired with different hues of formal dresses you own. So, formal jewellery wear doesn’t have to be boring and traditional. With Melorra, you can sport trendy and comfortable necklace set models that are perfect for the office environment.

Explore Latest Necklace Designs on Melorra

Our designs of the necklace set come variants that are inspired by talented international and national designers. Although those designs are mostly found on fashion events and runways, Melorra is bringing those models to you at affordable prices. You can then go ahead and wear it daily instead of sporting at occasional events.

Here are a few models that you can wear whenever and wherever you want –

Sometimes a little groove in the chain can go a long way in highlighting the best aspects of your dresses. The Groove Trove gold necklace is a cable chain with high polish yellow gold. Its centrepiece is in the shape of an oval plate- with curvy motifs all along the sides and a dull sand finish on the plate grooves. Be the rock-star you want to be with your new necklace- wear it with short dresses, and you’re ready for the floor!

The Rhombus Rucks necklace design is fashioned out of 18 karats yellow gold and weighs about 7.5 grams. With open rhombus motifs spatially placed in a multiple fold effect- on a yellow gold high polish cable chain, this small necklace leans along your collarbone in all the right places.

You can never go wrong with knit designs. The Basket Knits Gold Necklace weighs 6.7 grams and contains a basketweave structure arranged along with a descending order placed in the centre. This latest necklace can invigorate even the blandest and most minimal of dresses - a must-have if you’re all about the minimal charm.

Besides these necklace designs, you can also explore and buy gold coins with price on our website.

Latest Necklace Set Prices on Melorra

We rejoice in presenting to you the latest necklace designs with a pocket-friendly price rate at Melorra. With BIS Hallmarked Gold and SGL & IGI certified diamonds embedded in our jewellery designs, you do not need to fret about the quality either. You can pick out the best necklace design with prices from an array of models available at Melorra. You can browse through a number of necklace sets with price.

The Safari Saddle pays tribute to the wanderlust in you. It is a high polish yellow gold snake chain necklace which has oval gold nuggets bucked together on the side motifs. The centermost motif binds all of this with a flap and a stitch on edge. 

The Pleats of Hearts revels in the exuberance of love. A diamond necklace with a cable chain piece has a dangling heart motif with evenly spaced gold creases enclosing surface prong-set diamonds. These centrepieces are attached to a gold bar nugget. Wear this for your date night matched with a bracelet and charm all along! Wish to surprise her on Valentine's Day? We have a special collection of Valentine's day necklaces for you to order online and gift your lady love. Pick from our adorable collection of Valentine's day gold necklaces or from the designs in Valentine's day diamond necklaces and get ready to pamper your lady.

Select the Best Necklace Design Online for Yourself

Necklace draws the right attention on their length and model, so it is important that you use this length to highlight your best features.

We, at Melorra, are here to help you choose the best necklace online.

Inspect the length of your neck by measuring its circumference. For instance, if you are considering buying a short-chain like a collar or choker: styles that are supposed to be relatively tightly, neck length is of paramount importance. Wrap a soft measuring tape around your neck and take that measure into account- holding close to your skin. If you have a short neck, make your neck look longer by choosing chains of 20-24 inches; if you have a neck of average length and width, you can sport all necklace lengths. Choose a long chain, especially to emphasize your collarbone.

Consider your body type and face shape to choose a necklace set that fits best for you. If you’re on the short side (up to 5’4”) go for a 16-20 inches’ necklace. Anything longer can overwhelm your small body frame. But if you are of taller height, then you can get away with wearing almost all necklace designs. 

Based on your face type and shape, a necklace can even accentuate features that you’d rather play down if you aren’t careful. For example, you must ensure to avoid chokers if you have a round face. If your face is long, a short-chain can soften the appearance, while oval faces can flaunt necklace and jewellery with abandon.

It is also a good idea to coordinate your necklace length and earrings with the particular type of attire can enable you to get becoming results. Try to make your necklaces stand out.

Now that you know everything about necklace set designs and how to pick out one that perfectly fits your lifestyle, jewellery taste, and personality.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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