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Gold Chains – For that Daily Golden Elegance

People love to stay trendy and fashionable. An accessory found on almost everyone's neck is a long gold chain design. Women flaunt gold chains of various designs and sizes to enhance their look. Some wear them daily as a part of their regular or casual jewellery. It is a lustrous piece of fashion accessory no matter how you dress up. It is there on your neck all the time. With simple chain designs for women getting trendy and minimal, finding a new model of gold chain is not an easy choice for buyers. Colour of the gold, weight, karat, design, size etc. matters a lot while buying it. While there are numerous designs coming out in the market each day, Melorra promises to beat them all. We ensure to craft our designs based on latest runway trends and all we have in our collection is fresh and best designs of gold chains for ladies. 

At Melorra, female gold chain designs online are unique and are sure to match each one's tastes. There are many unique chain designs in gold for you to pick from our online collection of new chain designs. 22K gold chain designs are a speciality at Melorra, and also you can pick up designs in 18 karat gold chains online. A gold long chain model, short gold chains for girls, studded gold chain designs for female necklaces and many more designed exclusives as ladies gold chain. Our designs of gold chains online are eye-catching and you will love to wear them. We cross our heart and only bring you new model gold chain at your service. You can even pair a gorgeous ring with our gold chain with locket designs and carry it with elegance wherever you go. Latest gold chain design catalogue at Melorra has the best to offer. We would also recommend you to 

Gold Chain Designs for Women – Motifs that will turn Eyes Around

And we mean it! We know how much it stings when you dress your best and no one complements you. Our gold chain model for ladies will do just that for you.

Everyone wants to buy a piece that is trendy and goes with the latest gold chain designs in the market. So, designers at Melorra are experts and have updated knowledge from popular fashion shows such as Paris, New York, Milan, and London. They understand what is in vogue and bring out unmatchable designs. Every model of our ladies chain designs in gold is made to perfection. Check out our new chain models in gold at Melorra that are:

·       Trendy and Minimal, not traditional - As said earlier, our designers follow the latest trend. Ladies gold jewellery chain designs are exclusive and reflect your closet! Once you start going through our catalogues, you will surely find what reflects a perfect style of your own. You may not find anything heavy but a simple yet trendy gold chain design for girls to add style to your attire. Trendy and simple gold chains for girls are the best buy here. We know you will agree with us when we tell you that we have latest gold chain design for ladies.

·       Designed for Every Day and not to get locked up: These models are designed for everyday use. They are made of precious gold but are designed to be lightweight and comfortable for you to wear them daily to work. The designs need not come out of your locker once in a while. These are everyday designs. Even gold long chain models are made in such a way that they can be worn every day with your regular dresses. You can check the collection of gold long chain designs with weight and price online.

·     Exclusively New Chain Designs EVERY WEEK: Jewellery designers at Melorra believe in bringing out new gold chain designs every day and not just once or twice in a month just for the sake of investment for the company. We believe that customers need special designs and so designers work hard using the latest technology to make the best design of gold chain pattern. Taking inspiration from the global runway trends, they blend latest fashion into crafting of new designs of gold chain for girls. These designs are exclusive and you will not find them elsewhere else be it online or offline.

New Model Gold Chains – Explore them Available in Different Weights:

·       1 to 2 Grams Gold Chain Designs with Price

·       4 to 6 Grams Gold Chain Designs with Price

·       6 to 8 Grams Gold Chain Designs with Price

·       8 to 10 Grams Gold Chain Designs for Female with Price

·       10 Grams and Above Gold Chain Designs for Female with Price

Simple Gold Chain Designs for Women – Styles that will let you Slay Everyday

Latest chain models in gold are a few of our number one models. They are designed from simple to stylish ones and can add beauty to any look. Any design of gold chain online in our collection can add charm to your personality, giving confidence and defining the neckline other than just enhancing style or fashion. Every jeweller makes various models and let’s take a look at few of them:

Simple gold chain for women: The word gold symbolizes purity on auspicious events and special festivals. The yellow metal is never outdated in the fashion industry and a simple chain design in gold can be styled for women in a variety of motifs. Its simplicity is what makes it easily wearable for all occasions. You can also explore simple gold chain design for girl for gifitng.

