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Accessorize in Colours – Gemstone Necklace Designs

Christian Dior says, “Colour is what gives jewels their worth. Nothing is more elegant than a black skirt and sweater wore with a sparkling multi-stoned necklace.” And how right was she? Colours that give a vibrant feel to the attire of a women is what gemstones bring in their accessory box. The hue that gemstone necklaces bring in the appearance of a woman wearing it what we will discuss here and even help you pick out the designs that resonate with your taste and personality as well as wardrobe.

If we really think about it, gemstone necklace designs play a vital and interesting role in bringing different hues in our otherwise yellow and white shade dominated jewellery box. If you’re bored of just wearing one colour, which is yellow-based metal – gold, then it is the right time for you to experiment with your style and include a bit of vibrant shades of jewellery in your accessory box. In one way than more, we know that our designers have designed and launched latest long gemstone necklaces that are what complements a woman’s confidence in carrying herself and her attire.

At Melorra, we know that precious stone jewellery rewards you for the queen that you are. We know that you have been through the beds of roses and the nails of pain alike and with our range of gemstone necklace designs we celebrate your spirit. Our gemstone jewellery necklace designs infuse gusto and heartiness, just a touch of supplement to the woman.

Different Shades of Gold Stone Necklace

Isn’t that what gemstone necklaces are famous for? For many of the women, wearing the same old yellow gold jewellery is a bit of a downer. It is not always that a lady wishes to wear and sport the same jewellery collection of hers to every event or party she attends. In various scenarios, woman even want to wear jewellery every day that are minimal, simple, and comfortable to carry, which is what our designers kept in mind while crafting gemstone necklace.

Here are all the different hues of gold stone necklace in our collection of necklaces that you can wear any day and every day you want, which are all available at today's gold rate per gram

We have the famous emerald stone necklaces in our collection. These stone necklaces play with your heart as you stare into their abyss of green shade, reminding you of the creations of the earth. In its natural shape and hue, emerald necklaces will embellish your entire look as you ravish your eyes in their green. Moreover, you will be delighted to take a pick out of the best gemstone necklace designs at Melorra. For you, we have kept aside emerald necklaces that will match with your fashion taste.

We also have ruby stone necklace designs on Melorra. The gold stone necklaces that come in red are very popular among our regular as well as visiting customers. The it is worth the reason to know why? Red is the colour of passion, blood, and all those attributes of the world that are intense by nature. Love, aspiration, power, you name it, and ruby signifies it all. You can check out the La Vie en Rose necklace at Melorra - a ruby necklace design with a high polish gold pendant. The pendant here contains a circular bail element that suspends cabochon opal and ruby. It is playful, pretty, and subtly sensuous.

Besides, emerald and ruby, we have gemstone necklaces in topaz, peridot, sapphire, and more. All you have to do is explore and browse through our necklace collection to pick out the gold stone necklace designs that best serves your purpose.

Pearl Studded Necklace

Pearl is one of the most precious and popular jewellery items among women. They love the shiny, smooth charisma that pearl jewellery brings to the table. At Melorra, we have a range of pearl necklace that fits perfectly for an occasion that deserves an experimental and different fashion approach. Our designs, such as Two to Polka, Dangle Dot, Pop of Polka, and Pearl Swirl are just a few of the stone necklace models that bring the white shine of pearl with the yellow brilliance of gold necklace.

All the designs of pearl necklace available on Melorra are perfect accessory for outdoor events as well as daily wear. They are trendy, minimal, simple, and easy to carry and even blend with a number of dresses and outfits that might be gracing your wardrobe at the moment.

And you do not need to show any signs of worry as we assure you that the pearls used in our latest gemstone necklace designs are as authentic and original as they are found in the nature. All of the necklace models on our website are the result of fresh looks showcased on the runways by the international designers in the recent fashion events. We bring you only the best and latest of fashion jewellery for your daily wear.

Find Your Match On Melorra – Gemstone Necklaces for You

Here are a few stone necklace models that you can wear with your formal as well as casual outfits -

Gelato Party - It is all about you being the life of a summer party or having a nice day out friends with fresh, exuberantly coloured stones dangling around your neck. Gelato Party gemstone necklace consists of a blue chain high polish yellow gold neck piece with bezel set stones: pink opal, lemon quartz, light chrysoprase and swizz blue tops. Wear the summer dress and pair it with the necklace to step out in the sunshine.

The Indigo Denim is for the tomboy in you. How long will you wear necklaces of quintessential gold and diamond? Lapis blue is the call! The Indigo Denim gemstone necklace is a striking, bi-layered model with two chains adorned with contrasting elements: one features a bold lapis blue in yellow gold bezel, while the other showcases fine satin finish and diamond-studded cylindrical bars.

Now, let’s deal with some more blue here. And sapphires as well as Topaz. The Wild Blue Yonder gemstone necklace consists of a high polish 18 karat yellow gold cable chain necklet. There are two interlocked disc-shaped motifs with blue sapphire, and blue topaz gemstones caved in. With a weight of 6.41 grams, it is the way to go for those jeans and Tees. Also the flowy maxi dresses for the beach.

Apart from these, you can always try new looks and experiment with the age-old tradition of pairing matching dress with the jewellery to go for contrasting looks.

Select the Right Gold Stone Necklace for Yourself

Just take into account the width and length of your neck. This is important, especially when you are picking out necklets and chokers to buy. If you take our suggestion, then for an average length of stone necklace add four inches will give you a good length.

A stone necklace especially emphasises the area where it falls on your body with all the light it reflects. Choose a long chain gemstone jewellery necklace to accentuate your collarbone. If you have a wide or short neck, try to avoid short chains and instead go for the designs that are 18 inches (45 cm) or longer. This will take the emphasis off your neck area and place it more on your collarbone and chest area. Also, consider your height; pick out small and short necklaces if your height is short.

So, now you can choose the stone necklace design of your choice that perfectly fits your body type.

We also welcome you to explore our newly launched gold coins with price on the website.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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