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For Everything on Fashion & Jewellery

For Everything on Fashion & Jewellery


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Follow Us for Your Daily Dose of Fashion

Rings To Go With Your Western Outfits

Finding rings online that match your mood and outfits can be tricky with the many options available. At Melorra, we have a modern and trendy collection of rings for women and rings for girls. Whether you are looking for a minimal ring for a business meeting or a statement ring for an evening out with friends, trust us to help you find the perfect ring design. Whether you are looking for unique gold ring designs, one with diamonds or semi-precious stones, you will definitely find it here. Our rings are designed for your casual, work and party ensembles. With new jewellery pieces updated daily, there won’t be a dull moment in your ring design hunt with us, we promise!

Because, at Melorra, all our jewellery designs are inspired by global fashion trends. If you see ruffles or pastel shades trending internationally this Spring Summer or Autumn Winter, you will see this translated into our ring designs too! Which is why, every ring you pick on our site is so unique. You won’t find such a piece anywhere else.

Buy Rings Online: Modern Finger Rings For Your Everyday Wear

Melorra helps you shop for the right rings online and makes browsing the endless designs a breeze. With styles ranging from wedding bands, stylish open top, every day charms, you are bound to fall in love with the wide variety and price range we have for finger rings online. No matter what mood you are in, we have a ring that elevates it and makes you look stylish. So take your fingers from the casual girl next door to the no-nonsense corporate dame or the heart-of-every-party. Make your ring online shopping experience a stylish one with us. Check out our range of unique gold ring designs.

Rings are a stand-out piece in every form and the right metal, stone and product finish can make a lot of difference, we thoroughly understand this and hence bring to you the finest pieces. Our gold rings come with a BIS hallmark so you can be sure of their authenticity. For our diamond ring models, we provide SGL and IGI certifications so you are guaranteed only trusted rings online. Afterall when you decide to buy rings online or any piece of fine jewellery your foremost concern should rightly be the trust you have in the seller, which we cover you up for.

What’s even better, in case you don’t like the design of the ring you ordered, you have a thirty-day window to return or exchange it. Do we need to list any more reasons for you to begin your ring hunt with us?

Ring Designs: Simple & Lightweight Styles

Accessorising is an art that enhances your overall personality, our ring design range is made keeping this in mind. If you like to keep it simple, there are ample simple ring design choices as we do not believe in creating very big ring designs that cannot be worn every day. We believe the modern woman is looking for trends and edgy pieces that can range from subtle to adventurous. Hence the finger ring design we offer you are in tandem with global trends.

A gold cocktail ring is your best bet for any event that calls out your adventurous side while a plain ring design can be your daily workwear companion. Trust us with your wedding ring hunt as well, looking for a gold band ring or a diamond-studded ring or confused between the two? Order them both and see which ring design and type fit your personal style the best. Experimenting made easy and fun at Melorra! So get spoilt for choice with beautiful ring designs that are trendy, good quality and suit your budget. Go ahead, find yourself the best ring design.

Ring Designs For Women & Girls:

In your daily hustle whether you are a college-going girl, a housewife or a woman who balances office and home, don’t forget to pamper yourself. Browse through rings for girls, designed for girls who are active all day at the college, the sports ground or at the gym and demand a low-maintenance no-fuss ring. Choose from basic regular designs or the evergreen florals - our ring design for girls will surely bowl you over. Age is no bar to judge capabilities and ambitions, hence we have rings for girls who want to conquer challenges.

If you are a housewife juggling multiple roles, we have a variety of rings too, choose from our unique stone ring collection or pearl ring collection. For corporate women, we have crisp and smart ladies ring design range that will make you look ready to take on the world. What a woman does in any role is justice to her duties and our rings for women highlight this a little more. The modern-day women aren’t afraid to experiment and absolutely not in dressing up and accessorizing, so take a look at our practical and everyday range of ring design for women and dress your best self up.

A ladies finger ring can also be your perfect gift to someone you want to thank or let know how grateful you are for their presence in your life, be it your colleague, friend or your guide. Go ahead and delight yourself or a loved one with our rings for women range.

Latest Ring Designs: Latest Finger Ring Designs For The Fashion-Aware Women

Keeping up with the current fashion trends and incorporating them within your personal style requires an eye on the ball all the time, specifically because trends keep evolving. Melorra is here to make sure you are always on point and on trend. Our new arrivals section is always brimming with the latest ring design options for you, inspired by fashion seasons. For instance, if a Spring-Summer trend is about Polka Dots, you will see it translated in our ring designs! So you can sit back, relax and browse through the latest finger ring designs and leave the rest on us.

We save you the effort and time of scanning multiple fashion websites for your latest ring desigs hunt. In case a particular design has already caught your fancy, we are sure you will find it in a gold and diamond option. Some trends have a longer shelf life like the simple diamond rings so you can never go wrong with these. Like to wear styles that are trending and wish to own only the latest ring desig? We have you covered. Looking and feeling stylish is now made easy with our latest model rings, so go ahead and find what style suits you the best and slay. Check out all our latest gold rings for ladies.

New Ring Designs: Every New Look Deserves a New Ring Design

Modern women don’t shy away from experimenting with their looks and accessories are an integral part of this process. If you love wearing different looks you can’t ignore the less-talk more-punch ring, Melorra offers you a new ring design for every look that you wish to carry. Your dressing style may vary from celebrity style to boho, depending on the occasion, so do our new finger ring designs.

Choose from our latest gold rings to amp up your daily workwear or refresh your 9-5 style with a new ring. If your style is more bent towards everyday looks, you will be delighted to find our light-weight new finger ring designs that will make a mark. If you are more of a party animal and want to look effortlessly stylish yet impactful, our new ring collection will make it a cakewalk for you. Whatever be the choice of your look, find the matching ring to add the extra zing here.

Fancy Ring Designs: Match Your Lifestyle with our Fancy Finger Rings

Anything out of the box will always catch attention, hence we say go all out and extend this to your ring too. If you like all things unique and love to dress up thoughtfully, we have fancy rings to complement this look of yours. It’s always challenging to look different, stylish and not overdone at the same time. This is exactly what you will achieve with our fancy rings for ladies. Our designs look simple yet stylish, are global and glammed up - in our case of fancy finger rings, we make no compromises.

Take your style a notch up with our fancy rings collection. End your hunt for fancy rings online with us.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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