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Diamond Drop Earrings - Amazeballs that Drop!

Joan Rivers remarked in her book - “If God wanted us to bend over he’d put diamonds on the floor”.

Owning diamond jewellery fills you with pride and you adore them with all your life. Drop earrings are designed to ‘drop’ at the bottom of your earlobes. Mostly, they are simple pieces with attachments like gemstones and a bead or charm drops from the base of the earring. The ornament piece on your ear in case of a drop earring is made in such a way that it is mostly stationary. Even so, if it just moves, it comes only slightly off the base. You can differentiate drop earrings from hanging earrings with the ‘O-ring’ their hangers possess for the drop piece.

Drop earrings are perfect for every occasion and manoeuvre you into the limelight. They are the trendy earrings which are stylish, easy to wear and are a rage in subtlety. Melorra offers diamond drop earrings that are trendy and cater to the fancies of a modern woman. Our diamond drop earrings are designed in such a way that anyone who wears them feels gratified and confident while stepping out into the world. Embrace the imperial power of these diamond drop earring designs as you take on your everyday ventures.

Diamond Drop Earrings for Women – Wear that Shimmer Every Day

Explore the array of up-to-the-minute diamond drops earrings designs made for women to wear daily and flaunt their style wherever they go. These regal beauties are made out of 18 karat gold (rose, white and the classic yellow gold), weigh from less than 2 grams to 10 grams above.  

Flavour your outfit with a splash of twinkling chocolate and pamper the princess that resides in you. The Chocolat diamond drops in yellow gold with a bar of gold and a diamond-encrusted circular design to which is attached a larger brown-coloured, round faceted smoky quartz encircled with pave set diamonds is the one to pick. It is perfect for a sophisticated look and is refined, blatant and will match your formal jumpsuits. The Lace It Up is a set of mid-size yellow gold drop earrings that feature a diamond-studded bauble linked to an openwork lattice. It is of organic shape and the best for your elegant lace dresses.

Diamond Dangler Designs – Diamond Hanging Earrings for Women

Just like the name implies, hanging earrings, also called ‘dangle earrings’ or simple ‘danglers’, are those that ‘hang’ i.e. swing to and fro from side to side. A Dangle earring typically hangs below the earlobe and is very much free to move, unlike the drop earring. The length of the hanger varies from some being short while some even brushing the shoulders. The style of a hanging earring can be a single chain dropping from the hook and holding an ornament, usually a gemstone or a bead. Or sometimes, in other styles, the hook can branch off into different layers of equal or unequal length. Dangle earrings, by the way, can be drop earrings but drop earrings need not be dangle earrings.

You are welcome to explore the collection of diamond hanging earrings at Melorra. From cute to gracefully outsized, you can take your favourite pick. Invariably, these diamond earrings accentuate the contours of your face, highlight your hairstyle and complete your look with a run of élan.

So, what are you looking for? Are you someone who loves the quirkiness and nonconformity of the modern world? Check out the Big Game - drop earrings which are fashioned in an abstract spot shape, with a stud earring and the drop of another imprinted with surface prong diamonds. Unleash your inner animal and wear it with style!

The Button Pocket diamond hanging earring design contains a doubled triangular link element which is rendered in yellow gold and features two oval, disk-cut, opaque sapphires that are held in pocket-shaped settings. The sapphires are pave set with round cut diamonds and are rhodium-plated to enhance the brilliance of diamonds. Complement your maxi dress with the Button Pocket.

C Quins is a diamond hanging earring design that is simplistic, poised and is enviably perfect for every outfit- be it your formal shirt and slacks, or the pretty one-piece dress. It contains two yellow gold high polish danglers that have a dangling partial disc with a coin nugget embedded. The earrings are pave set with diamonds on a rhodium-plated surface in the centre which is attached to a hook.

Do you love the utterly elegant combination of rose gold, diamond and pearl? Here, you have it. Feast your eyes. The Rose Blush contains diamond row articulated rose pearl drops that are so enticing that you’d want to wear them all your life.

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Explore Other Styles in Diamond Earrings – Pick Your Kind Of Shine!

Your Perfect Diamond Drop Earrings – Pair them up, right!

How do you choose your perfect diamond drop earring? As much as your heart wants what it wants, a little help in the art of choosing can go a long way, enabling you to get what you wish for. You’d have to factor in three aspects as you go ahead and get your picture-perfect diamond drop earring.

  • Comfort: Put your comfort first. It is you that is going to wear those earrings and wear them with happiness and grace. When it comes to buying a pair of earrings, it is always important that you choose the appropriate weight. Weight plays a huge role in gravity and too heavy earrings can cause a big depression on the earlobe and hole. Fortunately, diamond drop earrings cause little effect as they are light-weighted.
  • Your personal style and where to wear your earrings: Choose a diamond drop earring that is just you. Your earrings reflect your personality. Celebrate them. Also, take a moment to consider the place to which you intend to wear your earrings.
  • Your hair: Long, elegant dangle earrings look perfect with short hair while the drop style is almost perfect with any hairstyle. Highlight your best features and up your style with our diamond drop earrings.

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Go on. Shop the latest jewellery designs on Melorra. Pick your match and revel in your style as you wear your diamond drop earrings with a dash of some party vibe!

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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