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  • Strong Points Diamond Earrings
  • Spots and Stripes Diamond Earrings
  • The Triple Step Diamond Earrings
  • Belle-Flower Diamond Earrings
  • Hoop Loops Diamond Earrings
    • Hoop Loops

    • 21,564 26,637

    • 100% off on Making Charge


  • Renaissance Queen  Diamond Earrings
  • Peace Out Diamond Earrings
    • Peace Out

    • 10,226 12,964

    • 100% off on Making Charge

  • A Petal Place Diamond Earrings

  • Swerve A Lace Diamond Earrings

  • Spangle Triangle Diamond Earrings
  • The Six Mix Diamond Earrings
    • The Six Mix

    • 25,984 32,524

    • 100% off on Making Charge

  • Breezy Beach Diamond Earrings
  • The Spinning Trio Diamond Earrings
  • Sprinkle Sparkle Diamond Earrings

  • The Opening Act Diamond Earrings
  • Twirly Whirls Diamond Earrings

  • Hoop Whoop Diamond Earrings
    • Hoop Whoop

    • 12,200 15,805

    • 100% off on Making Charge

  • Cult of Cute Diamond Earrings
  • Utter Flutter Diamond Earrings
  • Trio-fic  Diamond Earrings
    • Trio-fic

    • 9,952 11,862

    • 100% off on Making Charge


  • Lily Love Diamond Earrings
    • Lily Love

    • 26,519 31,295

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Tricky Trinity Diamond Earrings

  • Yester Hue Diamond Earrings
    • Yester Hue

    • 14,877 18,637

    • 100% off on Making Charge


  • Sparkle Spot Diamond Earrings
  • Chevron Bolts Diamond Earrings

  • Arrowhead Beams Diamond Earrings

  • Quad Swag Diamond Earrings
    • Quad Swag

    • 13,955 18,882

    • 100% off on Making Charge

  • Wheel Deal Diamond Earrings
    • Wheel Deal

    • 26,261 30,741

    • 50% off on Making Charge


  • Sassy Solitaire Diamond Earrings

  • Teeny Dreamy Diamond Earrings

  • Grand Gestures Diamond Earrings

  • Twist of Fate  Diamond Earrings
  • Petal Perfecto  Diamond Earrings
  • Twinkles Diamond Earrings
    • Twinkles

    • 23,155 31,910

    • 100% off on Making Charge


  • Blooming Floret Diamond Earrings
  • Spring promise Diamond Earrings
  • Diamond orb Diamond Earrings
    • Diamond orb

    • 9,561 12,419

    • 100% off on Making Charge


  • Dotted Dimensions Diamond Earrings
  • Trio gusto Diamond Earrings
    • Trio gusto

    • 14,801 19,745

    • 100% off on Making Charge

  • Petal to the Metal Diamond Earrings
  • Aurum Diamond Earrings
    • Aurum

    • 64,639 82,921

    • 100% off on Making Charge


  • Cross my Heart Diamond Earrings
  • Sweet Spot Diamond Earrings
    • Sweet Spot

    • 21,327 28,704

    • 100% off on Making Charge

  • Leafy Trinity Diamond Earrings
  • Curl Furl Diamond Earrings
    • Curl Furl

    • 33,590 42,757

    • 100% off on Making Charge

  • Grace A Lace Diamond Earrings
  • Sea Scallops Diamond Earrings
  • Wings of Glitter Diamond Earrings

  • Beloved Diamond Earrings
    • Beloved

    • 30,332 38,906

    • 100% off on Making Charge

For Everything on Fashion & Jewellery

For Everything on Fashion & Jewellery


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Follow Us for Your Daily Dose of Fashion

Diamond Earrings To Perk Up Your Everyday Look

We’re probably used to buying or receiving diamond earrings on weddings and anniversaries. But diamonds can perk up your style, even when worn with casual outfits, work wear, party wear, or holiday wear.

At Melorra, we get your modern lifestyle and create trend-inspired jewellery for your western, everyday wardrobe. Look your trendiest every day! You will not find such fresh and unique designs elsewhere!

Our collection of diamond earrings are simple yet stylish, minimal yet modern, thoughtful yet practical. They look stunning with everyday outfits like tees, tunics, and denims as they do with dresses or gowns for cocktail nights or dinner dates. And we don’t want you to have second thoughts about buying diamond earrings online to match your little black dress or summer jumpsuits. Exactly why these diamond earrings for women are light in weight and light on your pocket. At Melorra, you can choose from a whole array of diamond earrings online at pocket-friendly prices. Starting from Rs.6000 only! You can shop for diamond earrings with the assurance of authenticity - with certificates by SGL and IGI laboratories.

