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Gemstone Necklaces

Gemstones – mystical, magical and magnificent – they have always been part of the crème de la crème jewellery assortment. It was considered to be the harbinger of good fortune (some still do, for that matter). Gems in various hues and sizes are coming on stronger than ever for a horde of occasions as well as daily use. The designs are that versatile. With their natural colour tones, it is not rocket science to comprehend why they remain an eternal classic.

Some say it wards off negative energy. Now we are not magicians to certify magical properties of these precious stones. But we can definitely say that they can add magic to your overall outlook. So, modern women say that gemstone is a powerful style statement. It says that they wear positivity with pride. It showcases their independence. It snugly adorns the lady who knows her mind. And gemstone necklaces call attention like nothing else. These pristine crystals play quite a role in accentuating the quiet rebel in you.

Wearing a gemstone necklace around your neck – relishing the feel of your favourite jewel resting on your collarbone – feeling envious eyes of your friends and colleagues on you… Wow! That’s when it becomes a statement piece, and the statement need not be big or loud either. Girls have already embraced gemstone jewellery as part of their everyday fashion and they save up for necklaces in umpteen styles with gracefully crafted jewel pendants. Lasses also favor those sleek necklets embellished with multiple tiny stones. If you wish to stick to your birthstone, you may. Else there is a slew of choices like Aquamarine, Moonstone, Opal, Pearl or Ruby among others.

A gemstone choker opens a wider scope to explore endless opportunities to accessorize oneself for any occasion or everyday wear. So, let us forget about locking them up in bank lockers or in the seemingly bottomless depths of your wardrobe. Why hide when you can flaunt. Women have long since quit considering only resale value. Today, they mostly care about how a piece of jewellery brings out their personality to the fore and how it looks on them in a particular outfit. Today, once an ornament finds its way into a woman’s collection after much introspection, it rarely goes out through the re-sale window anyway. Because they are worn that often that these necklaces become a part of themselves emotionally.

Melorra’s Gemstone Necklaces you’ll adore for sure

Melorra’s gemstone necklace collection presents you with the freedom of taking your pick from a seemingly endless range. You may be someone who loves to suit up every day for office. Or simply rock skirt-kurti combo or a pair of denim and the crisp shirt. No matter what, we have your number because you will find something that appeals to your sense and sensibility.

Get ready to add a couple of gem-studded necklaces in your ‘going to work or work out’ from here as bring you an impressive range from contemporary to classic. Monday blues, Tuesday team lunch, Wednesday corporate event, Thursday rush and Friday night not to mention Saturday get together and lazy Sunday – let a gemstone or two complement your moments. Here is a chance for you to select your gemstone ornament chiseled with utmost skill and passion. We boast of necklaces with intriguing jewels and semiprecious stones that make a call to those with a budget as well as those who do not need a reason to splurge. In fact, everybody can access and afford us.

Quaintly suave? Unapologetic attention-seeker? No matter what, we don’t judge. In fact, we assist you to become what you wish to portray. If you’re hunting for a statement jewellery piece that is somewhat mystic but wholly unique, the hunt ends at our exhaustive online portal. Melorra has invented a gamut of fine necklace designs in which you will see delicate skill and supreme finish. It is indeed our privilege to house a magnifique and vivacious assortment for uber cool urbane lasses. Here, you will find the much sought-after rocks like emerald, topaz, sapphire and the likes to oft-missed siblings of the gems family like citrine, peridot and zircon - twinkling away merrily on a thin or bold necklace. In short, our aim is to make sure that you look your fab-best while having tons of fun. A toast to that!

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