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Rings – Crown Your Finger

Rings have been known to humankind since 2500BC, or maybe way before this time. Be it ancient Greeks or archaic Roman civilisation, rings jewellery pieces have been influential in every ruler’s era. Undoubtedly, since the rings first graced the fingers of kings, queens, pharaohs, and elite class individuals in ancient times, it has travelled a long distance in the current era. Finger rings designs for ladies are now more compatible with every person, as they are more affordable and easily available. But rings are no longer just crown of fingers that are used for special occasions such as engagement, function, business event, or day/night-out. Today, designer rings for women are highly popular, even for daily use.

These ring jewellery pieces have gained immense fan-following in female of all ages. Be it a designer diamond ring for a woman to a sleek gold ring for girls going to college, ring is one of those jewellery item that never goes out of style.

At Melorra, we ensure to keep the fresh and trendy ring designs look coming your way with latest cocktail, band, and solitaire design ring types.

No Two Ring Models Are Similar - Browse through Endless Rings for Women

We swear it! We don’t mean to brag, but no two ring designs on our website are similar. If you are looking for new finger rings for ladies that is as unique as you and your personality in every aspect, then Melorra is the place for you. Our competent team of designers stay updated and in-tune with the fresh and trendy ring designs at best prices. We are glad to have been one of the prominent jewellery sellers to present latest ring designs for women in gold that have experienced as much transformation as females have endured over the course of many years. This collection of ring jewelleries are for all those ladies who wish to outshine their limitations.

  • All the ring models are inspired by current season of jewellery fashion trends that are popular on the runways. You will also find unique bridal ring designs that are classic and ideal for your special day
  • Our designs of rings are crafted with exceptional details by keeping the modern women in mind. The complete collection of designer rings is apt to complement every woman’s look, be it a subtle formal wear and casual wear or a dinner date
  • Latest rings on Melorra are also ideal for homemakers as their shine lasts for years and they do not break down due to frequent use

Explore Ring for Women Available at Melorra

We are delighted in the effort our team of ring designers put to bring new and fresh collections to you every week. Do you want a gemstone studded ring? Or are you looking for a diamond engagement ring? Or maybe, you are on a search of self-love and want to gift yourself a colourful ring that precisely showcases your brilliant personality? We have all those designer ring types at Melorra. Explore for your ring type at best prices with us.

  • Alphabet engraved rings – This type of ring models gives out a personal touch to the person wearing it. If you are looking for a latest engagement ring design and don’t want to settle for classic diamond studded band, then you can never go wrong with a ring for women that contains the first letter of her name.


  • Simple circular rings – Jump on the current trend of gifting yourself some love, and go for a simple and sleek ring models that is perfect for every day look.


  • Gemstone rings – Bored of the yellow metal? We have a colourful solution for you: gemstone ring style. They come in various colours that: green, pink, blue, yellow, and red shades. Match your moods with these latest gemstone designer rings that are inspired by the runway season.


  • Lightweight rings – Perfect for girls and teenagers! Lightweight new models of designs for girls are ideal for their daily use. They can be worn to college, events, functions, brunch parties, and many more occasions.

  • Valentine's Day Rings for Her - Wish to surprise her with a sparkly gift of love? Nothing can be more perfect than a valentine's day diamond ring from Melorra. If that's too much in the pocket for you, then we also have a variety of valentine special gold rings and valentine special stone rings for you to choose from. Want to express your love, then there's nothing better than a ring!  

Explore other Lightweight ring options –

Explore Rings by Weight –

Own Runway Inspired Ring Designs from Melorra

We know fashion is no longer confined to wearing trendy outfits that are made famous by celebrities and known personalities. For the modern women, fashion is to feel comfortable in her attire and confidently carry the accessories she is donning. From hats, dresses, and belts to shoes, watches, and jewelleries, fashion has moved beyond just looks. It has now become an overall ensemble! We respect that at Melorra as we launch trendy new models of rings for women in three different styles.

  • Solitaire designer rings – How pretty is that big white stone on your ring? We bring the same but with a little funk and uniqueness. Our solitaire ring models are crafted to perfection to for the special day of your life. They are even perfect for gifting. You can buy solitaire diamond rings for your women at affordable prices that matches her personality and taste. These designs of rings often go well with grand outfits for various functions and events, and of course, your wedding dress.


  • Cocktail designer rings – Are you over the simple and subtle look? Then opt for the cocktail ring styles. These designs are latest in the ring jewellery industry and are time and again seen on the runways with the fresh dress collections of famous designers. These latest designer ring for women are available in vibrant colours that are beyond the traditional yellow shade that is seen everywhere. Cocktail designer rings are most easy to pair with a long, intricate gown for an evening function or traditional functions with full-length ethnic dresses. You can even match the colour of your dress with the ring.


  • Bands rings – These are perfect for daily use. They are simple, sleek, subtle yet shiny and charming that attract just the right amount of attention from people around you. Bands ring styles are crafted to match the daily outfit, be it traditional or western so that you don’t have to worry about mismatching your accessory with your outfit. These ring designs for female are even ideal for gifting to your besties on her birthday or special day because they bring just the right amount of extravagance and simplicity with them. These simple ring designs for women are even ideal for girls and teenagers.

