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Pendant – An All-Round Jewellery

Known as one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery – pendants are the most convenient as well as a fashionable piece of jewellery a woman can pick. Whether it be for everyday wear, which would be a pendant that compliments all the outfits in her wardrobe or a statement pendant that is worn as an influential fashion move, pendants are a must-have in today’s woman’s daily ensemble. As one of the most flaunted pieces of gold jewellery, at Melorra, you will, therefore, find a separate segment dedicated exclusively to this favourite accessory.

Gold and Diamond Pendants

Plethora of Pendants alike, can be worn for different occasions, with various ensembles, and for different reasons altogether. From being a prominent fashion statement, to be a testament of your matrimony or your birth sign, a lot of importance and meaning can be attached to this simple yet sturdy piece of gold and diamond jewellery. At Melorra, you will find a massive range of collection that would address all or few, or most of the above needs, according to your requirement. The collection of gold pendants online at Melorra includes, pendant that are made in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, in high polish, matte finish, with enamel detailing, cut-out details, diamonds studded on them and gemstones pendants.

Pendants for Style and Statement

As for the style and design of the gold pendants at Melorra goes, these too are an accurate reflection of what Melorra stands for, and that is - everyday gold jewellery. So, the pendants are lightweight, extremely affordable, perfect for daily use, designed based on the latest global trend and perfect for western and Indo-western wear. So, you can pick a pendant that perfectly suits your personality, your sense of style and your purpose. The choices are umpteen, as you'll have a new set of pendant designs available at Melorra, to choose from. So, if you want a jewellery that is hassle-free, easy to wear, easy to maintain, and a one-time wear - get yourself a fabulous gold pendant online. With over 700 designs of pendants to pick from you can select either a motif that you like or a trendy model you have been drooling over. Melorra being an online gold and diamond jewellery store, it makes it all the easier for you to choose from. Go ahead, check out all the designs, compare what you like and buy what suits your fashion taste best. All you have to do is, log on to the website and browse through the pendant segment to find all gold and pendant designs available.

Pendants with Diamonds

If you want to go bold and a little more experimental with the designs and your budget, opt for a diamond pendant. It is sparkly, trendy and an option that will forever remain in fashion. Once you've decided upon the diamonds part of the pendant, pick a design that you like best - the possibilities are galore - from micro floral motifs, pearls with diamonds, white shirt motifs, matrix designs to many more. You also have the opportunities to pick your own hue of gold, you can either opt for a yellow gold pendant, a rose gold pendant or a white gold pendant. As they say, diamonds are a girl's best friend, so diamonds on pendant are sure to become one of your favourite gold accessories.

Pendants with Gemstones

Want a look that is out of the box, edgier and far away from the conventional designs? Choose from the range of gemstones pendant. In doing so, you'll get to choose from various hues of precious stones set on your pendant. So, not just a variation in the colour of the gold, but also on the gemstones placed on it. The options on the online jewellery pendant catalogue include - burgundy, yellow, red, brown, green, blue, pink, white, blank and some options in terms of the colour of gemstones on pendants.

Pendants in Gold

It is simple, practical, comfortable -to-wear, and easy to match with your ensemble. Yes, if you are looking for a pendant that is not too loud, intricate, complicated in terms of design, colour and style, opt for an everyday gold jewellery. Another advantage to choosing for a gold pendant is that, usually pendant that is made of plain gold and no embellishment are extremely cost-effective. So, you find gold pendant starting from Rs.3000 in our Melorra catalogue. So, what's the wait, go ahead and dress you're the right way!

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