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White Gold Necklaces

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    White Gold Necklaces- How do they look on women?

    Gold is probably the first choice of all the women around India when it comes to necklaces and what can be better than Melorra’s white gold stud necklaces which are not only trendy and fashionable but also minimal and comfortable. These white gold necklaces will not only look different from the typical gold necklaces but would also suit all kinds of outfits. Specially made for the working women, white gold necklaces would level up your formal wear several times.

    Most of the people choose white gold necklaces as they make for a gorgeous alternative if you love the neutral, classic look of silver or platinum. It has much more durability and value than silver, and if you’re on a budget, it is less expensive than platinum, which comes as an icing on the cake.

    White gold necklaces can be worn with outfits in light colours such as beige, white, off white. It could also be styled with jet black and looks stunning on a western dress. The Necklace sits beautifully on your neckline and makes you look even prettier.

    White gold necklaces are additionally coated in a precious metal layer known as rhodium which imparts a lustrous shine. White gold necklace designs are elegant, suave and make for a very empowered outlook.

    Actually, buy necklaces online to ensure that you get the perfect while gold necklace design. At Melorra, with white gold necklace prices all adhering to your budget

    Buy White Gold Necklace online on Melorra

    When it comes to jewellery, designs happen to be the topmost priority. Good design wins your heart in just the first glance. With white gold necklaces for women made specially for work wear, Melorra leaves no stone unturned to ensure you own one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery of all time. Our white gold necklaces are in alignment with the latest trends of the jewellery and fashion world. This brings to you the freshest designs crafted by top jewellery designers.

    Available in 18 Karat gold, you can stay assured about both the quality and purity of your white gold necklace here at Melorra. It offers you both debit/credit card and cash on delivery options to pay from. White gold designer necklaces in here come at very alluring prices and we invite you to grab one ASAP!

    You can also customize the core stuff- filter your white gold diamond necklace according to weight and base your selection on 10gms and above. Just like our clothes, our jewellery too needs an upgrade now and then. At Melorra, you can upgrade your jewellery easily with the Lifetime Exchange policy which offers a 90% exchange value across all jewellery categories.

    Available in a geometric pattern, this simple white gold necklace would be a perfect pair with a western dress or a formal suit and would add a dash of elegance to your work look. Even if you change your mind after purchasing something, don’t worry as Melorra has got it covered for you. Just replace or return your Melorra product within 30-days of purchase through a hassle-free and straightforward process.

    You can also pair your white gold necklace with white gold bracelets to accessorize your look. Melorra launches close to 300 designs every month across all types of jewellery. It uses 3D printing technology to create this variety of designs and launch them at a fast pace. This gives you access to update your old whenever possible with new and trendy designs.

    Also, just reminding you- rings go a long way in filling you with happiness and pride. Pair up your white gold necklaces with white gold rings from Melorra to glam up all the way (and yes, fill yourself with joy in a single glance)

    Why does White Gold Necklace Look White

    White gold is an alloy of gold. It is made up of pure gold, mixed with alloy metals such as palladium and silver, that gives white gold its silvery-white colour. It has the same appearance as platinum and silver but has a more affordable price than platinum and is much more precious than silver.

    In white gold, the silver-coloured alloys help to create the desired white colour. Rhodium, which is used to give a silvery shine to the white gold jewellery necklace, is very expensive metal in itself and is only used as a plating solution. A skinny layer of rhodium is coated on the entire surface of white gold jewellery, which gives it a bright sheen.

    White gold should be stored in a separate box or container and never be stored along with other types of jewellery. It should be cleaned or polished regularly with a soft cloth to maintain its sheen. White gold offers another significant advantage for those with sensitive skin who are unable to wear certain metals because of the fear of reactions or allergies. White gold- a blend consisting of only gold and palladium offers comfort to those with sensitivities to metals, such as silver and becomes the perfect choice for jewellery.

    Melorra has a whole range of jewellery to match your designer white gold necklace. You can pair them up with white gold earrings of similar design to match your white gold necklace and create a whole set for all occasions. Melorra creates the same design in a different category to end your hunt for matching jewellery and give you the perfect set of your choice.

    So sit back, relax and make Melorra your ultimate shopping destination for buying the latest, trendy and modern jewellery online.

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    Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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