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22 Karat Gold Jewelry

Gold is probably the first choice of all the women in and around India when it comes to jewellery What can be better than Melorra’s 22 Karat gold jewellery which is not only trendy and fashionable but also minimal and comfortable? Melorra offers you assured quality products and a wide range of options to choose from. If you too are looking for minimal yet modern pieces of jewellery, then Melorra is your one-stop destination for all kinds of jewellery items in 22 karat gold.

In today’s fast-changing fashion scenario, gold jewellery is a must-have for every jewellery enthusiast. These minimal pieces of gold jewellery not only enhance your overall look but also add a touch of bling to your outfit. Melorra’s 22 Karat gold jewellery is perfect for everyday wear as they are light and comfortable at the same time. You can accessorise your outfit by adding these jewellery designs to your look and carry them with style and confidence.

With Melorra, you can stay assured about the purity of your gold jewellery as it offers only BIS hallmark jewellery, which ensures the optimum level of purity. The diamond jewellery comes with diamond certificates issued by SGL or IGI Laboratories, India’s leading diamond certification agencies.

Melorra has something for everyone. You get a plethora of options to choose from in the 22 Karat gold jewellery section, such as earrings, rings, pendants, bangles and chains.

22 Karat gold- which means 22 parts of gold and two parts of other metals such as silver, nickel or zinc. The secret behind the durability of 22 Karat gold is precisely this. The metals mixed to create an alloy make the metal stronger and harder, which in turn increases the durability of 22 Karat gold.

When it comes to jewellery, designs happen to be the priority. Good design wins your heart in just the first glance. With 22 Karat gold jewellery designs made for casual wear, party wear and even work wear Melorra leaves no stone unturned to ensure you own one of the finest pieces of jewellery of all time. With more than 1400 designs to choose from, you get a plethora of options to choose the perfect piece of jewellery for yourself in the 22 Karat gold jewellery section itself. The jewellery designs are in alignment with the latest trends of the jewellery and fashion world. This brings to you the freshest designs crafted by top jewellery designers.

With several designs to choose from, these 22 karat gold jewellery designs are made to suit all kinds of occasions and outfits. You get several designs such as geometric, abstract, floral, bow, hearts, stars, shells, alphabets and get to choose them according to your preference. Even if you don’t like the piece of jewellery you bought and want to return or replace it, then don’t worry as Melorra has got it covered for you. Just replace or return your Melorra product within 30-days of purchase through a simple and hassle-free process.

These 22 Karat gold jewellery designs can not only be worn daily but are also designed to suit all kinds of outfits. Melorra believes in living with the trend and regularly updates its collection so that you can find new jewellery every day. They use the 3D print technology and launch new designs at regular interval. This gives you access to update your old whenever possible with new and trendy designs.

If you are looking for a lightweight neck piece but would add elegance and beauty to your look at the same time in 22k gold, then Melorra is just the right place for you. With over 400 designs available in these necklaces will surely win your heart in just the first glance- serving the versatile purposes of accenting your neck and so on. For earrings fans out there, Melorra offers more than 500 designs of 18 Karat gold earrings which are available in various shapes and designs and would woo your heart in just the first glance. Melorra makes sure you get the perfect piece of jewellery for you, that’s why with over 4000 designs of jewellery, you get to choose from a plethora of options available on the website.

Know about 22 Karat Gold

While most of us love jewellery in its purest form, we are often unaware of some facts about it. Do you know 24 Karat gold is the purest form of gold available and is so soft that it is difficult to create jewellery with it and it could be bent just with our hands? That’s why 22k gold is widely preferred as it is not only stronger and more durable but is also closest to pure gold.

When it comes to the making of 22 Karat gold, 22 parts of it is gold while the other two parts are other metals mixed to give it strength. In terms of percentage, in a 22 Karat gold jewellery piece, 92% is gold while 8% are other metal alloys.

Starting at a price of just Rs. 7,738, Melorra makes sure this 22k gold jewellery falls under your budget, and you do a pocket-friendly jewellery shopping. Just like our clothes, our 22k gold jewellery to needs an upgrade now and then. At Melorra, you can upgrade your jewellery easily with the Lifetime Exchange policy, which offers a 90% exchange value across all jewellery categories.

You can also browse through over 1300 designs of 22 Karat Gold jewellery designsoffered by Melorra which would add a dash of glimmer to your look instead of overpowering it. If you want to experiment with different metal colours, then you can also look out for rose gold jewellery on Melorra’s website. When it comes to experimenting with colours, Melorra also has something for earrings fans out there. With ear cuff earrings available in white and rose gold, Melorra makes sure you get all types of pieces of 22k gold jewellery under one roof.

Make Melorra your ultimate online jewellery shopping destination for stylish, fashionable and elegant jewellery.

Our jewellery is super fashionable, affordable, easy to wear, made of quality that you’d love and is a perfect match for your everyday outfit. Delivered to your doorstep, with certifications and hallmarks for proof, plus a lifetime exchange policy to top it all off, you gotta check us out!

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