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Diamond Bangles - The Love at First Jewellery for You

Do you know what the secret is behind shine and bling of the diamond stone? Some say its the pressure the rock endures, while for some it is the gift from god. But the real reason is that the stone has to fulfil its destiny to become jewellery that would one day grace a woman. And what better way to wear a diamond other than in the ring, which is quite popular among women and wrist bangle. You are welcome to buy diamond bangles online from Melorra, and let us take you on the journey where you will be compelled to do so.

First, do you adore diamonds so much that you’ll rather wear them every day than reserve them for special occasions? Or are you a fan of these shiny real diamond bangles but cannot find the ones that you can sport daily? With Melorra, all your questions are answered. Our collection of diamond bangles designs catalogue is made just for the functions that arrive daily. They aren’t bulky or heavy, neither do they possess sharp edges or annoying details that could get entangled with the edges of your clothes or mess with your gadgets. Now, this is exactly the reason why don’t need to venture elsewhere and search for diamond Kada that are an everyday affair. You also don’t need to lock them away in your accessory stash. Along with designer diamond bangles in our collection, we also have gold diamond bangles that combine the two most sought after and popular jewellery metals to bring out a one-of-its-kind craft.

Explore Real Diamond Bangles on Melorra

Trust us when we say that the designs of bangles in diamonds for women are as distinct and unique as they can get on Melorra. All the models of bangles are created to vibe with trends that are shown on international fashion ramps in Paris, Italy, London, and New York. These diamond bangles keep you ahead of the fashion curve. So, even when you’ve left the place wearing these gold diamond bangles, your aura still lingers. For instance, take a look at our weave structure bangles inspired by tweed designs, or even paisley motif bangles inspired by the Boho paisley patterns seen on the creation of Roberto Cavalli. But what’s better is that you can wear these diamond bangles any day, with any outfit you feel like. You don’t have to worry about selecting an outfit to match with your accessory. You can pair any of the diamond Kada with your casual or formal wear. Also, the models are available in multiple sizes. So, you’ll never have trouble finding the right one to fit your wrist.

But our strength lies in creating diamond bangles designs catalogue as part of seasonal collections, which are in tune with what’s trending on fashion magazine covers or social media feeds. Thus, if you came across your favourite fashion blogger wearing a trendy bangle model in diamond, then you can sure approach us for a similar design. And do you know what the upside is? You get to wear pieces that are super trendy and also team them up with a necklace or a ring from the same line-up to complete your look. We launch a complete set of jewellery designs for you to wear; you can either pick out a piece that you like or own a complete set from the same jewellery line-up.

Buy Gold Bangles with Diamonds Online for Women

Often, bangles are said to be a wrist ornament perfect only for women to the sport. While it might be true for some of the models, we also think that trendy bangle models in diamond stones are even good for girls as long as they are minimal and simple. For a subtle look, you can pick out Celtic Charm, Raising the Bar, and Boteh Bedazzled. Along with all the gold bangles with diamond models in our collection, we also have rose gold wrist ornament studded with diamond stones, such as P-Incline and Curlicue. Besides, even white gold bangles have become popular among customers, and the few of the designs that have caught their eye are Crimped Rim, Stripey Affair, and Vasarely Lines. Plus, you can always check out the diamond bangle design with the price before buying them to ensure that they are within your budget. The gold price of all these bangles are as per today gold rate in India.

Whenever you think of Melorra, do not just think for yourself but also when you want to pamper someone beloved. Like your teen daughter, bestie, or colleague. Simple diamond bangle designs like the open-top bangles with floral or geometric motifs make ideal gifts for these ladies. You can surprise them with real diamond bangles designs catalogue, or the latest diamond bracelet, and they’ll be overjoyed to wear these wrist candies and flaunt them among their girl gang. If you take our suggestion, then we would like to mention a few designs of bangles that could work in your favour. Stellar Teller, Starry Starry Lights, Sweet Floral, and Twinkly Knots are just perfect for gifting option.