Diamond Earrings Designs That Change With Seasons

We take diamond earring designs a notch up and infuse them with a modish twist to give you everyday pieces like no other. All our diamond earrings borrow from trends at international runways, so that you’ll never feel last-season on the accessory front. What’s more, we churn out diamond earrings designs at breakneck speeds. Collections appear as quickly as images on an Insta-feed and change seamlessly from Spring-Summer to Autumn-Winter so that your diamond earrings stash is fresh enough to complement new clothing pieces that make their way into your wardrobe every season. Take a look at the tassel drop earrings inspired by the fringe trend or edgy earrings inspired by the bold lace trend - there lies the testimony to our commitment to fashion-forward fine jewellery.

When you buy diamond earrings online on Melorra, you’ll be impressed by their vastness in motifs, patterns and weights.

Melorra designs diamond earrings for your workwear, casualwear and partywear. Something for your crisp white shirts at work? Try our floral drops with a classic appeal. If you have a particular motif in mind like a geometric design, check out a lot of our studs that look refined and edgy.

Our diamond huggies evoke a feminine charm and make a great pick for your party outfits. Whether you are catching up with friends after work or partying with your colleagues, you know you can count on our diamond earrings. Like our crossover lace-inspired hoops that exude sassy vibes!

When you have a casual occasion on your agenda, our single stone diamond earrings make for a great choice. They go with your jumpsuits as stylishly as they go with your cargo pants.

There is a design for every diamond earrings lover on Melorra. Not just in yellow but also in rose gold for those who shy away from the warm colour. If you are a single diamond earrings person, we have plenty of designs for you to choose from. You won’t find similar designs anywhere else in India.

Our collection of real diamond earrings turn heads in any crowd. Wear them to a weekend brunch with friends and see your girl gang go gaga over diamond-studded drops that play peek-a-boo through the tresses. Pair them with breezy boho tunics on a summer vacay and the fringes will get you likes on your Insta page.

Not just ladies, gentlemen can shop with us too and you don’t need a ring every time. Gift your lady love a sophisticated square diamond earring to wear to work or a ruffles-inspired earring to pair with her cocktail dress. Check out our diamond earrings designs with price on our website - you will love the affordability aspect as our diamond earrings price start at Rs. 6000 only.

An Extensive Collection Of Diamond Earrings For Women

When you can buy everything from grocery and cosmetics to high res camera phones and laptops online, why not diamond earrings? We understand your concerns about buying such fine jewellery online and that’s exactly why have multiple features to make the shopping experience a smooth and hassle-free one. Filters to help you select from 500+ diamond earrings for women - choose by karat, style, weight, colour, motif, season, and other parameters. A sort feature to list diamond earrings by cost, popularity, discounts. Also one to make use of to view latest diamond earrings on offer, with diamonds certified by accredited SGL and IGI labs in India. Easy 30-Day returns and a lifetime exchange policy with high exchange values. Free and insured delivery in tamper-evident packaging with facilities for payment in cash after receipt of diamond earrings. What more could you ask for when on the search for diamond earrings online?

Even better, buying diamond earrings on Melorra is fun, because you get to build a collection of everyday, wearable jewellery. Whether you are looking for shoulder dusters or hoops, we have them all! They are perfect for every millennial woman who lives the fast life and needs something that changes with fashion seasons. And should you want to buy more than just earrings, there’s an enormous collection of necklaces to explore too!

Gift-Worthy Diamond Earrings For Girls

Diamond earrings make perfect gifts not just for women but for girls too. Surprise your ‘mini-me’ on her birthday or laud her for an achievement with a pair of pretty diamond earrings for girls from Melorra. Cute butterflies, pretty bows, dreamy stars, and adorable hearts - there are plenty of latest diamond earrings for girls to choose from. Huggies to match her casual denim and tee look. Drops to go with her Indo-Western outfits. Our latest diamond earrings complement your teen’s fashion tastes too. What’s more, these diamond earrings don’t cost a fortune and are pretty affordable.

And when there’s room for more, take her through our catalogue of gold earrings too. We bet she’ll love building her own fine jewellery collection from a young age. These lightweight designs will pair beautifully with her simple diamond earrings whether she’s enjoying a relaxed afternoon with the family or busy snapping selfies with her best friends.

With a fashion-forward design philosophy, Melorra gives you the best diamond earrings that are fashionable, affordable and lightweight.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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