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Wear the Bling - Solitaire Diamond Rings all the Way

When jewellery retailer De Beers and the shrewd creatives at N.W. Ayer & Son came up with a unique campaign for their diamond empire, ‘Diamond is Forever’ statement became the trademark of love that would last a lifetime. Rightly branded as the slogan of the century, ‘Diamond is Forever’ stood the test of time and is still relevant after more than seven decades. Similarly, when diamonds were used for solitaire rings, these jewellery accessories cut through the popular gold circular bands and made a mark in the hearts of women. 

But do you know that solitaire rings are the symbol of love and commitment throughout the globe? Yes. Every person in every nation on this blue planet expresses their undying love, commitment, loyalty, and marriage to their partner through a diamond-studded ring. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that solitaire diamond rings are the most romantic jewellery gifts ever? Guess not! 

Now while solitaire diamond rings are mostly associated with the start of a marriage and finding a partner for life, the modern women do not wait for a man to show up in her life to treat herself with a solitaire diamond. Girl, if you want a solitaire diamond with price, go get one! Or maybe more. At Melorra, we have all the solitaire diamond ring designs that go with the current fashion as well as the basic needs of the modern women. We have shiny, minimal, comfortable, and contemporary ring designs in solitaire for you. You can literally drop till you shop, but we don’t recommend that. Just browse till your heart’s content and pick out the solitaire ring designs that best resonates with your personality.

Here’s Why Solitaire Rings are ‘Love’

Although rings to propose love have been around in the world since the beginning time, it was only around the late 1400s that solitaire rings saw the light of the day. However, it still took the solitaire diamond rings took around 400 years to become commonplace in the society. Today, these rings might pronounce engagement for a couple happily in love as well as show that diamond rings in solitaire designs are more than just accessories. They are a symbol of love, relationship, and lifelong commitment. There has never been a jewellery accessory know to humankind that pronounces love as much as solitaire diamond rings do.

One of the major concerns for women as well as men is to pick out a diamond ring that expresses their love for the partner without saying much. Gestures mean a lot, guys! And what better way to show your grand gesture of love and propose to your better half other than solitaire engagement rings that promise more than just a diamond-studded on the gold ring band. As diamonds only begin to develop their tough yet brilliantly shiny structure after going through the immense external pressure, also love blossoms and becomes unbreakable after going through years of ups and downs together. How can solitaire rings Not be the right choice for pronouncing love and marriage?

Now, you can come along with us to hunt and find that perfect solitaire engagement ring for your partner. Also, explore our collection of valentine special rings online to gift your better half and surprise her on V-day. 

Looking for a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

If the answer to the above question is ‘yes’, then you don’t need to look any further than Melorra. We know that searching for a solitaire engagement ring is a daunting task, and you’re definitely not in the wrong to wish to find a ring that is as unique and rare as your partner. Then wait no longer. We are here to assist you choose the best solitaire engagement rings that are trendy and modern but also exudes a simple and minimal quality.

Let’s explore –

Minimal and Fashionable - Pick Your Style

Of course, you want her to say yes, they why not spend time on knowing the solitaire diamond ring and its different designs and factors that influence the ring’s look. Be it the brilliant diamond-cut or the sheer shine of the big stone, know what you’re getting into before finalizing upon a solitaire engagement ring for your partner. 

The ‘I Do’ solitaire ring 

There is no doubt that a single solitaire diamond piece is enough to make a ring stand out. Do you know why? Because the beauty of the stone lies in the fact that ‘one is enough’, and rightly so. Also, the reason why most engagement ring choices include a solitaire ring is that saying “I do” is a commitment of life. 

Classic designs

New designs always make their way into the jewellery industry. But classics live on. The prong settings of solitaire where the diamond in the middle held by prongs (usually four), making it a minimal yet classy design. But if your partner is in the mood to go bold and add more sparkle to the rings, then channel design works wonders; a solitaire is placed in the middle surrounded by small diamonds covering the metal support, making the metal below invisible. Apart from the settings, solitaire ring design is heavily impacted by the metals used for settings; this can range from yellow, white, rose gold to platinum.