If you’re looking for lightweight bangles that you can wear every day to work, then try out open top bangles with geometric motifs. The most popular ones are Tubular Slice, Flower Devour, and Petal Posse. Do you Want to gift yourself on a much-awaited promotion? Explore oval bangles with different patterns, such as Oh-So Vintage, Curly Ribbon, and more.

Do you think that diamond bangles will make the perfect present for a bride-to-be? Browse through round bangle designs studded with precious stones, and you’ll be awed by the choices. You can explore through several patterns, motifs, and models on the website by filtering via the ‘Style’ section.

Diamond Bangle Designs: So Versatile, You Can Pair Them with Any Outfit

Melorra diamond bangles are minimal, elegant, and exude an effortless charm to whoever wears it. And there’s no dearth to how you can style them with casual, western, or fusion outfits. We encourage you to come up with new and refreshing looks for yourself if you’re stepping out for a Sunday brunch with your partner. Or even go ahead and experiment with your look and play with colours when you’re pairing your accessory with the outfit. Dress up your tunic with the Entwined Spirit Bangle. Its intricate weaves and serpentine grace will sweep your better half off his feet.

Are you travelling to an exotic location far away? Then you must decorate your hands with the Fearless bangle model as you sip down your favourite cocktail on a beach. You’ll be surprised to see how many Insta likes and comments this piece with black diamonds and a trillion charm pendant will fetch you.

Are you transforming into a bridesmaid for your best friend on her big day? Then accessorizing in the right jewellery is paramount. You can match your flowy gown with minimal makeup and demure hairdo along with graceful diamond bangles, like the Tangled model. This piece with overlapping zig-zag pattern seems to give out a feel of fun and play, such as peek-a-boo from behind the floral bouquets. Undoubtedly, this will turn the focal point for many cameras and eyes gathered around on you, and the attention will be well deserved.

Are you preparing to attend a school function and going to cheer for your little one’s first stage performance? Wear the Ridges N Rims bangle, and we bet the sparkle will fetch her attention, and that of many others in the crowd.

Not just ladies but gentlemen too are welcome to explore our diamond bangles design catalogue. Men can easily pick out a gift for their spouse, sister, or mom without worrying about the cut and authenticity of the diamond. You’ll receive what you see. Do you have an anniversary coming up? Or your wife’s birthday? Pamper her with a modish diamond bangles designs that she can wear with her fusion attire or party clothes, like the Net Twirl model with delicate meshwork and diamond-studded outlines in a cuff style. She’ll be more than impressed by your taste.

Diamond Bangles Prices: There’s Something for Every Budget

Diamonds may be precious, but that’s no reason for them to be pricey. Explore Melorra collection of diamond bangles designs with price, and you’ll be surprised how affordable they are. We have designs starting from Rs. 32,000, all the way to Rs. 50,000 and more. Moreover, we regularly come up with exclusive offers all year round. For instance, you can enjoy 100% off on making charges of diamond bangles. So, you won’t really need to ‘save up’ for the pretty diamond bangle design that you like.

To find diamond bangles price that matches your budget, filter by price range or by gold weight, if you want to browse through lighter designs that fit your pocket. Next, sort by price (low to high or vice versa) or by discount, if you’re looking for bangle designs on offers. It’s just a matter of seconds before you are presented with the finest collection of diamond bangle designs with price—all up for grabs, only on Melorra.

Think Diamond Bangle, Think Melorra

When buying diamond bangles designs online on Melorra, you’ll never have to second guess about their quality - all designs are made with BIS hallmarked gold and carry diamonds certified by SGL and IGI laboratories. Diamond bangle prices so affordable, you won’t find them elsewhere. What’s more, we provide a lifetime exchange on all our designs, with a 90% exchange value. So, anytime you want to swap your old Melorra bangle for a new one, you can do so without spending a bomb. Also, there’s no added charge for delivery—all the more reason why you’ll love to buy diamond bangles from us.

Why wait for a special occasion when you can dress up in a diamond bangle every day? Come explore our collection of these stone-studded pieces, including gold bangle bracelets, and we won’t be surprised if you want to grab them all.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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