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Conversation Starter Neckwear – Diamond Necklace Set for Women

With unparalleled shine, gusto, and brilliance - diamonds are undoubtedly one of the most precious stones in existence for humans in terms of jewellery making. Nothing compares to the feeling of wonder that you experience as you stare into the depths of the diamonds encrusted in the diamond necklace.

“Diamond is rare, so are you’, you might have heard this a thousand times, but did you ever think why is that? Because diamond is just coal that did well under pressure and emerged as a brilliant metal. You too are the same and deserve to wear the best diamond necklace jewellery that is out there in the market. Diamond necklace set on Melorra are what you need, which work brilliantly that as they blind you with their gleam in the light. A diamond necklace makes for a stunning and meaningful gift for any special occasion, and we are here to help you choose the perfect diamond necklace online.

We have a range of diamond jewellery necklace in our collection all the way from simple diamond necklace to small diamond necklace. So, if you’re hunting for diamond jewellery that would go perfectly with your formal wear as well as casual attire, then Melorra has the diamond necklace design with the price for you. And don’t worry, we are here at every step to guide you through the purchase journey and make a decision on buying a real diamond necklace online that fits ideally to your personality and taste.

Striking Beauty for Your Elegance – Real Diamond Necklaces

To wear a beautiful and trendy diamond necklace, you need first to ensure that the diamond stone used in the necklace jewellery is authentic and real, and that is the Melorra assurance. You can own a striking brilliant and trendy diamond necklace set in your accessory box without any worry of it being a fake stone. Along with the shipped product, we also deliver certificates and documents that prove the authenticity of the diamond stone used in the jewellery necklace.

As we talk about the real diamond necklaces in our range of jewellery collection, we also mention that these designs are latest in the jewellery market and straight out of the runways shows of international designers and fashion experts. Trust us when we say that the diamond jewellery necklace on our website are all the fresh and new designs that our jewellery designers have brought to you. We also have gold diamond necklaces that combine the yellow shine of gold metal with the brilliance of the diamond and its stunning reflective feature.

You can pair our diamond necklace designs with your western wear as well as traditional attire and simple jeans and a t-shirt. If you take our advice on jewellery matching, then small diamond necklace designs, such as Sole Bow, Plush Plus, Dots and Diamonds, and Gold Glam. All of these gold diamond necklaces are perfect for a casual day out or even daily wear. For your western attire, you can pick Circle of Dazzle, Pings N Pongs, Tangle Tree, and Misty Twists.

But we always encourage you to wear your creative hat and experiment with your style. Try something you have never tried before, or even go ahead and attempt to play mix and match with your jewellery and outfits. Something good will always come up. And with our range of diamond necklace with price, you’re sure going to dress to impress.

Wedding Diamond Necklace for That Special Day

As your special day approaches, so does your eagerness to indulge in dress and jewellery shopping. We assure you that Melora has a wide range of wedding diamond necklace for the bride. Usually, brides and her family go for bold and heavy wedding jewellery, but in the present time, minimal and simple jewellery also does the work. Diamond necklace for the bride on our website come in various designs and fresh models.

For instance, our simple diamond necklace designs, such as White Winged, Lacy Twirls, Link O Star, and Rustic White makes for a must-have in your accessories. Now, not all of these diamond necklace have to grace the bride. It can be a product worn by the attendees and guests because a wedding is not just a grand affair. It is a get-together of people and an enjoyable affair where two souls meet and promise to remain one another’s support system for a lifetime.

Moreover, wedding diamond necklace also makes up for a fun shopping experience as well as a gift. Because a wedding is also an affair to pick out the gits for the bride and groom, and you can definitely choose some worthy gifts from Melorra for the bride within your budget, and if we are right then our gold diamond necklace is the right choice. Designs, such as Stellar Teller, The Zee Key, and Crowning Glory are just a few of the simple diamond necklaces that you can pick out for gifting purpose.

Small Diamond Necklace for Girls

Quite often than not, diamonds are misunderstood to be only a woman’s accessory. But at Melorra, we beg to differ. As much as women deserve to sport the brilliant diamond necklaces, girls deserve the same. And we have many small diamond necklace designs to prove that statement. All of such diamond jewellery necklace also makes up for awesome and perfect partywear necklace jewellery.

Here are a few suggestions on the simple diamond necklace for girls that would blend perfectly with the usual attire worn by girls nowadays –

You can pick out Arrowhead beams for a necklet experience that covers the entire gold chain. This design serves its purpose on a daily basis where girls can wear the gold diamond necklace with their casual outfits, such as a t-shirt and jeans or skirt and top.

