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How can you select the right Diamond Necklace?

With unparalleled shine, gusto and brilliance- diamonds are undoubtedly one of the most precious stones in existence. Nothing compares to the feeling of wonder as you stare into the depths of the diamonds encrusted in the diamond necklace as they blind you with their gleam in the light. A diamond necklace makes for a stunning and meaningful gift for any special occasion, and we are here to help you choose the perfect diamond necklace online.

Diamond necklaces come in all styles. It is up to you to choose whether you want a large diamond, a cluster or a simple stud hanging off a chain. Look for a necklace of diamond clean of blemishes and inclusions- one that offers plenty of brilliance (Of course you want to flaunt your new diamond necklace in the next party, don’t you?) Diamond jewellery draws awe already- with a diamond necklace you can for sure waltz into the limelight.

Now, on to choosing the right diamond necklace online. Nothing says elegant better than a classic diamond necklace: a necklace style featuring a diamond pendant on a metal chain. The size too is ample: it doesn’t reach farther than the collarbone. The classic diamond necklaces are the ones for formal events.

Take into account the cut of the diamond in the necklace. Factors like symmetry, proportion, polish and even the shine are affected by the cut of the necklace diamond. Here are the most common diamond cut styles: heart, oval, cushion, pear, princess, round and radiant.

Never forget to look into the necklace type and length. Short diamond necklace styles are best for formal wear, and longer styles are best for casual attire. Also, check on the material of the necklace: rose gold necklaces, yellow gold and white gold necklaces amplify the stone best.

Now armed with all the knowledge, factor in and choose the perfect diamond necklace online at Melorra with prices ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000 and above.

Diamond Necklace Designs: Striking beauties for the eloquent you

Make all your friends jealous with the latest diamond necklace designs at Melorra. When what you are wearing is that gorgeous, you get more confident and of course, grab a lot of eyeballs along the way; better get ready to do a lot of explaining and taking credit for the utterly stunning diamond necklace you own.

The Arrowhead Beams, priced just above Rs. 31,513 is a simple diamond necklace design. It contains a high polish yellow gold cable chain necklet that has spatial triangle motifs with dangling inverted patterns. The diamonds here are pave set on a rhodium plating. The Arrowhead Beams are best for any formal wear- be it your prim shirt or your jumpsuit.

The Dangle Triangle latest diamond necklace design is for the subtle experimenter in you. It goes perfectly with all your U and V-neck tops, is modern and has a funky element to it. The Dangle Triangle contains a high polish yellow gold cable chain necklet that includes a bow-shaped pendant with evenly spaced bezel set diamond danglers.

Of course, your little girl loves diamonds. Make everyone ‘curtsy’ to your little princess with the Curtsy Curtsy- a yellow gold necklace with a cable chain that has a bow-shaped motif at the centre. She’s sure to love the honours, we promise you.

Tuck your heart into your neck with the Pleated Hearts latest diamond necklace design in 18 karat gold. Priced just above Rs. 33,021 and containing a heart motif with multiple folds atop a surface embedded with prong set diamonds, this one is perfect for any fashionable outfit that you choose to show off. Pair this with some diamond earring that you love and rock it out!

Are you all about the classiness and poise that invariably come with a diamond necklace? The Sleek Pleat is your pick. It is priced below Rs. 29,900 it contains two bars in the centre of a yellow gold cable chain necklace. The two bars with pave set diamonds in a rhodium plated surface are in decreasing order, which adds to the appeal. Pair this with your dark coloured dresses and go all glam-bam.

Diamond necklace costs that graze your purse

At Melorra, we value your pocket as much as we value you. Our diamond necklace costs are priced pocket-friendly but are up-to-the-minute in every way.

The Dash Doubles diamond necklace contains a yellow gold cable chain that has multiple creases folds towards the centre, with alternate folds embedded. The prong set diamonds are placed on a rhodium plated surface. At below Rs. 42,000, this is perfect for light-coloured blouses and the pencil skirts for a hot date.

The Lace Broderie- a latest diamond necklace design that is symbolic of the passage of life. Nothing is permanent, it all keeps going on to the next phase, and you, girl, can express this with all the lace and netted tops you can get (don’t forget the chain though, that’s the important part!) Priced at just above Rs. 51,000, it has spatially placed disc-shaped motifs- the wheels of time. Pair the Lace Borderie with diamond bracelets to breeze through your day.

Long Diamond Necklaces for every casual outfit

Dreams make a human being human. Your dreams can have wings sometimes, symbolising all the joy and magic, and can even come to you in the form of a nice long diamond necklace. The Dreams in Wings long necklace design is for the feminine stylist in you. This gorgeous piece features a stunning butterfly pendant, with detailing on the bottom wings.

Nothing better than a diamond to say “I Love You”. Imposing and beautiful, Grand Gestures is all about celebrating the magnificence of love. With a high polish yellow gold heart as the pendant and a diamond long chain necklace of encrusted heart hanging inside it, it is perfect for anniversaries and celebrations of love.

The Lunar Moon is imperial in all itself. With eclipsed moon-like white gold discs in fine satin finish with two identical diamond-ed semi-circles. It is what you need to get people talking. Long necklaces online are your go-to.

Also, check out the partywear necklaces at Melorra and claim all the attention through the crowds!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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