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Diamond Bangles

Let’s not try to trace the craze for adorning wrists – it will be a never-ending journey. There is nothing like the ‘right’ jewellery to put together and add the finishing look to one’s appearance! And no doubt, an avantgarde bold bangle or a bunch of sleek ones, can take your style statement up by a few notches. Add diamonds to it, and you witness an enchanting transformation from not-bad to totally-with-it. You will be surprised by the choice of contemporary diamond bangles available in the market now.

Diamonds have always been associated with words like ‘formal’, ‘special’ etc. from time immemorial. But has formal clothing remained the same in the last 5 years, let alone the last 50 years? Not at all. Then how can diamond jewellery remain behind, trapped in outdated ideas? Today, we have ladies rocking crisp mid-night blue linen shirt and trousers with thin diamond bangles or a sensible white blouse and back pencil skirt with chunky sparklers adorned on their wrists. Every day we see office wear going through dramatic twists and turns. We see diamonds following modern women everywhere. What with their inherent charisma, they do subtly flaunt your style-persona like nothing else.

Diamond Bangles – It is sad that previous generation women never knew the joy of flaunting them with daily wear. But then, they didn’t have choices galore in delicate and regular wear. Now, times have changed. Sometimes, one sparkler (even on a plain Jane dress) is all it takes to turn heads. One diamond glistening modestly on your wrist - and it oozes an inimitable and effortless elegance. For instance, pairing up a diamond bangle with denim was almost scandalous once upon a time. Today, it has become commonplace for ladies to team a delicate rock-studded bangle or two with ruff-tuff jeans and heads out to enjoy a movie night.

Big, bold, and beautiful - diamonds are finally coming out of those snooty jewel boxes and lockers. The quintessential 21st-century woman does not believe in waiting for those special occasions. Instead, they want to look their best every day. They mean business every day. Even if you are not the typical fashionista, you can still keep your diamonds close and go for the kill with a neat no-nonsense combo. The good news is that you do have the choice to experiment and figure out a unique style – with regards to budget as well as social norms (or not!). Gone are the days when you had to rely only on the men in your life for surprises (ehm, gifts are still welcome, of course!). Now you can surprise yourself too.

Melorra Diamond Bangles – touch hearts with a bang

Going to watch an IPL match? A jog in the park? Gettogether at a friend’s place? Or simply looking for just the optimum mix of x-factor and panache to your office avatar? You can still perk up these moments with diamonds – maybe by wearing a diamond bangle or two. Count on Melorra to find a ‘made-for-you’ piece. We have a gamut of everyday bangle designs that will augment your ‘I-mean-business’ look vividly. One that complements your self-confidence like no other. Melorra believes in liberating the new-age women from conventional notions of jewellery wearing. Let’s just do away with last-century compartmentalization like ‘this one for office’, ‘this is only for parties’ and suchlike.

A well-chosen diamond bangle is a testimony to your signature style. Something that feels like a part of yourself - Melorra wants everybody to feel this way after choosing one of their wristlets. We like to encourage you to embrace your inner rebel by not walking the same path. Many women are also getting out of the mindset of wanting to buy the exact replica of a piece they have seen on their friends. Not because Melorra may not have it – but because we thrive on your individuality and unique spirit.

Over time, Online Jewellery has become more about appreciating oneself. And then getting some more appreciation from others. This is what a Melorra woman stands for and what we strive for - to make you fall in love with the pragmatic, yet chic lady in you. It is more than just wearing a piece of jewellery. So, let yourself go and browse away to your heart’s content. Be warned, that our collection can be quite exhaustive. Yet, you will find as much in the affordable price range as beyond your prize point. Choose any bangle and we guarantee that you can easily blend it in work time as well as fun times.

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