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Gold Bangles

Wearing a bangle is like throwing a splash of vibrancy that blends well with your daily wear. Whether you choose to go solo or double or stack it up – it makes for an expressive and jazzy accessory. A striking bangle replete with attitude will coax out your inner-diva ten-fold. Designed to impress (softly or loudly), they instantly elevate an ensemble.

Gold bangles have made itself a firm favourite among the modern lasses. Same folks who have complained about gold bangle being obsolete (meaning reserved for those on the older side) or were hesitant to try them because ‘it doesn’t look good on me’ have changed their minds. Grab your chance to add a pop of quirky elegance to your workweek outfits by donning an exquisite one. Yellow bangles do have a way of balancing your mean-lean professional look - particularly with skirt or pantsuits. A surprising style boost indeed!

Lockers and storage spaces are not pretty. Not at all. Not to dispute their utility or anything. But it is high time gold jewellery breaks the shackles. It is high time they become part of everyday fashion and be seen. It is high time that they bask in the admiration they deserve and reserve for you. Yes, women, today don’t believe in shelling out in thousands (or even lakhs) unless they can use it. Now, this is one way to make a bold fashion statement - being assertive and individualistic. A sleek bangle that fits well strike that idyllic mix of work-smart and street-smart. Or if you are one of those who loves experimenting with rare designs that also feature luminous gemstones like sapphire or even luxe opals, you have a slew of options.

Now, when it comes to bangles, not all are for everyone. Choosing the right hoop size is even more important when it comes to bangles, compared to other accessories. Will a slender one work the magic or a thick bold one? If a circular bangle is so not you, there are ovals and squares. So, let your personality speak through your hoops. Let bangle be that fun element that punctuates your predictable office attire. Let it befriend your stern blazer and pant combo or an A-list date nightgown with equal gusto or a B-list pair of tracks at the gym. In a place like an office, where everyone wears semi-serious to serious outfits, adding a centrepiece accessory like a delicate gold bangle is one way to stand out.

Melorra Gold Bangles – Amp up your everyday style game

With frenzied life schedules, devoting a day solely to jewellery shopping is not practical for many. And jewellery is not something you can buy in five minutes and rush home. You can lounge about in your couch at your comfortable best while seeking out a bangle or two that you will not mind wearing every day. Or take a 5-minute break from work and check out the new trends. Melorra’s virtual space opens a slew of possibilities for you and convenience is just one of them.

The Gold bangles that come from the virtual powerhouse of contemporary jewellery – Melorra - cater to a daring yet sensitive woman of confidence and individuality. Enjoy being spoilt – spoilt for choice with terrific array of pieces that cater to your immaculate sense of style. The bangles and bracelets in deep and matte finish among others beckon you temptingly. Here the only limit is your fancy and finance. Other aspects entail designs of any theme etched or wrought on the bangles or studded with diamond(s) or gemstone(s).

As it happens, any style can click if you carry it with conviction. And why not! After all, a Melorra lady oozes confidence and conviction. Hence, gold bangles, if you choose right ones, can go with any dress, and effortlessly transition from casual to business, from day to night. No other metal can take the position of gold in a jeweller’s creative mind. Which other metal gives the flexibility to craft and carve impossibly intricate designs. Melorra’s gold bangles trove is a testimony to this. Cruise through the pieces to indulge in the warmth emanated. And we will present you with such voluminous collection that will make sure that you walk away with one(s) that feels personalized.

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