Similar to the diamond as mentioned above necklace set, See-Saw is a simple and subtle combination of diamond and yellow gold, where diamond stonework as small danglers. A perfect fit for everyday use as well as grand events, See-Saw is just one of those few diamond jewellery necklace that has it all.

Our Dots and Diamonds design also comes out at the top of the list for a perfect choice for girls as it is inspired by nature and brings out a subtle and simple aura of diamond stone in its ideal form. Not only this, but the design also is very popular among women who are looking for office wear jewellery without attracting negative attention.

Of course, your little girl loves diamonds. Make everyone ‘curtsy’ to your little princess with the Curtsy Curtsy - a yellow gold necklace with a cable chain that has a bow-shaped motif at the centre. She’s sure to love the honours, we promise you.

Check Together design in our diamond necklace collection is yet another perfect example of small jewellery wear for girls. They are perfect to be worn every day by teenagers and college-goers with the variety of outfits they have in their wardrobe. In addition, the intricate and delicate design of Check Together also makes it one of the best diamond necklace design online to be worn by women.

Explore the Diamond Necklace Designs on Melorra

We have hundreds of designs of diamond necklace on our website, which are ideal for any and every occasion. While we highlight a few of the real diamond necklace designs here for your consideration, we welcome you to browse through the entire list of models on our page and pick out the ones that resonate with your taste and personality in jewellery.

The Arrowhead Beams is a simple diamond necklace design. It contains a high polish yellow gold cable chain necklet that has spatial triangle motifs with dangling inverted patterns. The diamonds here are pave set on a rhodium plating. The Arrowhead Beams are best for any formal wear- be it your prim shirt or your jumpsuit.

The Dangle Triangle latest diamond necklace design is for the subtle experimenter in you. It goes perfectly with all your U and V-neck tops, is modern and has a funky element to it. The Dangle Triangle contains a high polish yellow gold cable chain necklet that includes a bow-shaped pendant with evenly spaced bezel set diamond danglers.

Tuck your heart into your neck with the Pleated Hearts latest diamond necklace design in 18 karat gold. The design contains a heart motif with multiple folds atop a surface embedded with prong-set diamonds; this one is perfect for any fashionable outfit that you choose to show off. Pair this with some diamond earring that you love and rock it out!

Are you all about the classiness and poise that invariably come with a diamond necklace? The Sleek Pleat is your pick. It contains two bars in the centre of a yellow gold cable chain necklace. The two bars with pave set diamonds in a rhodium-plated surface are in decreasing order, which adds to the appeal. Pair this with your dark coloured dresses and go all glam-bam. All the gold diamond necklaces are available at today's gold rate.

Select the Right Diamond Necklace Designs for Yourself

Diamond necklaces come in all styles. It is up to you to choose whether you want a large diamond stone, a cluster or a simple stud dangling off a gold chain.

Now, for choosing the right diamond necklace online, you must focus a few things. First, nothing says elegant better than a classic diamond necklace: a necklace style featuring a diamond pendant on a metal chain. The size too is ample: it doesn’t reach farther than the collarbone. The classic diamond necklaces are the ones for formal events.

After picking out the designs and size, you need to take into account the cut of the diamond stone in the necklace. Factors like symmetry, proportion, polish, and even the shine are affected by the cut of the necklace diamond. Here is the list of most common diamond cut styles: heart, oval, cushion, pear, princess, round and radiant.

Moving ahead, do not oversee to look into the necklace type and length. Short diamond necklace styles are best for formal wear, whereas longer styles are best for casual attire. Also, check on the material of the necklace: rose gold necklaces, yellow gold and white gold necklaces amplify the stone best.

Rest assured, Melorra has a definite and straight policy toward displaying a diamond necklace with the price to ensure that customers only pay what they see without any hidden charges.

Also, explore our complete range of Valentine's day necklaces online to gift your lady love. Pick out the trendiest designs in valentine's day diamond necklaces and surprise your better half on special days.  

So, come up ahead and browse all you want, we have the designs of diamond necklace in our kitty that is sure to blow your fashionista mind out. And always stay tuned, as new designs are always coming up on the website if you don’t believe us then why not go ahead and browse our new arrivals section for a bit more jewellery, fashion, and bling.

You can also browse the gold coins collection on our website that are newly launched just now.

Happy Shopping!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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