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‘Be like a diamond, precious and rare’

Yes, you read that, right! A diamond is a coal that did well under immense pressure. Similar to the diamond, you can also bring and own your shine by emerging victorious from the low stages of your life. And what better way to shine if not by bringing your diamond jewellery accessories along with you on your journey.

Up Your Bling with Diamond Pendant Sets

When people think diamond, they involuntarily think about ring jewellery, but the possibilities are endless. You only need imagination and a will to try on new things with diamond. 

To do so, diamond pendant sets surface as the right mix of bling and jewellery type that women are looking to add in their appearance. It isn’t a surprise that the latest pendant jewellery designs supplement every look. 

You are wearing a black shade gown; diamond pendant sets are perfect for accessorizing. You are going out for an evening event, a minimal diamond pendant with a hint on gold will enhance your dress and look. You have a traditional event to attend in a grand and flowy ethnic dress, a diamond pendant set designed in a shape of flower or heart would do justice to your look. No matter the look, if you’re searching for a diamond accessory to uplift it then pendants are the ones that would never disappoint you. Not only this but our diamond pendants designs reflect your attitude, passion, and personality. 

Then wait for none to pick out that diamond pendant you have been eyeing!

Make a Fashion Statement Everyday – Wear Minimal Diamond Pendant Designs

One of the misconceptions about diamond jewellery is its rarity. Women usually wait till a grand occasion arrives to flaunt their diamond pendant sets. But with the designs that are available at Melorra, you don’t need to wait. We dread waiting as much as you do, and our minimal and everyday diamond pendant designs are perfect to say bye to the waiting period.

While a diamond pendant can be a royal touch to your simple look, it can also be a jewellery accessory to elevate your casual jeans and tee appearance as well as a conversation starter in a crowd of people. We have ensured that our pendants designs in diamond are not limited to people who are wealthy beyond a stage, but also available to women who are looking to wear a piece of diamond every day, regardless of their wardrobe. Trust us, the pendant designs that you pick out will go with your jeans, skirts, palazzos, and even long gowns. Check out our latest collection of solitaire pendants online with designs that match your daily ensembles. 

Besides outfits, pairing the right jewellery for with the right ambience is paramount as well. For instance, it not advisable to wear a bold gemstone ring to a board meeting, but you can always wear a simple pearl or gold ring. Similarly, diamond pendants work best when they are paired with the right outfit coupled with the place you’re going. In a nutshell, from boardroom meetings to rooftop sundowners, a diamond pendant has its place on every occasion. If you like to wear matching jewellery, then a diamond pendant set is the perfect acquisition because, without any hesitation, you can match the pendant with a diamond ring or earring. You can also opt for a classic diamond locket, reinvented to suit the minimal style of modern jewellery. 

Pick out Your Match 

Our designs are different, the same as every woman in the world. We know how much it matters to every woman that their jewellery stands apart in a crowd. We understand that often it is easy to a life partner but exhausting to find a perfect diamond pendant that is contemporary as well as within budget. Then why not consider the expansive Melorra collection of diamond pendant designs for your latest jewellery shopping?

Gold Diamond Pendant

Yes, we have a bunch of designer pendants in the mix of gold and diamond metal. Do you like the yellow shine of gold? Check. Do you love the reflection and sparkle of a diamond? Check. Then opt for gold diamond pendants and enjoy the double bling and shine this jewellery brings in your overall look. 

Our range of gold diamond pendants includes various designs spanning from swan, bows, and hats-inspired shapes to half-moon and asymmetric shapes that are highly popular among females and girls. These edgy and quirky pendant designs in gold along with diamond is are often preferred over other pendant designs as they match the yellow gold or even rose gold shade with the sparkle of diamond in a way that these two metals do not over-shadow the appearance of each other. You can pick out a bunch of designs from our website, such as Spring O Paizlie, Feisty Vibes, and Easy Breezy. Planning to surprise your special lady on V-day? Then we have a collection of Valentine pendants online for you to pick an amazing gift. Select any design from our Valentine special diamond pendants online and get ready to see her jump with joy! 

Diamond Heart Pendant

Bring a shine to your heartfelt gift with diamond heart-shaped pendant from Melorra. You’ll ask what’s new in that? Well, our designs capture the beauty of a human heart in the form of a diamond pendant that would specifically go with the outfits as well as different occasions and events. These diamond heart pendants are also available in yellow gold as well as rose gold to show how a simple design of heart can be crafted beautifully in different metals and combined together to form a contemporary pendant. We suggest you to go through Melorra’s range of heart pendants including Head Over Heels, Glitter Dreams, Smitten-Kitten, and Plush-Blush. Most of these heart pedant designs are inscribed by valuable diamond stones but also include rose gold designs that bring in a pinkish hue to the heart shape, making it more realistic and attractive.

