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Animal Pendants for the Animal Lover in You

The world is going kind toward animals and each other. So, they should. But who would have thought that women can start wearing their love for animals in the form of jewellery? Yes, animal-inspired jewellery collections are a huge hit among modern women as they look for something trendy and quirky in their accessory box. Our animal pendants are just one of the ways we are connecting the fashion and jewellery industry with nature. 

You can be a proud owner of our gold animal pendant designs and flaunt them every day at college, office, and other places. In fact, animal pendant necklace in our jewellery collection is crafted in various designs and by using different metals – gold, diamond, and enamel. You can enjoy the shine of yellow gold in your daily pendant wear, or you can even choose the white brilliance of the diamond in your pendant necklace; the choice is yours, but the design is ours. And let us assure you that our animal pendant necklace designs are original and genuine as all the beautiful creatures found in nature.

What more? You can own these trendy and minimalistic animal pendants within budget and enhance your everyday look. These animal pendants are a must-buy for everyone looking out for minimalistic yet modern jewellery. You must explore a different realm of gold pendant designs with Melorra as we have something for everyone. And with these latest and out of the box animal pendant necklace designs, Melorra brings you cute animal pendants which are very unlike any typical and traditional jewellery available in the market. 

Trendy Gold Animal Pendants at Melorra

Our name in the jewellery market is synonymous with stylish and contemporary. If you’re on a hunt for one-of-its-kind jewellery pendant and want to sport something that is unusual, then you can never go wrong with our collection of animal pendant necklace for women. These designs are different, never-seen-before crafts, and they do bring out a quirky side in your dressing sense. 

Here are all the variety of gold animal pendants we have at Melorra, which are available at gold rate of today

Dog Gold Pendant

We have a cute craft of dog necklaces for you. If you really believe that man’s best friend should be in your jewellery box, then our dog pendant necklaces are the right picks for you. They are comfortable, minimal, trendy, and within budget. Not to mention that their designs go perfectly well with the daily look most of the women sport in their life.

Gold Elephant Pendant

Who doesn’t like elephants? Maybe not to ride them, but elephants are one the most loved wildlife animals in the world, and our design of gold elephant pendant captures just that. The model named The Trunk Show is a small gold pendant that is ideal to be worn with any colour dress and can also be paired with a gold bangle for an enhanced look.

Gold Cat Pendant

After dogs, cats are the most preferred pets in the world. And if you’re looking to buy a gold cat pendant to resemble your pet, then our The Purrfect Portion pendant is the one jewellery item for you. It is simple, appears trendy and quirky, and is best for girls to be worn to their college. You can be extra without looking extravagant. Our gold cat pendant is the ‘purrfect’ combination of simple and contemporary.

Gold Fish Pendant

Yes, we have various designs of gold fish pendant in our collection. Besides, gold, we even have diamond fish pendants as well as enamel. So, if you’re looking for fish pendants, then Melorra is the place for you. Browse through our designs and find out for yourself.

Pick Out Your Favourite Gold Dog Pendant

We might have a couple of dog pendants in our designs, but these models are as authentic and original as jewellery crafts come. Our gold dog pendant designs, such as Bow Wow perfectly captures the essence of dogs in human’s lives. It is small, so you could wear it every day; the pendant necklace is in entire gold, so it could be paired any casual or formal dress of yours; the Bow Wow pendant is also ideal for a day out on sunny bring morning with your one-piece suit. So, you can pick out the design on our website and enjoy wearing it daily with the outfits you have. They will perfectly match with your wardrobe and taste.

Not to mention the cute cut we have given the dog pendant. It looks real, yet the elegant aspect of the jewellery is retained to ensure that the dog face on the pendant necklace does not undermine the pendant design modern women are searching for.

Buy Gold Elephant Pendant at Melorra

We also have an elephant pendant in our collection of pendants that might interest you. The Trunk Show is one of our popular animal pendants among customers as this jewellery pendant work well with a number of dresses and outfits and is often a jewellery piece that not only appears to be trendy but also simple and comfortable to be worn daily. The gold elephant pendant is also one distinct jewellery designed by our team of designers that represents the entire anatomy of the elephant in an elegant way that it makes up for an exceptional jewellery item.

It is also a perfect gift for your niece or child; they’ll love the cute and quirky design; the budget is user-friendly, and the elephant craft of the pendant will make for ideal first jewellery for their life. Also, the smart use of two black rhodium stones for the eyes will highlight the structure and lines of the elephant more elegantly. Don’t you agree?

Shop for Animal Pendant Necklace till Your Heart’s Desire

Created especially for the trendy modern dresser, these diamond pendant designs from our latest collection not only add to your beauty but also add glamour and versatility to your entire personality. Melorra’s animal pendants collection enhances your natural beauty and makes jewellery an everyday accessory instead of an occasional luxury. With lightweight designs made in 18 karat gold and 22 karat gold, you can go with every outfit and add a charm to your overall look. These animal-shaped pendants are so lightweight that you can comfortably wear them every day to work or even to a party. And if you are still confused about whether you should buy some other jewellery design instead of your current purchase? Then we are here to clear that doubt. Melorra has got it covered for you. Just replace or return your Melorra product within 30-days of purchase through a hassle-free and straightforward process, and we will be at your doorstep to pick up the product with no questions asked.

So, you don’t have a thing to worry about when you are partnering with Melorra and buying our designs. We not only have fresh and new jewellery designs, but we also ensure to keep them coming your way on a regular basis. We don’t stop after launching one jewellery collection. We keep innovating and designing new jewellery models so that the modern women – who is everything and everyone – don’t have to wait to find that one jewellery item that matches her preference.

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Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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