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Gold Chains 4 grams to 6 grams: Wear Them Every Day

Gold chains are one of the most basic pieces of jewellery any woman can have in her collection. Times have changed the way chains are traditionally looked at and worn, thanks to the experimental and bold designs worn by celebs on the international red carpet events. At Melorra, we have created a unique collection of gold chain designs based on our fashion stylists who spot trends on the ramps of Milan, London, Paris and New York. Our designers interpret these trends into gold chain designs that are lightweight for every day wear. Like a 5 gram gold chain that is perfect to go with your shirts, dresses and casual tees. With our special collection of lighter chains between 4 gm to 6 gm of weight, you can chose a different neck chain for different occasions in a matter of minutes.

The lightest in this collection starts with the 4 gram gold chain and it ranges from a spunky box chain and sleek cable chain to a tiny beaded chain that looks like golden pearls to the beaded ball chain. Each chain is designed with an aim to offer affordable, fashionable, and easy to wear daily jewellery made with the highest quality.

Our design experts study the fashion scene closely and translate them into stylish daily use gold chains. For your daily routine life, we’ve got you covered with all our designs. When you look at the 5 gram gold chain designs with the price that we offer, you will agree that it’s the most affordable gold jewellery available. In a world where fashion changes too fast, it may be tough to keep up with the changing style. Many drop the idea of upgrading their fashion simply by looking at the price tag. At Melorra, we want to change that and our 4 gram gold chain price is a testimony to that! We are here to not only provide latest jewellery fashion that you will love but to make it easily accessible for you in every way. Go ahead, explore the 4 gram gold chain to enjoy lightweight fashion for daily wear. Or, if you prefer a 5 gram gold chain, we have many designs in this range as well for you! Read on.

Our Versatile 5 Gram Gold Chains for Women

Long Beaded Chains

5 gram gold chain models with beaded balls! At Melorra, each and every 5 gram gold chain for women gives you a fashionable look. These are available in 22k and 18k gold. The price is reasonable and gets even more affordable with our offers on making charges.

Hexagonal Chain

Our collection for gold chain models includes the hexagonal chain for women in high gold polished available at an affordable 5 gram gold chain price; it gives you that feeling delicate and feminine feel.

Cable Chain

These gold chains are available in both 5 gram and 4 gram. These are simple playful neck chains that go well with any attire on every occasion. This evergreen style has a special touch from our jewellery designers, making it a highlight of your style. These come at an affordable price and are easy to wear. They are lightweight and extremely comfy gold jewellery for daily use.

When you buy gold chain on Melorra, you enjoy the best of fashion with our current designs for your everyday life… at prices that are not heavy on your pocket.

Shopping 4 Gram and 5 Gram Gold Chains Online

At Melorra, we believe that shopping has to be an enjoyable, fun and easy experience. We are not here to sell you gold jewellery; we are here to offer you daily fashion that speaks for your personality, build trust by providing great quality and offer freedom to choose from fashionable 4 gram gold chains at affordable rates teamed with some great policies that heighten your shopping experience. Our 5 gram gold chain models are also in that category; they bring in fun and loving designs from latest runway shows without seeming bulky.

Quality Certifications

Every piece on Melorra is certified for authenticity by third-party international laboratories like SGL, IGI, DGL and BIS Hallmark.

Functional & Fashionable Designs

In addition to this certification, our designers are highly qualified and experienced individuals with a keen eye for detail and absolute love for giving women something new. This ensures that every gold chain is practical, trendy and comfortable.

Free & Insured Delivery

We make sure to deliver your precious jewelry in a safe and secured way. Not only is the shipping to your home free, we also have 30 days return policy no matter what the 5 gram gold chain price! Our packaging is absolutely tamper-evident. We offer variety of payment options including COD (Cash on Delivery).

Explore our complete range – do check out the 18k gold chain and 22k gold chain designs.

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Exchange Old Gold Chains for New

At Melorra, gold is for refreshing! With our lifetime exchange policy you can easy get new 5 gram gold chain designs at 90% exchange value when you are bored of your old style or just feel like trying something new. Can you imagine such an offer anywhere else? Many customers keep coming back to try a new design of a 4 gram gold chain by availing the benefit of this policy. When we say we are making jewellery fashionable, accessible and affordable we truly mean it, stand by it and show it through policies like this.

The process is simple and seamless. Once you cross the 30 day period from the time of purchase you can easily apply for an exchange of your ladies chain. Once you know which one you wish to exchange your current jewellery for, you can let us know and we initiate a quality check process. Where your current jewellery is evaluated as per international and company standards. After this you are eligible for exchange at 90% exchange value – do check out the 4 gram gold chain price that you like. If you want to give a gift to a young lady, you can check out gold chain for girls and also avail of this same policy to give her something new every season.

The Best of 4 Gram and 5 Gram Gold Chains

When it comes to affordability, we assure we offer the best price. Check out our 5 gram gold chain price to see how within reach it is. Because, fashion for everyday wear needs to be reasonably priced! You will love how light on the pocket our 4 gram gold chain price is. All our designs are ideal for casualwear, partywear and officewear – wear them for a night out with your gangs of girls or for any semi-formal meeting. So, go ahead and explore the entire range of 4 gram gold chains.

If you’re looking for something beyond everyday gold chains, you can also take a look at our collection of diamond necklaces for women!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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