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Why Melorra?

Because at Melorra, we create everyday accessories by marrying global fashion trends with real gold, diamond and gemstones, for the modern ‘millennial’ women. We are here to fill the crack in the jewellery industry which perceives jewellery as an investment, rather than an everyday accessory.

We understand that gold jewellery and even diamond jewellery for that matter have to be modernised - in terms of designs, and made easily available - in terms of accessibility. At Melorra – we do exactly that for all the modern women out that. Our everyday fine gold and diamond jewellery, therefore, is playful, comfy, on-trend and light-weight, which complements your wardrobe. Melorra’s line of jewellery is for casual-dos, parties and work.

We view gold jewellery as fashion accessories. Because – gold is fashionable, it is fun! Hence it rightfully deserves to be part of your everyday modern outfits. The day and age of wearing gold only during festivities are gone, a time, when diamonds were bought only during weddings, is now over! Today, modern gold needs to be part of modern women’s every day’s western outfit. Not just that, it also provides gold and diamond accessories for every occasion, making it effortless for you to switch from your formal workwear to fabulous evening attire without having to worry about changing jewellery.

Modern Women Are Our Muse!

Women of the millennial are modern, progressive and prefer to live life in the fast lanes – and we love her! Therefore, Melorra jewellery is made for

that same well-read, well-dressed, well-travelled woman who has a well-informed opinion and a vast global perspective. It is for someone who is the quintessential girl-next-door, approachable, compassionate, witty, quirky and self-sustained. Also, mainly for someone who is fashion aware, not fashion obsessed. This is why all our jewellery designs are inspired by global fashion forecasts and are completely topical to the latest trend in town.

Why the Global Fashion Inspiration?

When your clothes can be inspired by fashion, why can’t your jewellery be? We believe that every modern woman should let her outfit introduce her, and fashionably so! Which means, at any given point, her clothes and accessories should be a reflection of her fashion sense and trend preferences. Hence, gone are the days of chunky gold jewellery that had to be locked up in lockers, today buying gold and diamond jewellery made easy. Hence, every single piece of jewellery at Melorra is inspired by fashion, and designed to be in tune with the latest trends from the fashion industry.

Why Shop for Precious Jewellery Online?

While we tailor-make the everyday gold, diamond and gemstone accessories to suit the Modern, Independent and Young women’s western wardrobe, we also understand and accommodate their shifting preference towards buying everything online.

The idea is to make sure that all jewellery, whether it is diamond, gemstones, white gold jewellery, rose gold jewellery or the basic yellow gold jewellery, is made accessible at the click of a button. When your gold jewellery is easy-breezy, why should buying it be such a hassle, right? We hence, offer all our jewellery in a single place and on a single platform, one that suits you best, which is – ONLINE.