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India’s obsession with gold knows no bounds. For long, Indian females and women have worn and gifted gold accessories as a sign of newly found wealth and prosperity; a tradition that is still alive and prospering. Today, while the women and society have evolved, gold’s popularity remains unmatched in the metal and gemstone industry, and rightly so! For female gold rings, you can always turn to Melorra to shop for best finger rings designs for female in gold. 

Latest Gold Rings For Women – Wear Your Mood and Style

A simple gold rings designs are a must have in every females’ jewellery box. And the reason is simple: this yellow metal grabs all the attention with its shine and distinctive appearance. Currently, new and simple gold finger ring designs have taken precedence over heavy and bold gold ring models, but a mixture of antique cut with contemporary are also popular among girls and teenagers. To top the cherry on the cake, rings of gold are durable, affordable, and versatile that do not require an event or special occasion. Right from subtle rings models in gold for girls to polished designs for the women of today, gold never disappoints. So, if you feel like donning a gold finger ring, don’t wait a lifetime for ‘that’ function to come. Just do it!

Similar to a white crisp t-shirt that is every women’s wardrobe essential, ring design in gold for female are also obligatory to add a hint of shine and uniqueness to a female’s personality and presence, and Melorra precisely understands the modern women’s jewellery requirements. Our gold finger ring designs are crafted for the women who no longer settle down for anything less than they deserve. With us, you have endless options and gold rings for girls designs at best prices to choose from. 

Simple Female Gold Ring Designs For Women at Melorra – A Never-ending list

A woman is never too young to own a ladies gold rings model. Our list of latest gold finger ring designs combines many patterns with classic and antique model. You will never find a duplicate here! From varying karats to changing sizes and intricate yet detailed designs, our ring models in gold metal for women are curated to complement your personality and the whole wardrobe. For your convenience, we have mentioned the gold ring price along with their basic details in the product description, which is daily updated depending upon the standard gold rate of today. We also offer free shipping on every order you place. If all this is not enough, we also provide lifetime exchange for all of our valued customers. We also have a 30-day returns policy, so if you aren’t sure about the finish or ring design in gold for female, you can have the money-back.  All the female gold rings in our collection of best ring designs are as per best prices. You can buy any finger rings designs for female in gold without going overboard with your budget.

Rings in gold for female on Melorra are crafted only with certified gemstones and hallmark gold, so expect quality by default. Our gold ring design for women are segregated as per metals, the weight of the jewellery, and even the latest ring designs, so you can choose to browse the designs that best suits your taste. Besides designs of rings in gold, Melorra has gold coin designs in various grams that you can buy for investment purpose. Gold coin prices on Melorra are best for buying them on festivals and family occasions.

You are Unique, So Should be your Ring Design of Gold

Yes, that is our maxim. We truly believe that every women and her style in unique, then why should you settle for something that does not resonate with your aura? Our designs of rings in gold are latest and unique in the market that are updated to match the global trends every week.

Centuries ago, rings of gold metal were limited to kings, queens, and upper elite class, but as time progressed, these yellow metal accessory witnessed widespread adoption by common citizen as well. Today, latest gold ring designs for females are simple, elegant, subtle, pocket friendly, and not-so-attention grabbing. Our designer rigs of gold are the right contemporary with the accurate amount of antique and simple touch that they can be worn to office, used daily, or flaunted proudly at a function. If you’re on a lookout for engagement rings for your special lady, then Melorra’s solitaire rings are the answer to your every question.

Find your Favourite Ladies Gold Ring New Designs

Not every day is same, why should your jewellery be? Explore the latest ring designs for girls in gold for women

Regular Bands gold rings – One of the best designs for women, pure yellow metal accessory or 22k gold rings are often considered to be most preferred by ladies. These deigns bring out a simple and subtle look that are ideal for office goers, homemakers, girls, teenagers, who are often going out for casual brunches and get-togethers. You can also choose from designs in different karat, gram, and even gold colour and pair them with simple gold bracelets for a funky look. These simple gold ring designs are best for everyday and every occasion.

Gemstone rings – Paint your life with different colours with gemstone rings for girls that are inspired by current fashion seasons. Best gold ring designs are crafted using colours when gold’s sturdiness is mixed with different stones. From rubies, sapphires and even diamonds, gemstone rings bring endless options and uncountable opportunities to flaunt that new designs of ring in gold.

Rose gold rings – Have a profound love for red as well as gold? Then rose gold rings are best for you. Manufactured by mixing copper with gold that gives out a desirable pink tinge, rose gold ring designs are most considered by girls and teenagers who are on a constant lookout for latest gold ring designs that match their outfit and occasion. Rose gold rings come in heavily detailed to sleek and charming designs.