Gold chains with diamonds: A chain model in gold studded with diamond makes it look classy. They enhance style and personality. A gold neck chain design with diamonds can be carried elegantly by women.

Two-tone gold chains: Gold neck chains for girls with two tones i.e. maybe gold with another metal like silver, rhodium or platinum are stylish and trendy for the young generation. They can be worn with either a gold or silver pendant. We offer the latest chain design in gold to flaunt the shine of two-tone gold with any western clothing. We are here to help you find the latest gold chain designs that are best suited to your personality and taste.

Layered gold chains with pendants: Two to three layered chain model in gold with pendants on one or both sides are the best gold chains for females to wear during festivities or events like a wedding. They give an ethnic look and stand out in style. They can also be designed with multiple layers to make them look trendy. You can shop adorable gold chain lockets in gold, diamond and gemstones. 

Custom gold chains with personalization: A customized ladies chain design in gold with your name etched in it gives a personal touch to your accessories. It can be worn in style every day. This latest chain design in gold can also be the best gift for a loved one when you have their name written on it. And the fact that it is affordable too. You are welcome to explore through our online catalogue of gold chain lockets, and you will find out various designs of your choice.

Rapper gold chains: These are gold neck chain designs with heavy weight. If you want to show off some gold as a stage performer then this style will surely do its job. Remember that singer flaunting a fat chain made of gold making a style statement for his songs? That's how these rapper chains gained popularity among people. You can shop gold long chain designs with weight and price and get that feeling like a rapper. 

Above mentioned are just a few models of neck chain gold designs and there are much more at Melorra. You can also customize your own design by talking to our expert designers. While it may seem that our gold chain with locket designs are simple, on the contrary, they are for everyday use yet trendy and state-of-the-art.

Also, go ahead and explore Melorra's gold coins collection page to buy gold coins online at best price.

Buy Gold Chains Online on Melorra – Shop Easy to Pick Your Match!

When we can buy everything from clothing to grocery online why not jewellery? Melorra is a name of trust and offers a high level of security for the product when you decide to buy them online. There is a gold chain new design coming out into the online shopping site of Melorra each week and you will love making the right choice. Gold jewellery chains can also be the best gift for a loved one. You can explore our gold chain jewellery designs from the gifting section on the website. 

Price is the topmost concern when it comes to buying gold jewellery. For our collection of designs in gold, we have ensured to keep the charge as minimum as possible. Our designers have crafted trendy yet minimal gold chains with prices that are apt for your budget. The gold chain price list on our website is as per market standards. You can check the latest chain models and compare with our gold jewellery chain designs. At Melorra, you get the best. 

Jewellery designs at Melorra are 100% genuine. All our chain models in gold are certified with BIS hallmarking. And all the diamonds and gemstones used are certified by SGL and IGI laboratories to ensure that you receive only authentic products. We deliver to 25,000+ pin codes, and the products are insured until the time they reach you. Moreover, your order gets packed in tamper-evident boxes so that you can be sure of your order being in pristine condition when you receive it.

If you happen to change your mind after placing the order then also no need to worry at all. Because you get the option to return or exchange your order until 30 days from the date of delivery. And we arrange for the return pick up too, with no questions asked. We credit the amount to your bank account, or you can use the credit for it to make another purchase with us. At Melorra, designs are created to be fashion-forward and trendy. We understand that the ornaments you own today may not be trendy enough later (or say after few years) and we don’t want that to hold you back. Our lifetime exchange policy makes it possible for you to swap the outdated design you bought from us with something newer, while ensuring that you receive a 90% exchange value. No budget problems at all!

Explore better before shopping for gold chains online. Go to our gold rate page to know the current gold rate in your city, so that you can shop online your favourite gold chen design without a doubt.  Alongside, our suggestion would also be to browse through the different and trendy waist chain designs in gold that we have on our website.

With so many perks to grab while shopping online for your favourites, go ahead and choose the best gold chain to make a style statement. Shop on Melorra, wear the Trend!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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