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White Gold Bangles

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  • Hookup Gemstone Bangles
    • Hookup

    • 79,799 101,860

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Zebra Crossing Gemstone Bangles
  • Crimped Rim Diamond Bangles
    • Crimped Rim

    • 89,671 126,365

    • 100% off on Making Charge


  • Brick Wall Gold Bangles
    • Brick Wall

    • 125,383 156,913

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Scallooper Diamond Bangles
    • Scallooper

    • 120,960 165,250

    • 100% off on Making Charge

  • O Lala Diamond Bangles
    • O Lala

    • 111,080 149,046

    • 80% off on Making Charge

  • Stripey Affair Diamond Bangles
  • Rhombo Combo Diamond Bangles
  • Curly Ribbon Diamond Bangles
  • Vasarely Lines Diamond Bangles
  • Polygon Mesh Gold Bangles
  • Guardrails Gold Bangles
    • Guardrails

    • 54,459 68,154

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Maraca Gold Bangles
    • Maraca

    • 41,827 52,345

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Orbital Pink Diamond Bangles
  • Pink Candy Gemstone Bangles
    • Pink Candy

    • 79,541 101,703

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Maitake Diamond Bangles
    • Maitake

    • 82,910 98,849

    • 50% off on Making Charge

  • Chantilly Charm Diamond Bangles

  • Serpentine Ruffle Diamond Bangles
  • Frame of Mind Diamond Bangles
  • Knife edge  Gold Bangles
    • Knife edge

    • 73,382 91,835

    • 50% off on Making Charge

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For Everything on Fashion & Jewellery

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Follow Us for Your Daily Dose of Fashion

White Gold Bangles: Flaunt Your Fashion With Our Exclusive White Gold Bangles

Gold bangles in yellow metal aren’t every woman’s cup of tea. Exactly why we have an entire collection of white gold bangle designs on Melorra. These easy-breezy pieces of jewellery are elegant and minimal. But they’re also what’ll get the limelight shining on you in any crowd. Made using BIS hallmarked, 18 karat gold, these bangles are available at price points ranging from Rs.30,000 to 50,000 or more.

Our white gold bangles aren’t just another piece accessory. They perk up your dressing while turning your style worthy of a place on page 3. Because these white gold bangle designs resonate with what’s seen on fashion runways, magazines, or in the collections of international designers. Like the Chantilly Charm bangle inspired by the feminine charm of Chantilly laces or the Zebra Crossing bangle inspired by animal print designs. The Melorra collection of white gold bangles is quite unlike what you see at a traditional jeweller’s.

The collection of simple bangles on Melorra is not meant to be reserved for occasions, but to be worn every day. Easy to use and functional, our white gold bangles are great to slip onto your wrist anytime you feel like it. Catching up with friends over the weekend? Accessorize your chic casual look with a scalloped oval bangle to make a great conversation starter. Heading to a dine-out at your favourite resto-bar? Pair your LBD with the Serpentine Ruffle cuff to add a romantic twist to the date night . Briefing your team on an upcoming project? Bowl them over with not just your presentation skills but also your fashion choices by wearing the simple yet bold Knife Edge cuff.

White Gold Bangle Designs: Why You’ll Love Buying Them From Melorra

At Melorra, we create new gold bangles that are fashion forward. Especially for the millennial woman who wants her accessories to be lightweight, wearable, and yet affordable. Something that plays up with her seasonal wardrobe without looking outdated or odd. And we bring them to you with the ease of online shopping. Scroll through white gold bangles design and pick one or more favourites without leaving your desk or getting up from your couch.

When shopping for white gold bangles on Melorra, choose from made-to-order or ready-to-ship designs, if you want your jewellery sooner. Pay by card online or by cash on delivery, as you please. We levy no extra shipping costs absolutely. And if you feel like it, return your order within 30 days or exchange it later, any time through its life, with a 90% exchange value. Also be assured of safety, because your order gets shipped in tamper-evident packaging and is insured till it reaches you.

And while shopping for your favourite white gold bangles design, take a sneak peek into the assortment of gold diamond bangles if you feel like it. We bet you’ll be more than impressed with what we have to offer.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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