Occasional wear gold rings new designs – Are you big party-goer who is bored of wearing the same design and gold jewellery piece to every function? Then take our suggestion and invest in one occasional wear gold finger ring, which come in big and bold shapes that are perfect for a function or evening event to complement your already existing shine and confidence. Our range of cocktail rings is inspired by runway trends and fancy red carpet events that bring the extravagance to your life that will make you stand-out in the crowd. Even the brilliance of white gold rings are perfect for occasions.

Lightweight gold rings – These rings are best for people who love gold but not its exorbitant nature. It is for people who are thrifty and want to just add a subtle touch to their simple outfit. These lightweight gold rings are the best in prices and even become one with the person wearing it every day. Our lightweight rings augment your everyday look and weighs between 2- 4 grams, which makes them fuss-free and easy to carry.

At Melorra we have got you covered with the best gold ring design for girls with price that delights. Also, explore a wide range of valentine special gold rings online on our website to gift a special valentine ring to your lady love. 

Explore the Gold Ring Designs by Weight –

Contemporary Gold Ring Designs for Girls and Teenagers

Every girl looks for a unique gold ring design that goes with her college outfit, day-out outfit, and other casual outfits. Doesn’t that sound so many? Not to us. We have over hundreds of latest gold ring designs at best prices that are not only within budget for girls and teenagers but also apt for their many outfit choices. Our team of designers are aware of the latest runways trends and come out with designer gold rings for girls at regular basis. Girls can even opt for a matching or contrasting pendant designs with their choice of ladies gold ring.

At Melorra, we have designed the gold rings for girls that exudes elegance, durability, antique style, and classic elements. If at any point, you find yourself drooling over a fashion blogger’s jewellery choices and spent hours looking for such designs, look no further than Melorra. You will find fresh and latest, and designer gold ring for girls that are at par with the global fashion trend. But, if you favour the last decade style compared to current fashion, then our polka dot gold ring collection is perfect for your antique heart. And if you possess a simple yet elegant personality, then you can never go wrong with our pleat inspired design. See, we have a gold ring new designs jewellery for every girl out there.

Like what you see? Shop for Gold Rings Online on Melorra

Online shopping in itself is risky, but online gold ring shopping. There are multiple factors that influence a women’s decision to shop for gold ring online. Besides the design and overall look of the product, the authenticity, gold price, legal authority, and genuineness are often cause of concern for the shoppers. Melorra knows all these parameters and keeps the user expectation as well as experience at its zenith. We guarantee easy and seamless online gold ring shopping experience with us. No matter the gold finger ring jewellery piece you buy, you will rarely come across a hindrance in your consumer experience. With 30-days return policy, lifetime exchange, and free delivery, our gold ring for girls collections are available at the best prices in the market. All the latest ring designs on the website are crafted for daily use and women and girls of every age. You can shop for gold rings for girls with price on Melorra that is affordable for you.


How can I order a gold ring from Melorra?

We have hundreds of ladies gold ring designs for girls at best prices at Melorra. All you have to do is follow the below steps –

  • Navigate to our Gold Ring webpage on the website
  • Use the filter to explore varieties of gold ring designs on the webpage
  • Click on the product to see the product description
  • Click on Buy Now
  • Add your delivery address and choose the mode of payment
  • You are all set. Your favourite gold ring with the best design will soon be enroute your place

But do not just stop at one purchase. Explore and discover numerous trendy and best gold ring designs for either yourself or your loved one.

Can I pay through Cash-on-delivery(COD)?

Yes, you can! Melorra supports COD across 25,000+ Pincodes across nation. Additionally, we offer Card on delivery for a few selected locations.

What is the return/exchange policy?

We know online purchase of gold rings is a big decision. So, sit back and relax. If by chance, you do not like the gold ring price or look or design, you can return the accessory within 30-days. On top of that, you can also opt for lifetime exchange and receive 90 percent of the value back to help you stay trendy with latest jewellery time and again. All of these with zero questions asked.

Will my Melorra gold ring have any damage with daily use?

Not a single chance! All the gold ring new designs on our website are crafted to sustain and bear all the daily activities. But ensure to keep your metal away from chemicals, they can dull the shine of your gold ring.

Are the prices of Melorra gold rings as per market standard?

Definitely, they are! We follow a stringent procedure wherein our gold ring prices are as per the market standard and do not deviate from any regulations set in for gold.

How soon are designs updated on the website?

We update gold ring new designs every week. Our design team walks hand-in-hand with the current runways and fashion trends to bring latest gold ring designs at best prices to you at a weekly basis.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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