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Valentine's Day Pendants For Women

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  • Subtle Signs Gold Pendants

  • Double Dealing Gold Pendants

  • Nice 'n easy Gold Pendants

  • Something special Gold Pendants

  • Knotty Affair Gold Pendants

  • Picture perfect Gold Pendants

  • Mushy Much Gold Pendants
    • Mushy Much

    • 11,399 14,262

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Super Star  Diamond Pendants
    • Super Star

    • 15,171 19,446

    • 100% off on Making Charge


  • Girl power Gold Pendants
    • Girl power

    • 12,140 15,193

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • A-lister Gold Pendants
    • A-lister

    • 12,681 15,870

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Radical Romance Gold Pendants

  • Drama queen Gold Pendants
    • Drama queen

    • 9,685 12,269

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Alice! Diamond Pendants
    • Alice!

    • 14,073 17,497

    • 100% off on Making Charge

  • V for victory Gold Pendants

  • L'Amour Diamond Pendants
    • L'Amour

    • 23,297 30,692

    • 80% off on Making Charge

  • Playful Checks Diamond Pendants

  • Plush-Blush Diamond Pendants
    • Plush-Blush

    • 25,692 31,563

    • 100% off on Making Charge


  • Nirvana Diamond Pendants
    • Nirvana

    • 16,768 21,583

    • 100% off on Making Charge

  • Dramatic Hearts Gold Pendants
  • Bouquet of Hearts Gold Pendants

  • Love Me Tender Gold Pendants
  • Love Antidote Diamond Pendants
  • Upon Neon Gold Pendants
    • Upon Neon

    • 9,283 11,761

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Know-it-all Gold Pendants
    • Know-it-all

    • 12,042 15,070

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Look at Me Green Gold Pendants
  • Cold Folds Gold Pendants
    • Cold Folds

    • 16,960 21,228

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Twice as Nice Diamond Pendants
  • Flaunt Fondly Gold Pendants
  • Amour Minimal Gold Pendants
  • Pining Heart Gold Pendants
  • Love Bomb Gold Pendants
    • Love Bomb

    • 10,036 12,714

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • My Valentine Gold Pendants
  • Puppy Love Gold Pendants
    • Puppy Love

    • 9,879 12,364

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Smitten Kitten Diamond Pendants

  • Street Sass Diamond Pendants
    • Street Sass

    • 12,846 17,224

    • 100% off on Making Charge

  • Heart Stripe Gold Pendants

  • Knotty Hearts Diamond Pendants
  • Glam Romance Gold Pendants
  • Love Palm Gold Pendants
    • Love Palm

    • 16,859 21,098

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Trendsetter Gold Pendants
    • Trendsetter

    • 8,688 11,010

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Native Neon Gold Pendants
    • Native Neon

    • 12,927 16,177

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Dudette Dreams
 Diamond Pendants
  • Caring Curls Gold Pendants
  • Tricky Tapestry Diamond Pendants
  • Roses of Love Gold Pendants

  • Sailing Sun Gold Pendants
    • Sailing Sun

    • 10,764 13,471

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Classique Devotion Gold Pendants
  • Fierce Fables Gold Pendants
  • Yours Truly Gold Pendants
    • Yours Truly

    • 8,882 11,252

    • 50% off on Making Charge

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Valentine’s Day Special Pendants Collection – Let Love Speak through a Sparkle!

The most romantic day of the year should be special for you and your love. And also, should be your gifts for her. Every year you gift her the same things. Flowers, chocolates, teddies, dresses or maybe a romantic candlelight dinner. But what if we tell you this time you can do much more than that and gift her something that will make her feel special and pampered at the same time. Express your love for her with a piece of jewellery from Melorra. Not just any ordinary jewellery, but something in gold studded with diamonds or stones. And if it’s too early to put a ring on it then we would suggest a valentine pendant for her. A daily wear, light weight heart pendant or a letter pendant that she can never say no to.

Melorra offers you a wide range of valentine’s day special pendant designs carefully crafted for your bae. Find the perfect heart shaped locket for her to surprise her this valentine’s day. Or let her wear your initial every day by gifting her our letter pendants. A collection of pendants in gold, diamond and gemstone to match her every outfit. And our collection not only includes the obvious designs of heart shaped pendants. Our designers took inspiration from Global trends to come up with these latest pendant designs that are so sleek and trendy that they will have all eyes on them. From cute heart abstract designs to designs with initials, from pendants in plain gold to lockets with diamonds or stones. We have them all. Looking for something straightforward? Go for our gold pendants online with heart shaped and colourful initials design. Want something subtle yet trendy? Go for our pendants with gemstones. Want to surprise her with something bigger? Pick one from our dainty diamond pendants online. All products 100% pure and certified. Also, under your budget with amazing discounts on making charge. A 30-day return and lifetime exchange offer.

V-Day Pendants to Gift Her – Find that Perfect Pendant for Her

Melorra makes it easy for you and lets you choose her favourite pendant designs with filters like material, styles, karat, price and much more.

V-Day Gold Pendants

If she likes it simple and subtle, then these designs are perfect for her. Gift her a plain heart shaped pendant in gold to match with her elegance. Or get her a gold letter pendant styled with her initial and let her cherish it forever.

V-Day Gemstone Pendants 

If she likes it a little extra, then go for our gemstone pendants. Stunning stone pendants for her to match it with different outfits and jazz up everyday casuals.

V-Day Diamond Pendants 

Diamonds say much more than anything else. Make her feel special with a heart shaped pendant studded with dazzling diamonds. You can also pick her initial from our alphabet motif collection. So how about this time you say it with a diamond, because diamonds are rare and so is your love. 

So why wait? Go on and explore our all new collection of Valentine’s Day jewellery online and find something to gift your lady valentine that will last more than a day. Or order a love locket from Melorra for her as valentine’s day gift and up your gifting game!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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