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‘Let Your Pendant be a Symbol of Love and Peace You Carry in Your Heart’

Pendants for Women - Explore the Ultimate Neck Jewellery

If love had another name, pendants it would be. But ever wonder why? The answer is clear because pendants for women are what love if for the humankind – a feeling of warmth and companionship. Not lying, but women do all feel all the feelings of love when they wear a pendant necklace that matches their outfit, mood, and personality. At Melorra, we have pendant sets available in different jewellery and metal types, so that you don’t have to settle for what you don’t want. Do you want a gold pendant set? Go for it. You don’t want to buy an overused, yellow gold pendant? Then why not pick our state-of-the-art rose gold pendant set designs that combine a designer’s mind with pinkish shade to give a twist to the typical yellow gold pendant set.

But do you know that latest pendant designs are among the most bought and worn jewellery accessories around the globe? Not only do they bring out the essence and femininity in the women wearing it, but they also add a hint of glamour to woman’s look and change the dimension of the confidence she carries. So, when you’re looking around the stores to buy a pendant set for yourself or your loved one, don’t settle for less than what is trendy and in-style currently. 

Melorra promises you that each and every design that has been launched on our website are inspired from the latest runway seasons and fashionable jewellery accessories worn by celebrities across the globe.

Buy a Pendant Necklace for Women, Better Your Luck

Know that pendants are no longer about enhancing the look and appearance of the person wearing it. Presently, many pendant sets have moved beyond from just being a piece of aesthetics. A pendant of your choice must not only be about the glamour and beauty it brings to the person who is wearing, but the pendant must be able to communicate what you’re trying to portray to the people. 

For instance, our pendant set Suit Strong is ideal for a woman who is giving her best in life. She is single-handedly balancing her office job, home, and social life with a steadfast pursuit to keep doing what she does best – being grounded while reaching for the stars. Similarly, many of our pendant for girls are also suited for girls who are trying to unravel the mysteries of life one day at a time. They can boldly choose from a myriad of pendant designs for girls, such as Four Score, Chill Frill, and Rebel Rose. Not only are these latest pendant designs within budget for girls, but they are also trendy and minimal looking for everyday use.

In fact, in a few of the nations, pendants have also been associated with the fact that they bring luck and prosperity to the wearer. True or not, it doesn’t hurt to add an edgy and fashionable pendant piece to your jewellery collection.

Pendant Designs for Girls and their Matches

In ancient history, pendants were made of the tooth, animal bones, and stones. Prehistoric people used to wear these pendant sets as per their hunt and need. But over the years, pendant designs evolved, and the modern women today is the proud owner of a gold pendant necklace, diamond pendant set, and gemstone pendants. Let’s explore further more in-depth into the shiny world of pendants and look into different pendant designs for women.

Heart Pendants

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a heart-shaped jewellery accessory, and what way could be better than a heart-shaped pendant. The gold metal jewellery moulded into a shape adored by many is just one of the reasons why heart pendants are a highly sought after gift. But if you find a heart-shaped pendant that you fall in love with, then do not wait for a time to receive it as a gift. Instead become your own woman and buy a heart pendant for yourself. Self-love is as vital as receiving love from your loved ones and gifting yourself a pendant for that is just the right decision. Here are a few of the heart pendants you can pick out: Suave Spark, Cross My Heart, Rebel Rose, Scroll of Hearts, and Dancing Hearts.

Animal Pendants

Since the early ages, nature has been a great inspiration for jewellery designs among the humankind. Today as well, nature and animals are a huge part of jewellery designing and crafting process. We have a few animal pendants that will take you back to your childhood days when seeing a baby elephant or watching a swan fly in the sunset. Our animal pendant range in designs have a gold elephant pendant, The Trunk Show. And if you’re a fan of man’s best friend, then we also have a gold dog pendant for girls, Bow Wow. From fish to cats and dogs to birds, we have a variety of animal pendants at your disposal.

Alphabet Pendants

Are you looking to wear your name’s first alphabet as a pendant? Or are you rigorously searching for a latest pendant design set with the alphabet of your loved one to gift them? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Our designers have crafted alphabet pendants that in gold and diamond and gemstone that would grab your attention. Browse to our alphabet pendants section to explore the range of pendant necklaces we have for you in the store. 

Explore Pendants for Women in Different Metals

Yes, the designs in our range of latest pendant designs are endless. Be it a gold pendant set designs or a diamond-studded pendant or a different shade of gemstone pendant, we have all of these and even more. 

Gold Pendant Set Designs

Hundreds of designs in hundreds of shapes, our range of gold pendants for girls are trendy and fashionable that matches precisely with the modern women’s personality. You might be an office goer, a college student, a homemaker, a board member in a company’s panel, our pendants go with every outfit and ambience. Just remember to pair the right ones with your various wardrobe choices. For instance, you can wear our Three is not a Crowd or Star Streaks gold pendant set designs with your formal outfit. On the other hand, you could never go wrong with A Lot Like Lace and Tired Pleats if you’re thinking of picking a gold design that could be worn every day. Don’t hesitate to play mix and match with our other gold pendant designs. You can find latest designs on Melorra at the current gold rate in India without any hidden charges. You can freely check the price of gold 24k gold coins to affirm our gold prices.

Diamond Pendants

Go pick the bling if you’re craving for a pendant that is contemporary. Crafted with a gold chain or with a little gold in the pendant, diamond pendants are best if you want a jewellery accessory that is as rare as you. Although diamonds jewellery is often saved up in the locker till a function arrives, our diamond pendants are perfect for everyday use. They are minimal, trendy, and diamond-studded but still ideal to be worn with your everyday outfit. You can choose any diamond pendants sets. Here are a few suggestions from us: Moondance, Ace of Lace, Stars Inc., and Double Daze. But mind you, there are many diamond pendant designs; pick the ones that resonate with you. We also have a variety of solitaire pendant designs online for you to choose from. 

Gemstone Pendants

Let the colour grace your white and yellow jewellery box collection. Is your favourite colour, green, but you struggle to find a pendant set in that hue? Your wait is over. Or are you looking a single-pearl pendant to go minimal during your hectic day at the office or home? Don’t worry; we got you covered. You can choose from a variety of stones and pearls. We have even pendant chains in rose gold, which further improve the hue and contrast when matched with the right gemstone colour.

Pendant for Girls – Elevate Your Everyday Look

Girls are often confused about the type of pendant sets they must buy to use every day. They have to take care of the regulations of the college and ensure that their overall look is as per their age, outfit, and surroundings. Going minimal in such a scenario is the right choice. Pick out pendant designs, such as Cream O Blush, Snuggle Bug, Polka It, Dark Moon, Lemony Fab, and many more. 

The best bet while buying a pendant for girls is to opt for a pure and simple gold or pearl pendant set that doesn’t grab unwanted attention. Not only would such designs stand out among the overused gold chains but would also blend in with the outfits of girls.

Buy Pendant Sets Online at Melorra

Now is the right time. Every time is the right time to buy a pendant necklace from us. The reasons are endless, but you don’t need a reason. All you need is the right state of mind to buy a pendant set that matches with your daily routine and fashion taste. And don’t think that we are bragging when we say that what you got in your mind is what we got on our website. Wish to gift your love her favourite jewellery on valentine's day? We have a splendid collection of Valentine special pendants just for you to choose and gift your lady love. 

Explore our V-day Collection Online -

 V-day Gold Pendants Online

V-day Diamond Pendants Online

V-day Gemstone Pendants Online

Then shop till you drop with our everyday minimal and budget-friendly pendant sets that are crafted for the modern woman, who is rare and still quite similar to one another. Happy Shopping!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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