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Less Than 2 Grams Gold Chains

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Gold Chains Less Than 2 Gram - Simple and Stylish

Gold chains have always been in fashion and we at Melorra ensure that we offer you the latest, trendy designs. Right from rope chains to double box chains, beaded chains to hexagonal chains, you will find a collection of stylish gold chain designs in less than 2 grams that can be worn to enhance your everyday outfits. Be it going to office in western formals, or catching up with your friends in a casual dress or jeans, you can accessorize your everyday look by flaunting a simple one gram gold long chain on your neck.

We understand that wearing heavy gold jewelry every day is not only uncomfortable but often doesn’t go with modern attire. So check our collection on this page to see 1 gram gold chain designs with price that will complement what you wear every day. Our fashion experts observe the trends on the ramps of Paris, London, New York and Milan, which our jewelry designers interpret into designs in gold. At Melorra, our collection of unique motifs is a perfect representation of this combination of runaway style and daily comfort. The good news doesn’t end here.

Affordability of our jewelry is what makes it stand apart. Look at the one gram gold chain and 2 gram gold chain prices and you will know that buying playful and trendy gold jewellery is no longer a distant dream or something that you can only drool over in magazines or website. If you like jewelry that can enhance your mood and look then you totally deserve to have it at the price that feels right to you and we offer just that!

One Gram Gold Chains – Most Lightweight & Minimal Designs

Come to think of it, artificial jewelry after a point wears off, the colour becomes dull with daily usage and in the end, it’s artificial! Instead, start wearing simple and trendy 1 gram gold chains every day. Mix and match the different designs available at Melorra with your outfits and see how much difference it makes to your entire look. You will be surprised how affordable 1 gram gold chain prices are. Have a look at Melorra’s collection for 2 gm gold chain price and designs as well. Even a 1 gm gold chain paired with a simple pendant will add more oomph to your outfit than a piece that is not real. Check our catalogue of one gram gold chain price and designs and select from a wide range of our collection.

You can easily browse through our line-up of chain models for ladies and choose from a variety of designs available. If you are looking to buy 18k gold chains online then you can filter and find designs that will make you go wow. At Melorra, our jewelry designers create pieces inspired by global trends from fashion shows of Milan, Paris, London and New York.

2 Gram Gold Chains - Modern & Fashionable Pieces

Our designs are not confined to office wear or casual outings, but also party wear. Imagine how a 2 gm gold chain will add to your stylish tube black evening gown. It’s nice to keep your ensemble minimal and trendy. At Melorra, you will find different types of designs to accessorize any everyday outfit in your wardrobe. With our 2 gram gold chain rate being not too heavy on the pocket, you can buy a handful of designs to keep your look fresh and modern.

What’s more? All the designs that you find in other weights are available in 2 gram ones with a different twist! These include beaded chains, cable chains, box chains and even ball beaded chains. These are also available in 1 gram variation at affordable prices. When you look at the one gram gold long chains with price you can notice that gold fashion jewelry is no longer a distant dream that you have to save for; but something can be bought right away and flaunted!

Also, go ahead and discover Melorra's gold coins collection to buy pure gold coins online at best price.

Accessible in other Weights – Choose what you need

·       4 to 6 Grams Gold Chains

·       6 to 8 Grams Gold Chains

·       8 to 10 Grams Gold Chains

·       10 Grams and Above Gold Chains

Exchange Your 1 Gram Gold Chain for New Styles

We also offer a lifetime exchange policy for all our products sold on Melorra. So, when you are bored of your 1 gm gold chain or wish to exchange it for another style, this is your chance! Once you buy jewelry from us you become eligible to exchange it throughout the life. If would like to buy a 2 gm chain in exchanging of a 1 gm one; then your 1 gm piece would be evaluated at current market rates and then you can choose a 2 gram gold chain rate fitting in that budget. Many avail this chance every few months or years to get new addition of jewelry to their daily collection. You are eligible to exchange gold chain designs for women once you have crossed the 30 day refund period.

1 and 2 Gram Gold Chains Online - Why Buy from Melorra?

Every piece of designer jewellery crafted by Melorra defines simplicity and comfort. They are lightweight and affordable for daily use. Check out our 2 gram gold chain designs with price to see for yourself. There are multiple perks of shopping with us. If you change your mind about the design after it is delivered to you, you can use our 30-day easy return policy and either exchange the jewelry or apply for a full refund. You can also avail our cash on delivery service and inspect the jewelry before making any payment. In addition, we offer discounts on making charges from time to time on the one gram gold chains with price.

Look out for the BIS Hallmark on the jewelry and rest assured for its authenticity. Enjoy free delivery of all our products irrespective of the cart amount. In addition to this, all our products are insured during delivery and if anything gets damaged during transit, you don’t have to worry about it. Browsing is absolutely simple on Melorra. Filter by style, by 22k gold chain or the other multiple options and take your pick. 

Explore better before shopping for gold chains online. Go to our gold rate page to know the current gold price live in India so that you can shop online without a doubt. 

So get playful, trendy and stylish with our lightweight 1 and 2 gram gold chain jewelry and style the beauty queen in you!

Kindly also explore waist chain models in gold on our website to add with your other precious accessories.

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  • 18kt Small Flat Anchor Chain Gold Chains
    Rs 8854

  • Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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