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For Everything on Fashion & Jewellery


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18K Gold Earrings Geometric Design

Melorra is an online abode for every woman where you can find something new on every click. We design every season styling and fancy earrings for girls and women. Melorra's 18k Gold earring designs are not only for occasional wearing, but we design jewellery with the perspicuity to wear them in daily routine. Normally geometric designs fall under 6 grams to 8 grams of metal weight. The best example for you to look for is the Sequin Sequel- lovely and almost inspiring. Gold Jewellery has always been about the dainty, delicate and gorgeous parts of womenfolk- in all their power, and we at Melorra appreciate and aim to honour that. These geometric designs fashioned out make you look beauteous whether you wear traditional for a particular occasion or denim for a casual meet up with friends. Geometric designs of this gold type can be found in many shapes from circle, oval, rectangular, rhombus, square, and the shape desired by you. These earrings take inspiration from styling by the season and twins up with the attitude and aptitude you possess.

18K Gold Earrings Floral Designs

Gorgeously carved 18 karat gold earrings floral designs are the designs of today’s fashion. The new-fangled quality of these pieces possessed by the season, brilliantly reflects the styling done by the designers of Melorra. Normally floral designs are fashioned out of yellow gold at Melorra, and are designed within 6 grams to 8 grams, proving your desires to cope up with the fashion parade and appearing gorgeous seamlessly. The floral designs carved out of 18k gold include a wide range of beach inspired collections. These floral designs not only twin with your nonchalant swag but also with the floral tees and printed floral saree. You can match with the Gold bracelets which will give you a more elegant look- up to the nines.

18K Gold Earrings Abstract Designs

Tassel Dazzle is one of the most loved abstract design to be worn by women in 18 karat gold earrings motifs. The abstract design makes you looks peculiar amongst all other, which depicts your attitude towards the taste of jewellery twinning perfectly with your outfit. When you wish to move beyond away for casual designs than you must choose abstract designs as the refined shapes and uniquely carved edges reflect your keen perception while choosing jewellery for your occasional purposes. The tiny twists over slender steam illustrate a dreamy appearance for the one looking at you with a desire to tell you that the choice you made on this abstract design earring is mature.

18K Gold Earrings Hearts Designs

Love Palm Gold Earrings is one of the kinds of heart motif 18k Gold earrings. Love is the symbol of understanding and nurturing each other. The high polish, yellow Gold with finest cutting heart designs carved with Gold normally weighs from 6 grams to 8 grams. Explore the designs of heart shape earrings in multicolour enamelled with different colours. Whether you are hanging out with your friends or with cousins at a family gathering, this heart-shaped earring is most purposeful earring you can ever have in your wardrobe to style with something new and trendy wearing with the twinning chains and pendants to reflect your beauteousness. You can also match it up with jeans and top, with a gold Chain.

18K Gold Earring Paisley Designs

Another the most loved design by trendy women and girls are Paisley designs of 18K Gold earrings. These earrings are with a long bar linked to the paisley element mimicking different shapes or waves. Normally these paisley earrings are made with 6 grams to 8 grams of Gold with the 18K Gold quality. Earrings like such help you in turning out like a diva in styling. These earrings are occasional wears as they beautify your presence, reflecting the glimpse of your attitude. Throw on some irresistible contrast into a monochrome outfit with a Gold Bangle. This choice can be the one if you are willing to take the seasonal styling to the next level.

18K Gold Earring Star Designs

Twinkling of stars gives the immense pleasure of happiness, in the same way, star design 18K Gold earring can reflect the glimpse of your happiness simultaneously running along with aptitude. The star motif increases the reflection of glimpse coming out from your face, alluring the people surrounding you and looks beautiful. Normally the quality of Gold used to carve such shapes of 18k Gold weighing from 6 grams to 8 grams. These star designs are carved with white and rose Gold embellished with gemstones. The wide ranges of designs are there in Gold Necklace to make a perfect match with 18K Star design Gold Earring.

18K Gold Earrings Bow Designs

Bow design earrings are new in seasonal styling depicting your most keen sense. The earrings are designed with high polish hoops that have a single vertical bow in the centre with the double knot with a crinkle effect. Normally bow designs 18K Gold earrings are made between 6 grams to 8 grams. Bow designs get access to your lifestyle and bend you towards styling, yet minimal in looks but yet modern. This design makes you look more authentic by twinning it with summer jumpsuits and other printed tees and shorts.

18K Gold Earring Butterfly Design

The butterfly design 18K Gold earrings give a glimpse of your sweet and adorable nature. If you possess the sweet and adorable nature or ever complimented by your friend or your beloved person, you must give a try to these butterfly earrings at Melorra. These 18K Gold earrings can twin up with any casual outfit from types of denim to printed tees and shorts reflecting your cute and adorable appearance.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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