But wait! Our designer ring collection spans over these three categories. Melorra also offers latest ring designs for women in gold, diamond, and gemstone that are ideal for the modern women and their many roles. All the above three rings types are available in gold, diamond, and gemstone versions. You can even pair them with a chain jewellery that complements your entire ensemble.

In many ways, the designs on our website are suitable for just about any women. Even the gold price per gram on Melorra is as per the standard market rate without any hidden charges. You can check the gold coin price on our website to ensure that the jewellery designs are accurately arted.

Latest Ring Design for Girls – Unique Cut Finger Ring Collection for Females

One of the most tedious task for girls and teenagers is to find a simple jewellery piece that goes with their hectic daily routine and variety of outfits. Today, girls spend time in college, playground, date nights, girls’ day out, and many more activities, which are often incomplete without minimal accessory and rings are just the jewellery piece that works. Even pairing them with perfect earrings that either exudes a subtle look or stands out in the entire attire is also a trendy fashion choice.

Melorra houses intricate and detailed, latest designs of for girls that are crafted based on elegant and stimulating ring models from runways and celebrity personal designers.

  • Simple gold rings go well for girls of all age. They can pair such designer gold rings with all of their outfits and at different activities as well as functions
  • Gemstone rings are ideal for the day outs and get-together where girls can match their outfits with the gemstone colour rings
  • Diamond rings are quite at a distance for girls and teenagers, but they can be used for special occasions
  • Cocktails are the most perfect designer rings for girls as they align with the latest jewellery trend and even match with their modern persona
  • Gemstone rings and bands rings are classic for every look and event. Any teenage or a young age girl could never go wrong with any of these two types of finger ring models for ladies

Know Melorra’s Commitment to Customer and Crafting Latest Designs of Ring

Online buying of rings is a huge commitment. But with Melorra, you don’t have to worry. If you prefer to receive fast deliver, we are here for you. If you are fond of rings that are different from usual designs you have come across, we are here for you. And in case, if you like to return/exchange your ring due to some issue, Melorra team is here for you. There are many benefits you receive as customer when you buy jewellery online from Melorra.

  • Dedicated after service support through call and WhatsApp
  • 30-days, hassle-free window for return/exchange without any questions asked.
  • Free home delivery and pick-up within set time frame
  • New, fresh, and latest designs of rings launched every week
  • Thousands of rings designs to choose from
  • Seamless online shopping experience
  • Lifetime exchange policy for valuable designs of rings for women
  • Certification and hallmark proof


How can I order a latest designer ring from Melorra?

We have hundreds of ring designs at best prices at Melorra. All you have to do is follow the below steps –

  • Navigate to our Ring webpage on the website
  • Use the filter to explore varieties of ring models on the webpage
  • Click on the product to see the product description
  • Click on Buy Now
  • Add your delivery address and choose the mode of payment
  • You are all set. Your favourite ring with the best design will soon be enroute

But do not just stop at one purchase. Explore and discover numerous trendy and best ring designs for either yourself or your loved one.

Can I pay through Cash-on-delivery(COD)?

Yes, you can! Melorra supports COD across 25,000+ Pincodes across nation. Additionally, we offer Card on delivery for a few selected locations.

What is the return/exchange policy?

We know online purchase of rings is a big decision. So, sit back and relax. If by chance, you do not like the ring price or look or design, you can return the accessory within 30-days. On top of that, you can also opt for lifetime exchange and receive 90 percent of the value back to help you stay trendy with latest ring jewellery time and again. All of these with zero questions asked.

Will my Melorra ring have any damage with daily use?

Not a single chance! All the new finger rings on our website are crafted to sustain and bear all the daily activities. But ensure to keep your metal away from chemicals, they can dull the shine of your latest designer ring.

Are the prices of Melorra rings as per market standard?

Definitely, they are! We follow a stringent procedure wherein our ring prices are as per the market standard.

How soon are designs updated on the website?

New models of rings for ladies are updated every week. Our design team walks hand-in-hand with the current runways and fashion trends to bring latest ring designs at best prices to you at a weekly basis.

Which ring type design is good for girls aged between 15 to 28?

If it is for daily use, we suggest that you go for simple bands rings. But gemstone rings with different colour shades also work perfectly for small events and functions.

What type of latest designs of rings for women are perfect for a corporate and business functions?

It is better to rely on simple bands rings and also sleek gemstone rings that complement your formal dress at the corporate and business functions. You can even pair your ring and dress with Melorra’s bracelets and pendants that give you an edgy yet formal look.

Which ring type designs go perfectly with Indian traditional dresses?

Solitaire designer rings are quite extravagant with simple traditional outfits, but they could work well with your ethnic dress if it is heavily embroidered and bold. Even gemstone rings work ideal with traditional outfits. You can either match the colour shade with your outfit or give it an edgy look with contrast colour. Also, try to avoid simple ring designs as they might not blend with your grand traditional attire.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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