If you’re keen bent on choosing a pure diamond heart pendant, then also our designers have a bunch of pendant designs in the stock. You can also add Crush O Check, Heart Mache, and The Bow Story could be in your pick up list. The gold rate per gram is the price of gold available on Melorra.

Gemstone Diamond Pendant

A rather unusual combination, a gemstone with diamond makes up for an eccentric jewellery collection. But can anyone deny the splendid beauty of Late Princess Diana’s gemstone diamond ring? Then why not experiment with gemstone diamond pendants? At Melorra, we encourage everything edgy and quirky. There are a variety of gemstone diamond pendant designs you can play around with, such as Blush, Fiery Blue, and Plum Divine. 

Besides, gemstone diamond rings are best for those women who are looking to add colours to their over-stuffed yellow shade jewellery box. Who wouldn’t like a mixture of colours in their jewellery collection after just yellow gold jewellery dominating their accessories? We guess, everyone would, and Melorra brings you all the hues and colours of the season from spring, summer, and winter to white and blue. Embrace the designs in gemstone diamond pendant to colour-up your accessorizing game.

Choose a Diamond Locket for Your Gold Chain

Do you think that your workwear has become monotonous, and you are up to any kind of experimentation with your look? Then what better way to break the norm than with a diamond pendant design. Notch up your daily formal look with our diamond pendant sets that are specifically crafted to complement a sober look and make it appear subtle rather than outgoing.

However, if your wish is to appear more outgoing and dominating, then do not shy away from picking out a diamond locket to go with your simple gold chain. The contrast of white colour with yellow gold will only become more brilliant and attractive when paired with the right formal outfits. You are always playing a winning game with our diamond locket designs, such as Two to Tango, Eternal Sunshine, Goblet Glory, and Iced Rose. All of these diamond pendant designs are so subtle that they perfectly blend with a formal look and environment. Now, who said you couldn’t look amazing while going to work every day? 

Versatile and Fashionable – Diamond Pendant Designs at Melorra

Here we come to the wide range of pendant collection we have at Melorra in diamond metal. From versatile and comfortable to fashionable and contemporary, we have so many designs that would appeal to every woman and their different personalities. Why go for boring and overused pendant designs when you can pick out new and fresh looks from Melorra, every week? 

Our diamond pendant sets are available in yellow gold, rose gold as well as white gold to give out a distinct and stylish hue to the pendant designs. If one day you’re feeling upbeat, then go with our brilliant diamond pendant designs including I for Infinity, Ring O Roses, and Dare to Dream. If another day you’re in a mood for a subtle and simple look then pick our Twist of Fate, Brushed Pink, and Peaks & Valleys. Similarly, choose Pure Allure, Arctic Blue, and Glitter Dreams for a fun evening or a date night. 

Another fun part of our job is to redefine themes and designs as per the latest fashion and street looks. Why should jewellery remain snobbish and unnecessarily extravagant when it can be so much more? Melorra’s buttterfly pendant range is just one example form our playful animal-themed diamond pendant designs. Wear our pendants anytime and anywhere owing to their simple and comfortable designs. They are perfect mix of lightweight jewellery that can also be picked out for gifting purpose.  

There is much more to a diamond pendant set that can help you to carefully sort out to pair with your western outfit and gowns. All you need to do is put on your creative hat and experiment with looks. Because who said fashion only needs to be followed? Start your own fashion and see how people follow. And start with Melorra.

Explore Much More at Melorra

When we say that Melorra has latest runway jewellery collection, we aren’t bragging. You can navigate to our jewellery collection page to explore how diamond pendants are not the only jewellery design we specialize in. Our designers have crafted numerous designs, which are inspired by world-famous designers and their take on the latest fashion. Our jewellery designs are inspired by these fashion looks and match perfectly with these newly launched outfits. Be it a farewell party or a look you want to carry gracefully every day we have a jewellery accessory for all the occasions. And don’t worry, these diamond pendant sets as well as other jeweller collections on our website are not there to burn a hole in your pocket. In one browsing session, you can easily buy jewellery online within 20k or even 10k. Since, our goal is to make jewellery minimal and for everyday use, we have ensured to keep the price within reasonable limits.

Then wait for nothing. Just like time and tide wait for nothing, you must too not wait to buy your favourite diamond pendant. Just click and buy. We assure you our products are as original and as authentic as precious metals occur naturally. You are also welcome to explore our newly launched gold coins with price.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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