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Daily Wear Earring Page - Gold

Women around the world have always enjoyed decorating themselves; every culture has its own style and fashion, so the kind of jewellery found in different places across the globe is varied in its design. Earrings are a common favourite amongst many and are considered basic jewellery, with little girls often having their ears pierced as infants. Melorra has some fashionable and tasteful pieces for both women and girls, and their gold earrings designs for daily use with price can be found at the online store.

History Of Earrings

Indians have been wearing earrings for a long time, though it was not always to make a fashion statement. In ancient times, the Kanphata Yogis of India practiced splitting their ears to put a large earring that was made from horn, agate or glass through it as proof of their initiation.

On the other hand, ancient Sanskrit texts depict young girls who wore fresh flowers in their ears, which then inspired the floral designs for earrings that have been seen over the centuries. For married women, wearing earrings was considered auspicious and for women in general, it was a status of wealth, showing their place in society.

It was during the Mughal rule that the tides in the styles and techniques in jewellery making really changed. This was the time when most of the existing jewellery making traditions began. Indian jewellery was inspired by Central Asian styles and patterns and the fusion resulted in an outburst of extravagance in the world of jewellery.

How To Pick The Best Pair Of Earrings For You

Today, earrings are worn by almost everyone, young and old, no matter what the occasion; they have become a standard part of a woman’s look. There are earrings made in many different shapes, sizes and types to make sure that they compliment different face shapes.

Out of all the metals for simple daily wear earrings, gold is the most versatile and favoured. The colour of the gold used will also determine how well the piece will suit you. Those with warmer skin-tones should go for the yellow gold or warmer pieces and those with cooler skin-tones will look best in white gold. Whereas, Rose gold suits every skin-tone by pulling out the blushy undertones in them, so nobody can go wrong if they choose to add a pair to their collection!

Types Of Earring Designs

Melorra has designs that will suit any and every face shape and features diamond, different gemstones, pearls and various gold earrings designs for daily use with price and details.

Their “Dots & Dashes” is an elegant white gold pair of U-hoop earrings that feature a beautiful pink pearl that sits in the middle of the slim hoop. This piece of art will suit those with a cool skin-tone and a square or rectangular face shape.

“Mulled Finery” is a gemstone drop earring that is made from polished yellow gold and features a gorgeous burgundy Indian ruby. The pair will look best on those that have a warm skin-tone and who have heart shaped, long or narrow faces and is one of the great gold earrings designs for daily use.

If you have a daughter you love matching accessories with, get her a gorgeous pair of “Star Love” earrings to go with your “Twinkles”. “Starr love” is a simple and pretty star shaped stud made from rose gold, that will add some class to any of your daughter’s outfits as they are a great pair of daily wear gold earrings, while the more elegant “Twinkles” has three stars made of rose gold, two that are covered in diamonds, and one that is plain and polished gold.

One that cannot fail to please is “Everlasting Style” a gorgeous pair of diamond hug hoop earrings that are made from highly polished yellow gold inset with a row of diamonds. These will go beautifully with those who have warmer skin-tones and more rectangular, diamond or square shaped faces. Wear them alone or pair them with a simple diamond pendant set which you can find at the Melorra online store.

“Step Up” to the change with the latest daily wear gold earrings design that has a gorgeous white gold diamond hoops that come in a cube shape; the sharp edges making them the perfect hoops for those with round or oval faces and cool skin-tones. They have diamond studded bars forming a unique ladder shaped hoop that will make anything look elegant and classy.

“Sweet Nothing” is a pretty diamond and pearl earrings gold hoop adding a classic feel to the refreshed vibe the diamonds and pearl add to the set. The pair will go beautifully on those with warm skin and square and rectangular face shapes.

“Soft Tapazoid” are a pair of elegant hugging rose gold hoops that will suit both warm and cool skin-toned beauties with angular face shapes such as square or rectangular.

Melorra carries gorgeous gold earrings designs in 2 grams that can be viewed at the online store that are perfect for everyday wear.

Product Quality

Melorra designs its jewellery in such a way that makes them fun to wear, especially since they do not have those dreadful threaded screws that can be so difficult and painful to put on! Have a look at some of the gold earrings designs for daily use with price at the online store where you can find some amazing and innovative creations.

Pricing Of Earrings

Melorra’s jewellery is made from gold, diamonds and gemstones with designs that are unique and inspired by international runways. Their highly fashionable earrings have reasonably low pricing when it comes to industry standard quality diamonds that have S-1 clarity and I-J colour as Melorra has its customers best interest at heart. With prices starting as low as Rs 6,500, Melorra has numerous gold earrings designs for daily use with price at the online store. 


Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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