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Trendy and Simple – Designer Gold Bangles for Women

In Indian culture, plain gold bangles are a sign of prosperity and marriage for women. Over the years, the designs of bangles have witnessed several changes, and the present time contains a number of latest bangle designs are not just limited to functions and events. Contrary to what females believe, gold kangans are no longer an accessory that requires you to dress up specifically for the sake of wearing a wrist ornament. Now, modern women are more inclined toward accessorizing every day and sporting fancy gold bangles 24/7.

But how can you wear wrist jewellery daily, if it turns out to be heavy and difficult to manage? Melorra has the answer. For many females, a gold bangle probably is not an accessory that strikes as a daily wear jewellery item. Or even to be used with a western or fusion outfits in your wardrobe. There are no surprises here because everything you’ve ever worn is either chunky or too traditional to fit in with the kind of modish clothing you wear. But this equation has now been challenged and changed by Melorra. We offer daily wear single gold bangle designs for females that are perfect for every place and event. The 22kt gold bangles in our collection of latest jewellery are what you require if you’re looking for an accessory that can be worn daily.

Our collection of latest gold bangles designs isn’t all yellow gold. There are plenty of models in white gold and rose gold as well. Also, a medley of these colours, if you’re looking for something eye-catching, then we have those jewellery bangle models as well. You’ll also love how plain gold bangles designs on Melorra are available in multiple sizes - no matter your wrist size, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re unsure about what fits you, there’s Bangle Size Help to your rescue. Moreover, you can freely shop at the standard gold rate per gram without ant tension.

Fancy a Gold Kada for Women? - Explore Simple Gold Bangle Designs on Melorra

Bangles in gold metal or gold chudi are just a couple of mentions that describes the popularity of this jewellery among Indian women. But if you’re really seeking out latest gold bangle designs for daily use, then we have numerous models that would certainly grab your heart on one look. 

Round Gold Bangles for Ladies

The most minimal yet a fancy gold bangle, round models are the first and most natural choice for every woman as well as the girl. It is also one of the designs in bangles that match every outfit and attire in your wardrobe. If you would have to take our suggestion, then you can never go out of style if you pick up Curl Unfurl II, Duple Loops, Roping It In, and the Stripe Kingdom. Not only are these round bangles best for formal as well as a casual look, but they also have small, intricate details on the jewellery surface, making it fashionable and trendy. We have an extensive single gold bangle designs catalogue for you to go through. 

Oval Gold Bangles for Ladies

Moving over round-shaped chudis, we also have oval gold kangans that are favourite among women and girls. It gives an asymmetric touch to this wrist ornament, and our popular designs are Tale of Kale, Trendsetter, and Picture Perfect. The last two models of gold bangles patterns for daily wear also contain personalized alphabet locket dangling from them. Moreover, these lightweight gold bangles are the perfect choice for every women who wants to wear wrist accessories daily. 

Open-top Gold Bangles for Ladies

Open-top is new model gold bangles patterns that are similar to round ones but have a gap on the top of the gold Kada bangles. They are trendy, fashionable, and one of the few models of daily wear simple gold bangle designs for women that are perfect for party wear, formal wear, and casual wear. Without any doubt, you can choose the designs, such as Fit to Bold, Love Triangles, Hearts in Bougie, and Moon Tide. These are just a few of the daily wear gold bangle set in our open-top collection. But you can explore through multiple 22k gold bangles till your heart’s desire.

Cuff Gold Bangles for Ladies

In another form of fancy gold bangle model, cuff designs are similar to open-top and different only in the places they are cut open. You can go through our collection of ladies Kangan and pick out the ones that best describe your personality and fashion taste. If you go by our designer’s choice, then Polygon Mesh, Hippie Hit, Satin Camber, and A-Lister. All of these cuff latest designs of gold chudi are the best choice for an evening and night-out with your friends. As these are lightweight gold bangles, wearing them wherever or whenever you like is the right choice.

White Gold Bangles for Ladies

We even offer white gold bangles for women that are one of its kind owning to their off-beat hue that is different from overused, yellow gold. If you are searching for some of those types of latest gold chudis for women, then you can choose Brick Wall, Knife Edge, and Terra Tones are just a few of the popular products in our website for females.

Colourful Gold Bangles for Ladies

Besides searching for off-white gold jewellery bangle, you can also pick out the designs that include enamel and stones to introduce different types of shades in the otherwise yellow gold accessory. Without thinking twice, you can pick up the models, such as Opposites Attract, Melon Maze, and The Golden Chevron. All of these hues that are brought up by the 22k gold bangle sets for women that pair perfectly with western as well as ethnic attires. So, no matter the event you are about you attend, be it a club or a family gathering, the daily wear Kada bangles in several shades are the right choice for the modern time.

