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Why Melorra?

Because we bring to you fine gold and diamond jewellery, that is - accessible, affordable and fashion-inspired. Our muse is YOU – the fun, independent, smart and modern woman.

Every day, we create gold and diamond jewellery to cater to every modern women’s individuality, fashion inclination and intelligence. For this, we draw inspiration from global fashion trends and style forecasts.

Keeping up the pace with the ever-evolving modern wardrobe of urban women, we create gold and diamond jewellery that spells fashion and style. Every single jewellery at Melorra has a trend story. We believe gold should be fuss-free and, suitable for everyday use!

What’s Melorra Woman like?

Melorra woman is the girl-next-door – compassionate, witty, quirky and independent! Someone who is fashion aware and well-read. That is reason, why all our jewellery designs are inspired by global fashion trends and are entirely in-sync with the latest trends.

Why the Global Fashion inspiration?

Simple. We believe, when fashion trends can inspire a modern woman’s everyday ensemble, why shouldn’t it be reflected on her jewellery too, right?

Why Shop for Precious Jewellery Online?

The idea is to make gold and diamond jewellery easily accessible. Because, when your gold jewellery can be so easy-breezy, why should buying it be such a hassle, right? Hence, all our jewellery is showcased on a single platform - one that suits you best, which is – ONLINE!

We've listed out the reasons for why online jewellery shopping is the best option for you:

  1. Easy to shop – just a click of a button away, quite literally!
  2. Saves you from all the trouble of horrible traffic jams and bad weather hassles. So you can just sit back, relax and shop from home.
  3. It’s easy on your pockets – why shell out the big bucks when you can buy gold and even diamond jewellery for less? It’s just gold jewellery - after all.
  4. We are certified by the best – our jewellery comes with all the top-notch hallmarks and certification, such as SGL, IGI and BIS – so, rest assured, the jewellery you pick from us is entirely authentic!
  5. Easy delivery and return – you love it? We’ll bring the jewellery to your doorstep. Second thoughts? and we’ll pick it right back!
  6. Always keeping you on-point - Love the latest fashion trend you spotted online? Just come to us – we, for sure will have a jewellery line complementing that trend!

Why the Global Fashion inspiration?

At, we never want you to be out of fashion options, that’s why we add new designs - every single week! Currently, we have over 3000 pieces of jewellery made of gold, gemstones and diamond for you to choose from. This number will swell, week-on-week!

We’ve been endorsed!

Showing us love and support, the best of the media houses, nationally and internationally, have covered our story. Few of these top-notch businesses include, New York Times, Business Standard, Vogue, The Economics Times, The Business Line, Business Insider, L'officiel, India Today, Elle, Your Story, Bloomberg TV, NDTV and more.