The 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat weight) are the essentials in choosing a befitting solitaire ring for your partner’s ring. 

Here’s a quick tip: solitaires are available in different cut styles, including round, oval, princess style. Their colours are graded by the cutters from D-Z, D being the most colourless and expensive grade. 

Diamonds aren’t flawless; the cutters try to make them appear clear and grade them. The clarity grade ranges from F- Flawless inside out and durable to I3- with lots of inclusions and low on durability.

Carat determines the diamond weight, the higher the carat, the more expensive your ring choice. The deciding factor of a solitaire ring price is indicated by all 4Cs combined.

Single Diamond Ring – Explore Diamond Engagement Rings

Here comes the purpose of why diamond rings were ever crafted in the first place. Yes, the rings that define and bring two people in love to celebrate their commitment and lifelong lasting togetherness toward each other.

At Melorra, you can take the first step toward your love by picking out a single diamond finger ring that matches your partner’s taste and perfectly shows the pure emotion you have for one another.

·         If you want to propose by using a gold diamond ring, then you can go for our Ice, Ice Baby diamond engagement ring to show your love

·         If flower and white gold rings are your partner’s muse, then you can choose our Star Blossom diamond engagement ring that matches the expectations

·         If the rose colour is what excites your partner’s mood that you can never go wrong with our single diamond ring Eternity Blossoms, Pink Oyster, and Sparklers

·         In a nutshell, Melorra has a number of diamond engagement rings including gold diamond rings, such as Dew Beau, Rock and Roses, Love Renditions, Moon Drops, and Heed the Bead

·         Here are a few more suggestions for you if your partner loves everything edgy and quirky, go for Smitten Kitten, Love Antidote, Brown in Town, Meadow Buttercup, Black Magic Woman, and Bow of the Brave

You can also talk to our jewellery expert if you are struggling to find one fine ring design to propose to your partner. We are always here to help you. Additionally, buying rings for girls with precious rocks must come with subtlest design that can be worn anywhere.

Go Colourful - White or Pink?

Of course, you have to go for a stylish and trendy solitaire ring design, but you don’t have to settle for the yellow gold band. We have colours for you to fill your proposal with modern and contemporary ring designs of the solitaire diamond with price. 

Pink Solitaire Ring

If your partner is a fan of red rose, then why not surprise her with a rose gold ring studded with the big rock? You can go for our solitaire diamond that is settled on the pinkish rose gold, such as Seize the Day, A Twirl Tale, and Eternity Blossoms. Don’t settle for overused, yellow gold, if you can explore colours and still get your partner the shiny diamond she desires.

White Solitaire Ring

Move over yellow and rose gold if you like your accessory subtle yet modern; it’s time to pick out a white gold ring with the bling and brilliance of a solitaire diamond. Our designs of the white solitaire ring include Sassy Solitaire, Viva Forever, Love Lock, and Solitaire Selects. In fact, the clear appearance of solitaire diamond matches perfectly with white gold design to give the solitaire diamond ring design an overall look of trendy and minimal accessory. 

Explore Diamond Solitaire Diamond Rings Price at Melorra

Now, don’t wait for a reason to buy solitaire rings. Although you have to wait for your partner to pop up the question to get that solitaire engagement ring, you can buy one for yourself without waiting. At Melorra, we have a broad range of solitaire rings with the price for you to assess and pick out the ideal ring that suits your personality and wardrobe choice. Also, while shopping with us, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the solitaire diamond price. We also ship all the necessary certificates and documents along with the products that prove that our products are genuine and as per market standards. The gold rate is also as per the current standard of the market in the ring designs.

Then why wait any longer? Go ahead and scroll through all the solitaire diamond price and rings and don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need any assistance. We are positive that you would surely fall in love with one or more designs. Wanna bet?

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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