All of our daily wear gold bangle designs catalogue is available on the website for you to explore.

Buy Gold Bangles Online for Women and Girls

Ladies gold bangles designs on Melorra are far from the typical bangle designs you’ve seen or are used to wearing. We also assure you that the lightweight plain gold bangles designs with price are what would please you by just looking them at one glance. If there is something called as ‘love at first sight’ with jewellery, then you will surely find your ‘one’ one Melorra. Here’s what makes them different.

Trendy, not traditional

Our gold bangles for girls are not the round pieces of precious metal that you get out of lockers on special days or occasions. And they are definitely not what your mother’s generation, or the ones before she wore. In short, these new models of bangles are neither heavy nor challenging to carry. These bangles are trendy accessories made to complement your minimal tastes and modern lifestyle - simple, light, and elegant. Even better, they are perfect for everyday wear too. So effortless, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them, but trust us that others will notice your jewellery and it will become a conversation starter anywhere you go.

Pairs up with casual, work, party wear, and more

Our latest gold bangles designs for women are so trendy and lightweight that they team up well with most outfits, including casuals. The bangle designs are an excellent match for your t-shirt and jeans as well as for your Bohemian dress. The range we have in our daily wear gold bangles designs are vast and numerous. Plus, many of them are made just to go with office wear, so you’ll never look out of place wearing them to work. You also love designs with a cocktail vibe, made exclusively for parties and which get your hands shining in the limelight. Even plain gold kada bangles are a good choice for such occasions.

Daily Use Bangles in Gold for Girls

The elegant and simple gold bangle designs on Melorra are, they make a good choice for teenage girls and tween women who travel to their college or internship daily. These fancy gold bangles complement anything from denim to shirt dresses, palazzos, khakis, jumpsuits, and more. Be it alphabet charms, motif bangles, or those with colourful enamel work, these gold bangles for girls woo the little women with their beauty.

An ideal gift

Melorra bangles, being fashionable and affordable, make ideal gifts. So, instead of gifting your bestie an expensive cookware or home decor piece that she’ll never use, surprise her on her wedding with a voguish bangle design by Melorra.

Menfolk too are welcome to explore our collection of ladies gold bangles design, which makes an attractive choice as an anniversary gift or to simply reignite the romance in your relationship. You can explore our wide range of Valentine special bangles to gift her on V-day. Pick from a variety of designs in Valentine's day gold bangles and surprise her! 

Browse Lightweight Gold Bangles Designs with Price and Weight on Melorra

We bring you a wide range of simple, elegant, and trendy gold bangles models for daily use, made to suit your minimalist tastes and with details that blend into your multitasking lifestyle without overpowering your look. When driving home or conversing with a client, these new model gold bangles patterns will never look out of place. Alongside, the latest models of gold Kada bangles for females with price and weight are what makes people go for it. There are no hidden charges that customers have to pay at checkout. The deliver is highly safe and secure and on-time without any chances of damage. Moreover, we have a vast chain of deliverables across the nation. That means you can buy gold bangle models online on our website as well as a mobile app. Don't forget to explore our latest collection of beautiful waist chains online for women with a variety of designs that can win your heart instantly. Melorra also has several amazing designs of gold bangles of 10 grams and above weight.

What Melorra has to Offer?

There are many reasons as to why you should be considering buying jewellery collection from Melorra. Besides, customer-centric value and promise to offer you new and fresh designs regularly, there are many other possibilities that Melorra provides you.

-    Multiple payment options - pay online by credit card, debit card, or net banking. Pay on delivery with cash or card.

-    Shipping to over 25,000 pin codes in India.

-    Free and insured delivery in tamper-evident boxes, using the services of reliable shipping partners. Hence no concerns.

There are perks too if you for Gold bangles online shopping on:

We get it if you change your mind after placing an order for single gold bangle designs online. Or in rare cases, not like the piece that you receive. Whatever the reason, you can return the bangle within 30 days of delivery. We ask no questions and give you a full refund to your bank account. Or if you wish to, you can use the amount for a future purchase on Melorra.

But if you are searching for something more, then too Melorra is the place to be. You can always contact us through WhatsApp and Call on the number provided on the website. We encourgae yo to not hesitate and give us a call and ask about the designer gold bangles on our website and mobile app for further clarification.

The Melorra collection of gold bangles has something for every woman. So, try out our new gold bangles, and you’ll never think about choosing another accessory for your wrist again.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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